Using Two Roombas Together (Try This Method)

Last updated on January 8th, 2024

iRobots have automated our cleaning experience. But they are slow cleaners. Covering large areas is not efficient for a single vacuum. In such a case, using two Roombas together might help. But will those two work in unison? Or will they keep cleaning the same area, thus giving no benefit whatsoever?

You can use two Roombas simultaneously, but there’s no way to link them together. You can create two separate cleaning zones by sealing off the areas with virtual wall barriers. This will prevent one vacuum from interfering with the other. But a vacuum can be used in sync with a Braava mop due to iRobot’s Imprint Link technology.

Can you sync two Roombas?

No, you cannot sync or connect two Roombas to each other in any possible way. iRobot has not yet provided such a facility to use two vacuums in unison. However, it would make a great update. This doesn’t mean that you can’t use two robot vacuums to clean your house.

With a few tweaks, it is perfectly possible to make two vacuums work together. Though they won’t be in synchronization, they can be controlled with the same app. They don’t have to be the same models or even belong to the same series. You can perfectly use a 694 and a s9 together to clean your house.

Let’s see how we can make two iRobot vacuums work together without interfering with each other.

Using two Roombas simultaneously

Using two Roombas together
Using two Roombas together

It is possible to use two Roombas simultaneously without one interfering with the other. You just have to do proper compartmentalization for both robots. There are several ways to do this, and we have discussed some of the common ones below.

  1. If you have a multi-floor house, you can place one vacuum on the ground floor and the other on the first. This way, they won’t ever come in contact with each other, and they can create separate maps for each floor.
  2.  In the case of a large single floor, divide your house into two sections. This division can be made in two ways: a) By closing the doors to the other section or b) By placing virtual wall barriers so the vacuums won’t cross it.

Note: You will have to always close the doors if you are opting for method (a). If you ever leave them open, the vacuums will wander off into the other sections.

With these methods, you can use two vacuums together. You can use them together or separately however you like. The thing is, they will get the job done.

Now, even if it’s not possible to link two Roomba vacuums, you can link a vacuum to a Braava mop. Let’s see how we can do that.

Syncing a Roomba to a Braava

Syncing a Roomba to a Braava
Syncing a Roomba to a Braava

You can sync specific models of a vacuum with a Braava m series mopping robot, so they both can work in unison. First, the Roomba vacuums a room, and then the Braava mops it. Only models having the Imprint Link technology can be synced with the mop. These include

  • 900 series
  • i series
  • j series
  • s series

To use a mop with one of these vacuums, you have to enable linked cleaning. You can do that by following this procedure:

Step 1: Start a cleaning cycle on the Roomba.

Step 2: Open the iRobot Home app. There, in the top right corner, you will find an option to add a second robot to the job. Click on it.

Step 3: Now select the Braava mop to start a linked cleaning cycle.

Step 4: On the next page, you will be given two options: Select All and Choose Rooms. Here you can select specific rooms you want the robots to clean or ask them to clean all rooms.

Step 5: If you click on ‘Choose Rooms,’ you can select individual rooms to vacuum and clean on the next page. The rooms don’t have to be the same for both robots.

So, with them linked, you can ask the Roomba to vacuum your kitchen and bedroom and the Braava to mop your bathroom.

Final thoughts

Even though you cannot link two Roombas together, you can definitely make them work simultaneously. One won’t be affected by the other if you create proper boundaries. Keep your virtual wall devices always turned on or doors closed while cleaning so the vacuums don’t accidentally enter each other’s territories. With proper precautions, there’s no reason for you to worry.


How do I add a second Roomba to my app?

To add a second Roomba to your app, just add a new device like you did with the first vacuum and follow the same procedure.

Can you have more than one robot vacuum?

Yes, you can have more than one robot vacuum.

Can you have multiple Roomba bases?

Yes, you can have multiple bases for the same vacuum.

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