Roomba j9+ Review & Setup Instructions In 2024

iRobot has a record of bringing out exciting additions to its Roomba series. And the most recent addition is the new Roomba j9+. With more features than before, the latest model gives a top-of-the-line performance unlike any vacuum before. What exactly makes it so good? Is the price tag worth it? What can you expect with this vacuum? Find all the answers in our detailed Roomba j9+ review below.

Why should you go for Roomba j9+ in 2024?

The Roomba j9+ has the edge over all the previous j series models because of its 7x faster mapping speed, 100% more suction power than the Roomba i series, three levels of suction power, Dirt Directive to automate your cleaning experience, and the Careful Drive Mode to avoid bumping into objects.

The product price keeps varying, so check the price before purchasing.


The table below shows the specifications of this vacuum.

SpecsRoomba j9+
Dimensions13.7 x 13.7 x 3.4 inches
Weight8.98 Pounds
ColorCharcoal Grey
Dustbin Capacity0.4 L
Suction Power20x*
Battery Capacity2210 mAh
Runtime180 mins
Warranty1 year
Specifications of Roomba j9+

* indicates comparison to the 600 series

How to set up the Roomba j9+?

Steps to set the Roomba j9+
Steps to set the Roomba j9+

Setting up the Roomba j9+ is as simple as any iRobot vacuum. If you are a previous owner, you know the drill.

  • First, place the docking station in an appropriate position and connect it to a power source.
  • Next, align the robot with the charging contacts on the dock and let it completely charge for at least 3 hours.
  • While the robot is charging, install the iRobot Home app and log in.
  • Before you start pairing, turn on the robot by long pressing the ‘Clean’ button.
  • Select the ‘Add a Robot’ option and follow the on-screen instructions carefully to complete the setup. You’ll need to enter your Wi-Fi password, so keep it handy.

Roomba j9+ review

We’ll discuss the features of this vacuum cleaner in detail below.


The vacuum comes in a cardboard box
The vacuum comes in a cardboard box

The packaging of the Roomba j9+ is quite similar to the Roomba j7+, but this has a renewed design and color palette. The material of the box remains the same sturdy cardboard that protects the product from scratches and damage.

Inside the box, you will find all the accessories, the robot itself, the clean base, and instruction manuals. The smaller cardboard boxes and plastic wrapping eliminate friction within the contents of the box so that they don’t accidentally scratch them.


The front-facing camera in the vacuum
The front-facing camera in the vacuum

Just like all other j series models, the j9+ also has a front-facing camera with a small LED torch light. The camera plays a major role in navigation and obstacle avoidance by the vacuum. On the top, there’s a single round ‘Clean’ button to start and stop a cleaning cycle. And LED backlights around the button indicate one of the following.

  • Battery status
  • Full bin indication
  • Wi-Fi connectivity

The bottom has two multi-surface rubber brush rolls that rotate in opposite directions and engage with every surface they run over. Maneuvering is made easier with the front castor wheel that rotates 360°. The side-sweeping brush engages with debris backed away in corners and pushes it toward the main brushes.


Dustbin of the robavac
Dustbin of the robavac

The Roomba j9+ has a 0.4 L on-board dustbin. It is smaller than the j7+ but equal to the i7+. It is a vacuum-only robot, so there’s no separate space for a water tank. The robot is compatible with the self-emptying base. So every time the vacuum dicks on the base, the debris is suctioned through the suction port and stored in a sealed dustbin bag.

This bag can store up to 60 days’ worth of debris. It clearly takes vacuuming off your hands for months. You can replace the self-sealing bag with a new one when it is full. Some even prefer to reuse the same dustbin bag.

How much time can this vacuum run for?

The Roomba j9+ can run for up to 180 minutes, which is 60 minutes more than the previous model in the j series (j7+). This time is based on the suction mode you are going to use. It has three suction modes with varying levels of suction power.

Operating this robot on the lowest suction setting can give a run time of 180 minutes. But if you use it on a higher setting, the run time will decrease. You can expect up to an hour of cleaning on the highest suction setting.

How is the navigation of Roomba j9+?

Roomba j9+ navigating the floor
Roomba j9+ navigating the floor

The Roomba j9+ has all the usual navigational perks along with a few added features. The usual navigational features include

  • With its PrecisionVision navigation technology and advanced obstacle avoidance capabilities, it detects small objects like socks, power cords, toys, pet bowls, etc., and cleans around them without bumping.
  • It even avoids dried pet waste. iRobot even gives a P.O.O.P. guarantee that it will replace your robot for free if it runs over pet poop within a year of purchase.
  • The Imprint Smart Mapping technology creates a detailed map of the house, which the robot uses and constantly updates for all its cleaning cycles.

But the thing with j9+ is that it will map your home 7x faster than previous models. It even automatically identifies rooms and labels them for you after one run with up to 90% accuracy.

Because of the Careful Drive Mode, it slows down when nearing obstacles and walls so it won’t bump into them. And on the cleaning front, it does 2 passes over each section so no dust is left behind.

Cleaning Performance

Robovac cleaning the floor
Robovac cleaning the floor

Just like the older j series models, the Roomba j9+ has a 3-stage cleaning system because of which the vacuum loosens, lifts, and then suctions the dust. Add the Dirt Detect technology to that, and you have an advanced cleaning solution. It even detects carpets and automatically boosts the suction capacity because of the automatic Carpet Boost feature.

In addition to the above cleaning features, we have the Dirt Detective in the j9+. The robot automatically chooses the rooms to clean and the order for them. It prioritizes the dirtiest rooms and selects the ideal settings for each job, like time and cleaning preferences.

Unlike the older models, this vacuum has 3 suction modes, with increasing levels of suction in each mode. And do you know the best part? It has 100% more suction power than the i series robots. This definitely elevates the cleaning performance. If you have furry pets at your home, you are going to love the j9+ because it has more pet features than any other model.

How to operate the vacuum?

Operating the Roomba j9+ is the easiest job ever once you set it all up. We prefer voice commands, where you can give verbal instructions via your home assistant device like Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Simply say, “(Robot name) clean under the living room sofa,” and off it goes.

  • It can be operated with the on-board button, but you cannot customize your cleaning experience with it.
  • Or you can start a cleaning cycle from the iRobot Home app, where you can give exact cleaning instructions to the vacuum.

App Features

The company has rolled out a new iRobot OS update along with the Roomba j9+. So you get more personalized suggestions than before. The most stand-out update is the introduction of favorites where the robot learns your everyday cleaning habits and creates a schedule by itself.

For example, if you are using the j9+ to clean the kitchen after dinner around 8 pm, then the app will create a schedule where the vacuum sets to clean the kitchen at 8 pm each day on your desired suction level. Isn’t that smart?

Other prominent app features include:

  • IFTTT integration, where you can ask the vacuum to clean when you leave the house and stop when you come back.
  • Create Clean Zones, which are cleaned dedicatedly when directed towards them.
  • Keep Out Zones can be created around furniture like vases, guitar stands, etc., so the device won’t knock into them. No more need for virtual wall barrier devices.
  • Create a custom cleaning schedule with the desired level of suction power.

On buying the Roomba j9+, you will get the following items in the box:

  • 1 Robot Vacuum
  • 1 Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • 1 Extra Side Sweeping Brush
  • 2 Extra Dirt Disposal Bag
  • 1 Power Cord

Where to buy the Roomba j9+?

The Roomba j9+ is currently available for purchase on the iRobot official website and on Amazon for $699. If you don’t want to invest such a large sum in the product, then you can opt for the iRobot Select Membership Program. You can rent a Roomba j9+ for $29/month, along with all the accessories and free replacement parts.


The Roomba j9+ has more or less the same maintenance requirements as the other models. You’ll need to

  • Clean the main brush roll and remove any hair stuck in the brush cap.
  • Clear the side brush of the hair and ensure free movement.
  • Keep the sensors and charging contacts dust-free.
  • Ensure the filter is not blocked, and airflow is good.
  • Wash the dustbin every now and then to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Pro and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of buying this product:

2 cleaning passesExpensive
Dirt Detective prioritizes roomsGets loud while self-emptying
Favorite cleaning routines can be set
Three levels of suction power
Pros and cons of Roomba j9+


The latest addition of Roomba j9+ to the j series of iRobot is a noteworthy step in taking the complete hands-free cleaning experience a step further. You don’t even need to select the rooms you want to clean because the robot is smart enough to choose that on its own.

The Dirt Detective is the biggest addition to the new model. Not to forget, the increased mapping and navigation speed makes the entire cleaning process smoother and faster. If you are looking to buy some other vacuums then our smart buying guide can help you out.


When did Roomba j9+ come out?

The Roomba j9+ came out on 11 September 2023.

Is the Roomba Combo j9+ better than the Roomba j9+?

The Roomba Combo j9+ has an additional mopping feature than the Roomba j9+, but all the other functionalities are basically the same.

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