Roomba’s Dustbin Capacity (How Much Can It Hold?)

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

Roomba’s dustbin capacity is an important specification. The more dust it can hold, the better. Because it means cleaning won’t be interrupted often, you’ll have longer cleaning cycles and a cleaner home.

So, how much is the dustbin capacity of a Roomba?

Different Roomba models have different dustbin capacities. But it lies somewhere in the range of 0.3 L to 0.6 L. Smaller dustbins need more frequent emptying, while larger ones do not. This problem is completely solved if your vacuum has a self-emptying base. Unfortunately, not all Roombas are compatible with a self-emptying base.

If you have pets, we highly recommend getting a Roomba with the highest dustbin capacity.

Addressing a pressing concern – we know measuring debris in litres doesn’t make sense. But think of it this way – your vacuum can hold as much waste as a 0.3 L container. That must make better sense. Don’t think about the weight of the dust; think about its volume.

A dustbin full of dirt
A dustbin full of dirt

Now, let’s take a look at how much dirt some of the popular models can hold.

Roomba’s dustbin capacity

The table below shows the dustbin capacities of some of the popular models.

Roomba modelsDustbin capacity
6750.3 L
6940.3 L
e50.5 L
9600.6 L
9800.6 L
i30.3 L
i70.4 L
j70.5 L
s90.5 L
Dustbin capacity of different Roomba models

From the above table, one thing is clear: different models have different dustbin capacities. It depends on their entire makeup. Some have more space for the dustbin, while others don’t.

If you ask us which is better, we will always tell you to go with the larger capacity. Because obviously, they will get full less frequently. You can tell from the indicator light when your dustbin gets full.

Indicator for emptying the bin

Full bin indicator
Full bin indicator

These indicator lights are situated differently for various models. They will tell you when the dustbin has reached its capacity and it’s time to empty the bin. For vacuums with a Home Base, you have to empty their bin manually every time it is full.

The table below shows the exact position and light indicator color for a full bin.

Roomba seriesFull bin indicator location
600 seriesA bin-shaped red light on the vacuum
700 seriesA bin-shaped red light on the vacuum
800 seriesA bin-shaped red light on the vacuum
900 seriesRed sweep toward the rear around the ‘Clean’ button
i seriesRed sweep toward the rear around the ‘Clean’ button
j seriesRed sweep toward the rear around the ‘Clean’ button
s seriesRed sweep toward the rear around the ‘Clean’ button
Location of the full bin indicator light on different Roomba series

You can refer to the above indicator lights on your robot or check the bin status on your iRobot Home app. This hassle is only for vacuums that don’t have a Clean Base. With self-emptying vacuums, you don’t have to keep a lookout for the indicator lights.

Self-emptying Roomba models

Self-emptying models automatically empty their dustbins in their docking stations. For such models, the amount of dirt their dustbins can hold doesn’t really matter much. Because they don’t stop the cleaning cycle till you empty the bin.

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They go to the base, empty their bins, and continue cleaning. The dirt removed from the bins is held in a large bag in the docking station. So, these models turn out to be more efficient. But they come at a higher price. If you prefer convenience over price, these are for you.

Some of the popular Roombas that have a self-emptying base are given below.

s9+j7+Combo j7+i7+
i3 Evo+i3+i1+i4+
Roomba models with self-emptying base

How much dirt does a Roomba bag hold?

Roomba's Dustbin Capacity: Emptying the bin
Emptying a Roomba’s dustbin

A common question about the dirt disposal bag is how much dirt it can hold. iRobot says these bags can hold debris for up to 60 days. But that doesn’t really apply to everyone. Depending on how often you use your vacuum and how much dust is collected, the bag can fill anywhere between 15 days and 90 days.

More practically, we can measure the capacity of the dirt disposal bag in terms of the number of bins of dust it can occupy. Most bags sold online claim to hold up to 30 bins worth of dust. So, you roughly predict how much dirt it can hold.

Final thoughts

Based on which Roomba model you own, the dustbin capacity will vary. You can check it in the table above. If your model is not listed in the above table, then do let us know in the comments below.

The dust disposal bag can hold large amounts of dust, so you don’t have to worry about emptying parts for weeks. But if you don’t have a Clean Base, then do keep an eye out for the full bin indicator light.


What is the limit on Roomba?

There’s no such limit on Roomba. It will keep cleaning until the bin is empty and charging is not low.

Can a robot vacuum clean a whole house?

Yes, a robot vacuum can clean a whole house if it has enough charging and dustbin capacity.

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