Why Does A Roomba Keep Saying, “Empty the Bin”?(4 Solutions)

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

If you are receiving an “empty the bin” message on your iRobot app, even when the Roomba’s bin is empty, then there could be multiple reasons for this issue. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this persistent message and provide you with practical solutions to resolve the issue.

Sometimes the bin sensors on Roomba can send a false signal. This may cause the “Empty the Bin” error on your iRobot app. These sensors can send false signals due to:

  • You haven’t emptied the Bin Properly
  • The sensors are misaligned or dirty
  • Clogged filters and Brushes
Reasons why Roomba Bin thinks its full
Reasons why Roomba Bin thinks it’s full

Note: How do bin sensors on Roomba work? When the dust bin fills to a particular level, the Roomba’s sensors detect it and notify you to empty it.

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How do you know when it’s time to empty the Roomba?

Once the Roomba’s trash can is full, it notifies you to empty it in two ways.

  • On the Roomba itself, a full bin indicator is present, which illuminates or blinks to give the full bin message.
  • A notification is sent directly to the iRobot app, which can be viewed anywhere, provided your internet connection is on.

The error message you will receive in the form of the following error codes when it is time empty:

       Error code        Error Message           Cause
Error 8Vacuum cleaner Problem  The vacuum failed to start
Error 14  Reinstall the Bin The dust container is not detected
Error 26Vacuum Cleaner problem Filter clogging
Error 30Vacuum Cleaner problemThe dust container Sensor is Dirty
Error 36 Empty the binDust container Sensor is Dirty
Error codes for “Empty the bin” error
Error code table for empty the bin error
Error code table for  “empty the bin“ error 

How to resolve the “Empty the bin” error?

To troubleshoot this issue, you can follow these solutions:

Methods to solve "Empty the bin" error on Roomba
Troubleshooting methods for the “empty the Bin“ problem

Step 1: Empty the bin completely and wash it

Remove the bin from the Roomba carefully and ensure it is empty. Let’s get them cleaned up.

  • Remove the bin from the Roomba as directed by the manufacturer.
  • Wash the bin with mild soap and warm water for thorough cleaning.
  • Dry the Bin before reconnecting it to the Roomba.
  • Clean the filter as directed by the manufacturer. Replace the filter with a new one if necessary.

Step 2: Clean the Sensors

Gently clean sensors with a dry cloth every week, including the forefront cliff sensors to rear cliff sensors. Make sure to clean all the contact points of bin sensors (inner and outer bin sensor ports), as the dust particles could affect their accuracy.

Step 3: Reset the Bin Sensors

Resetting the sensors will re-calibrate them and rectify any misalignment concerns.

 Follow these steps:

  • Place your Roomba on the charging dock.
  • Press and hold the “Clean” button for approximately 20 seconds.
  • Release the button once you see the lights on the Roomba illuminate, and then turn it off.
  • Remove the Roomba from the charging dock and power it on as usual.

Reset will refresh and eliminate temporary issues causing the error message.

Step 4: Clean Filters and Brushes

 Roomba comes up with an array of brushes and filters, To clean them, follow these steps:

How to clean the filter?

  • Remove and empty the vacuum bin.
  • Squeeze and lift the filter door release tab
  • Remove the filter by grasping the yellow tab.
  • Shake off any debris by tapping it against a trash container.
  • Reinstall the filter

How to clean the Brushes?

  • Remove the brush guard by lifting both yellow tabs
  • Use the cleaning tool to remove hair or any debris.
  • Clean the brush bearings as well.
  • Reassemble the brushes after cleaning and ensure the bearings are in place.
  • Place the brushes back into the robot.

When to contact customer support?

If you’ve tried all of the alternatives given above and still the problem remains the same. You must contact Roomba’s official support.

By following these steps, you may fix the problem and restore your Roomba’s regular operation, ensuring it appropriately identifies the bin’s fill level.


Managing a consistently active Roomba called “Empty the bin” can be annoying, but investigating the various causes and taking the appropriate corrective action can be helpful. Carefully empty the trash, clean the sensors, check clogged filters and brushes, and, if required, ask customer support for assistance.


Where is the empty bin sensor on Roomba?

This sensor is typically located near the opening where the dirt and debris are collected. It is positioned in a way that allows it to detect the level of debris accumulation in the bin.

How does bin control work?

Bin control in Roomba involves sensors to detect the bin, monitor debris level, and trigger alerts when full. Users can access and remove the bin for emptying. After cleaning, the bin is reinserted to resume operation.

What is error 14 in on iRobot bin?

The Bin is not present in the robot or not detect the installed bin. Ensure the Filter is installed in the Bin. Check the bin detect switch.

Can I wash the bin in a dishwasher?

Washing the bin of a Roomba or any other electronic device in a dishwasher is not recommended. The dishwasher can subject the bin to high temperatures and strong water jets, which may damage the bin’s components or sensors.

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