Ring Camera Setup & Install Instructions (Complete Guide)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Ring Cameras are Amazon-owned security systems that are perfect for home monitoring. They have indoor, outdoor, and video doorbell options for you to choose from. Remember, indoor Ring cameras have a low tolerance for heat and moisture, so don’t think of using them outdoors. It will only destroy the device faster.

Whatever type you buy, you have to install it and set it up using the Ring app. The installation and setup procedure is very easy. You can do it yourself with some handy work. As the company suggests, you don’t necessarily require a technician to install Ring camera setup.

First, let’s understand how to choose the correct location to install a Ring camera outdoors.

Selecting the right location

You can’t just randomly install Ring security camera and video doorbell anywhere. You need to find an appropriate location. Here are some tips for selecting the correct location for these.

Ring camera:

Ring security camera
Ring camera
  • The camera lens should cover the maximum area possible.
  • If you are placing a Ring indoor camera on a tabletop, keep it out of harm’s way.
  • Wall mounts should be out of reach of a regular person.
  • Select a location 7 to 10 feet above the ground for mounting.
  • The location should not receive direct sunlight for an extended period of time unless you are using the solar panel mount.
  • Install the Ring camera away from any heat sources like radiators, space heaters, etc.

Ring video doorbell:

A Ring video doorbell
Ring video doorbell

Here’s how to install Ring doorbell camera:

  • Ring video doorbell should show the entire front door view.
  • The location should not be exposed to extended sunlight.

Once you have successfully chosen a location, you can install the Ring camera.

Installing the Camera

Now, let’s see how to install a Ring camera.

On a flat surface

If you are going to install Ring camera on top of a plane surface, you don’t need to do any installation part. Just place the camera directly on the surface. If it’s a wired model, connect the power cord to the back of your device and then insert it into a power outlet.

If it’s wireless, charge the Ring battery for 5 to 10 hours. (The single green indicator light will tell you it is charged.)

On a wall

Tools to mount Ring camera on a wall

If you are going to mount your Ring camera or Ring video doorbell, you’ll need a few tools:

  1. A drill
  2. A Screwdriver
  3. Screws
  4. Wall anchors (optional)
  5. A pencil

Collect all these tools before you start to install Ring camera.

Steps to mount a Ring camera and video doorbell
Steps to mount a Ring camera and video doorbell

Once you have selected the right location and collected all the tools, it’s time to mount the cams. Make sure you note that the Ring doorbell installation instructions are slightly different than the cameras.

Step 1: Remove the mounting plate from the device by sliding it down with your fingers.

Step 2: Place the mounting plate on the selected location and mark the location of the screws with a pencil.

Note: There are two holes for Ring cameras and four for Ring video doorbells. Mark them all.

Step 3: Use the drill to make holes in the wall at the marked location.

Step 4: Insert the wall anchors into the hole for extra security if you feel the need. (This step is optional.)

Step 5: Place the mounting plate over the drilled holes and insert the screws using a screwdriver. Ensure all the screws are secured.

Step 6: Slid the camera or video doorbell easily into the mount, and your installation is complete.

Step 7: Use one of the security screws to hold the device in place.

Important: In the case of the Ring video doorbell, if you want to connect the wires to the back of the doorbell, you just simply have to wound exposed wire to the back of the device. Remember to turn off the power before you do this.

If are using attachments for your cam then the procedure will slightly vary. For instance, installing Ring spotlight camera will require you to first mount the spotlight attachment onto the camera and then install it.

Now that you know how to install Ring video doorbells, let’s see how to set up these Ring devices and connect them to Wi-Fi. So, before you connect the Ring camera to Wi-Fi, you need to create your Ring account.

Creating a Ring account

Steps to create a Ring account
Steps to create a Ring account

The following steps will guide you through the process of creating a Ring account.

Step 1: Download and install the Ring – Always Home app on your device. You can either get it from the Play Store for your Android device or the App Store for your iPhone.

Step 2: Open the installed Ring app and click on ‘Create Account.’

Step 3: Enter your first and last name.

Step 4: Select your country from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: Enter your email address and re-enter to confirm.

Step 6: Create a password for your Ring account.

Important: The password should be of at least 8 characters. It should have at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter. At least one number and one special character are mandatory. To be safe, don’t use your first name, last name, or email address in the password.

Step 7: You’ll now receive a verification email on the entered email address. Open the email and click on the ‘Verify Now’ button.

Step 8: Return to the Ring app. You’ll now see an option to link your Ring account to Alexa. You can complete this step or skip it.

Step 9: Enable two-step authentication by entering your phone number. You’ll receive a six-digit code on this number every time you log into your Ring account.

Step 10: You’ll receive a six-digit code. Enter the code and verify your phone number.

Step 11: Select the location where you are using your Ring camera. Tap on ‘Home.’

Step 12: Enter your home address and verify it on the map.

Now, you have successfully created your Ring account. You can begin to add your Ring devices to this account.

Setting up Ring Camera

Steps to setup a Ring camera
Steps to setup a Ring camera

Now, it’s time to connect your Ring camera or video doorbell to the app and Wi-Fi network. The following steps will guide you to setup Ring camera:

Step 1: Open the Ring – Always Home app and tap on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

Step 2: Select the ‘Setup a Device’ option from the menu.

Step 3: Select ‘Security Cameras’ or ‘Video Doorbells’ from the list of Ring devices.

Step 4: Click on ‘I’m ready to scan.’ And scan the QR code at the back of your device.

If you are not able to scan the code:

  • Move to a well-lit area.
  • Move the camera close to the code.
  • Focus the camera on the code and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Clean the camera lens and try again.

If none of this worked, then do the following:

  1. Click on the ‘Other Options’ button located below the scanner.
  2. Click on ‘Can’t Scan the QR code.’
  3. Select the option to ‘Enter code manually.’
  4. Select your device type from the provided list.
  5. Locate the five-digit code below the QR code on your device.
  6. Enter this five-digit code.

Step 5: You’ll be asked to set a name for your device. Select one of the given options or add a custom name.

Step 6: Select the location of your device from the available options or add a new location.

Step 7: Insert a completely charged battery or the power cord into your Ring camera and press and hold the setup button on the device. This will put your Ring camera in setup mode.

Step 8: On seeing a blinking white light on the cam, select ‘Continue’ in the Ring app.

Step 9: Join the Ring Wi-Fi network when prompted on the screen.

If the connection doesn’t happen automatically, go to your Wi-Fi networks and connect to the Wi-Fi named either ‘Ring-XXXXXX’ or ‘Ring Setup XXXXXX,’ where XXXXXX indicates the last six digits of the MAC ID. In order to avoid confusion between multiple Ring devices network, turn on only one device while setting up.

Step 10: Now connect to your home Wi-Fi network by entering the correct password.

Note: Do this before mounting the device, or you’ll need to remove it again to scan the code

Final Thoughts

Installing Ring camera is easier than you think. The screws are provided in the box, and you just have to get the other tools. You’ll probably have to climb a ladder to install the cam, but it isn’t risky at all. The setup, however, might seem complicated.

You need to first create a Ring account and then connect the Ring video doorbell. Keep your home Wi-Fi password handy, and don’t forget the password that you set for your Ring account. And don’t use the same password for both logins.

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.


Can you install a Ring camera by yourself?

Yes, you can install a Ring camera by yourself. However, Ring recommends that you call an experienced technician to install the Ring system throughout your home.

Is installing a Ring camera easy?

Yes, installing a Ring camera is easy if you know how to handle a drill.

Do you need Wi-Fi for the Ring camera?

Yes, you will need Wi-Fi to set up and use the Ring camera.

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