Time Taken By a Roomba To Clean a Room (Mins or Hrs?)

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

The time taken by a Roomba to clean a room depends on many factors. First and foremost, each model has a different battery capacity and specifications, which contributes to the different runtime of these models. Next, it depends on the type of floor a vacuum is running on. Let’s dive deep to find this out.

A Roomba can take anywhere between 30 to 75 minutes to clean a 500 square feet room. The time varies depending on the layout of the room and the placement of furniture. Also, different models take different amounts of time to clean. It’s difficult to state an exact time because too many factors are in the play.

Average cleaning time of Roombas

Considering all the above factors, let’s see how much time will some popular Roomba models need to cover a 1,000 square feet area of mixed flooring type. The table below highlights the same.

Roomba modelsAverage time required to clean 1,000 sq. feet area
694240 minutes
960180 minutes
i7160 minutes
j7100 minutes
s9120 minutes
e5200 minutes
Average cleaning time of Roombas

Note: None of the above times include the time required to charge the Roomba. Most of these vacuums will need to charge one or two times to cover the entire area.

Factors affecting cleaning time

These are the factors that determine how fast a Roomba will clean a particular area:

  • Layout of the room
  • Size of the room
  • Floor-type
  • Model

We will try to understand how each of these could affect the speed of cleaning.

Layout of the room

A Roomba mapping a floor
A Roomba mapping a floor

The placement of furniture in a room highly affects how long a vacuum will take to clean it. If the vacuum has to go around too many furniture pieces, it will take more time to cover the area. Whereas an unobstructed area is covered faster by the vacuum, as it can finish its task by moving in straight lines.

On an open floor plan containing a kitchen and a living room, the 895 takes about 60 minutes to cover 230 square feet of area.

Size of the room

The most important and logical factor is the size of a room. You, of course, can’t expect a robovac to clean a 300-square-foot room at the same time as it cleans a 100-square-foot room.

Any model from the 600 series takes about 60 minutes to clean a 300-square-foot room and about 150 minutes for a 630-square-foot area.


Roomba cleaning a laminated floor
Roomba cleaning a laminated floor

The next important factor is the type of flooring the room has. A carpeted area needs more thorough cleaning than hard floors. So a vacuum spends more time cleaning carpets. Also, the vacuum uses more power on a carpet, which discharges the battery more. This ultimately decreases the total runtime of the vacuum significantly.

An i7 can clean 250 square feet of carpet area in around 50 minutes and approximately 350 square feet of hard floors in the same amount of time.

Roomba model

The model you own really impacts the cleaning speed. Older models from the 600 series that didn’t have mapping follow a bump and clean method. They move around the same area constantly until they can find a route out. But newer models like the j7 have extremely intelligent navigation systems, which make cleaning quicker and more efficient.

i8 can clean around 700 square feet in 60 minutes. But a 675 will take 120 to 150 minutes to clean the same area.

Why do Roombas take so long to clean?

Roombas take a lot of time to clean because of two main reasons:

  1. Limited battery capacities
  2. Reliance on the old vSLAM navigation system
  • If you have a big house, it could easily feel like robovacs take forever to clean. The first thing to blame is their limited battery capacities.
  • No Roomba can run beyond 120 minutes without needing a recharge. And it usually takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge a vacuum. Considering this, it can take a while to cover the entire area of your house.
  • The next thing is their old navigation system. To date, all Roombas rely on the vSLAM navigation system. It takes time to gather data from the sensors and choose an appropriate path accordingly.
  • Cliff sensors often ask the robot to turn around if they sense a major height difference in the cleaning area. The Dirt sensors ask the vacuum to go over particular spots multiple times to clean them thoroughly. All of this leads to a longer cleaning time.

Let’s try to understand the role of the battery in cleaning time a little better.

Effect of the battery on cleaning time

On a recharge, a Roomba battery will last as long as it lasts. But in the longer run, it lasts 1 to 2 years on regular use. With time, the battery degrades, and its efficiency battery decreases. This directly affects the performance of the vacuum. A worn-out battery:

  • Needs more frequent charging
  • Takes more time to charge
  • Gives shorter cleaning cycles
  • Doesn’t suction debris effectively

So, as the battery degrades, Roomba takes more time to clean the same area than it did before. If you compare a new 960 with an old 960 under similar conditions, the new model will definitely clean the room faster.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to give you the best possible idea of the time taken by a Roomba to clean a room. You mustn’t compare your Roomba to some random YouTube video you saw. Their test conditions could be significantly different than the real conditions in your house.

Use this article as a guide to determine what’s the ideal cleaning period for your Roomba. The iRobot app keeps track of cleaning history, where you can confirm your prediction from the history.

Happy Vacuuming!


How long does a Roomba job take?

A Roomba job can take anywhere from 45 to 120 minutes depending on the model you own.

How many hours does it take for Roomba to map?

It takes 2 to 3 hours for a Roomba to completely map a house.

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