Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7 – Choosing the Perfect Robo Vacuum

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

If both Roomba j7 and Roborock s7 are available at the same price, then choosing between the two can get more confusing. But fret not. This article covers everything you must know about the two models – their similarities and differences. Our well-researched and carefully crafted comparison table has everything you will need.

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Which is better: Roomba j7 or Roborock s7?

The Roborock s7 has better navigation, more precise cleaning technology, vacuuming and mopping features, higher suction power, and excellent battery capacity. This makes it the ideal choice. But its biggest downside is that, unlike Roomba j7, it does not detect small objects well.

Roomba j7

Roomba j7
Roomba j7

Roomba j7 is iRobot’s first vacuum robot that has a front-facing camera. All iRobots before this had a top-facing camera. This has led to a better navigation capability than its predecessors. It is one of the latest models of vacuums by iRobot. Pet owners widely love it due to its ability to avoid pet poop. It saves a lot of cleaning efforts on the owner’s part.

Roborock s7

Roborock s7
Roborock s7

Roborock s7 is one of the first robot vacuums to give a best-in-class mopping feature. It uses LiDAR navigation technology for cleaning, which is much better than the vSLAM technology. With longer runtime, high battery capacity, and efficient cleaning performance, it doesn’t leave much room for complaints.

Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7 Specs

Specifications of Roomba j7 vs Roborock s7
Specifications of Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7

The table below compares the two robot vacuums in detail.

SpecificationsRoomba j7Roborock s7
ColorCharcoal GreyBlack, White
Dimensions13.3 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches13.8 x 13.8 x 3.8 inches
Weight7.49 Pounds10.36 Pounds
Cleaning OptionsVacuumingVacuuming, Mopping
Suction Power1700 Pa2500 Pa
Airflow8 CFM12 CFM
Dustbin Capacity0.5 L0.47 L
Water Tank VolumeTank Not Present0.3 L
Run time100 mins180 mins
Battery Capacity2210 mAh5200 mAh
Charging Time2 hours4 – 6 hours
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Control TypeVoiceVoice
Compatible DevicesAmazon Alexa,
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa,
Google Home,
and Siri Shortcuts
3-Stage Cleaning SystemPresentAbsent
BrushesDual Multi-Surface
Rubber Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Floating Brush,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Smart Mapping TechnologyPresentPresent
Automatic Dirt Disposal SystemAbsentPresent
vSLAM TechnologyPresentAbsent
Virtual Wall BarrierPresentPresent
LiDAR TechnologyAbsentPresent
Real-Time Video Call FeatureAbsentPresent
Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7 Comparison

Let’s discuss in more depth how both the models are different from one another.

The Roborock uses the LiDAR Navigation technology that enables better navigation as compared to the vSLAM Technology of the Roomba j7. Thus, the former can move around cluttered environments with better precision and efficiency. It also gives better area coverage. The latter also has good coverage, but it doesn’t cover the area around its docking station that well.

The s7 clearly has an edge when it comes to navigation because of the LiDAR technology.

Which robot detects obstacles better?

When it comes to large obstacles, the Roborock performs better than the Roomba. But it significantly fails with more minor obstacles like wires and pet poop. But the j7 is better at detecting small obstacles. It effectively avoids them and cleans around them. This is because of the different navigation technologies used by these vacuums.

If you are a pet parent worried about your vacuum getting on their poop, you should go for the Roomba j7.

Cleaning performance: Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7

In a cleaning performance test, on default power, the Roborock picked up 3 g of 30 g of debris while the other vacuum picked up 6 g. But at maximum power mode available in s7, it can pick up 6 g of debris. However, the downside of using the maximum power mode is that your vacuum discharges faster.

The j7 cannot pick up short hair like pet hair because of a lesser airflow of 8 CFM. But the other robot can pick them up nicely with its 12 CFM of airflow. Not to mention that along with vacuuming, the s7 can also perform mopping.

No doubt, the higher rating for cleaning performance goes to the s7 because of higher airflow and better pickup.


The Roomba j7 has a battery capacity of 2210 mAh, which is not even half of the other robot (5200 mAh). With a full charge at that capacity, the j7 can run for 100 minutes. Plus, it hardly takes 2 hours to charge it. Now, even though you get a runtime of 180 minutes on the Roborock, it requires 4 to 6 hours for a full charge.

If you do the math, the j7 gives a better battery performance than the s7. But practically speaking, you get a better battery capacity for the same price. So it should be the ideal choice.


The major difference in the design of these two vacuums is that the Roborock has only one brush roll while the Roomba has two. Besides that, the j7 is almost 3 pounds lighter. But they are almost the same in size. You get an option to choose between black and white color for the s7, but the j7 only comes in the classic Charcoal Grey color.

The Roborock also has an extra mopping feature, which is not provided in the other vacuum. This really makes it stand out from the Roomba. And not to mention that it also has a self-emptying bin, so you don’t have to take out the bin on your own.

What’s in the box?

The table below shows the accessories that you get when buying these products.

Roomba j7Roborock s7
1 Robot Vacuum1 Robot Vacuum
1 Home Base Charging Station1 Charging Station
1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter1 Power Cord
1 Extra Corner Brush2 Mopping Pads
What’s in the box?

Advantages of Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7

The following are the advantages of buying both products.

Advantages of Roomba i7 vs Roborock s7
Advantages of Roomba j7 vs. Roborock s7
Roomba j7 AdvantagesRoborock s7 Advantages
Better obstacle detection with small obstaclesLiDAR Navigation
Deep cleaningExtra mopping feature
Best for long hair pickupBetter battery life
Multiple power settings
Lesser noise output
Best for short hair pickup
Self-emptying bin
Advantages of Roomba j7 and Roborock s7


The Roomba j7 has better obstacle avoidance capability and is perfect for households with pets. At the same time, Roborock s7 gives better cleaning performance with its higher airflow and mopping feature. But it has a higher chance of running on your pet’s poop. So if you don’t have pets, it is the better choice.


Does Roomba j7 have LiDAR technology?

No, the Roomba j7 does not have LiDAR technology but uses a camera sensor and vSLAM technology for effective navigation.

Can Roborock s7 clean carpets?

Yes, the Roborock can clean carpets very efficiently with its vacuuming mode.

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