Roomba j7+ Review 2024 – Features & Specs Explained

Last updated on December 27th, 2023

The Roomba j7+ overcomes one of the biggest cons of smart vacuums – smearing pet poop. If you haven’t got a vacuum yet because you feared it would create a huge mess with pet waste, then you were right. But you no longer have to compromise on your cleaning needs because this vacuum guarantees that if it runs over solid poop, it will replace your vacuum for free.

We know that good things come at a price, and so does the j7+. But be assured that it is worth every penny you invest. It is bound to elevate your cleaning experience with its advanced technologies and spectacular design. Let’s go through this Roomba j7+ review and find out why it is worth the wait and the money.

Roomba j7
Roomba j7+

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Our iRobot Roomba j7+ review in 2024

The Roomba j7+ is a top-of-the-class self-emptying vacuum from iRobot. It gives an excellent cleaning performance and has a top-notch navigation system. Its obstacle-avoidance capabilities cannot be matched by any previous models. The iRobot app also has several advanced features, like no-go zones, which are not available in older models.

Roomba j7+ Specifications

Specifications of Roomba j7+
Specifications of Roomba j7+

The table below contains the specifications of this vacuum.

SpecsRoomba j7+
Dimensions13.3 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches
Weight7.49 Pounds
ColorCharcoal Grey
Dustbin Capacity0.5 L
Suction Power10x*
Airflow8 CFM
Battery Capacity2210 mAh
Runtime100 mins
Warranty1 year
Specifications of Roomba j7+

* indicates comparison to the Roomba 600 series.

How to set up the Roomba j7+?

To set up the Roomba j7+, you will first need to find a suitable location to place the docking station. The location should satisfy the following conditions:

  • Power outlet close to the location
  • Sufficient Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 1.5 feet of free space on either side of the location
  • 4 feet of free space in front of the location
  • The location should be 4 feet away from the stairs

After you find a suitable location and place the docking station, connect it to the power outlet. Now, you will need to align your vacuum on the docking station to start the first charge. It is suggested that you let it charge completely before using it.

Installing the App

While your robot is charging, download the iRobot Home app on your mobile phone. Create an account on the app by giving all the necessary details. Once you sign in, the app will ask permission to connect to the Wi-Fi. Go ahead and grant it. Next, you have to go to Menu and select Add a Robot.

Pairing the vacuum

Press and hold the button on your vacuum, and it will turn solid white. The app will then detect your vacuum and connect it to the app. You will now have to enter your Wi-Fi password. Once the password is verified, you can choose to name your vacuum whatever you want. Also, connect your Roomba to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or both to give voice commands.

Note: If you reset your Wi-Fi password, you will have to go through this entire process again to reconnect your j7+ to the app.

Features of Roomba j7+

Let’s discuss the features of this robovac in detail.


The Roomba j7+ comes in a neat cuboidal cardboard box. The material of the box is of great quality, thus ensuring the protection of its contents. On opening the box, you will first find a quick set-up instruction guide.

There’s a smaller cardboard box in the main box, which contains all the accessories. There are neat sections to hold the power cord, filter, and a side sweeping brush. There’s also a safety manual inside the smaller box.

Below this small box is your vacuum itself, placed on the docking station. The docking station is covered with wrapping to avoid friction between the vacuum and the dock in transit.


The entire body of the Roomba j7+ is made with high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) material. It adds to the durability of the product. The design is very similar to the Roomba i3+ but with some modifications.

Top view

Roomba j7
Top view of j7+

There’s a shiny silver circle at the center of the vacuum surrounded by a matte Charcoal Grey color. There’s the iRobot logo at the center and a single round silver button on top of it for starting and stopping the vacuum. The button has a ring light indicator around it, which flashes different colors to indicate different actions of the j7+.

  • White – The robot is charging.
  • Blue – The robot is looking for its charging station
  • Red – The robot’s battery is low

Front view

Front view of j7+
Front view of j7+

This is the first Roomba where the camera is not top-mounted. iRobot has made a significant design change in its j series. The camera is mounted on the front, where you usually find a bumper on these vacuums. This one doesn’t need a bumper as its navigation is so good that it doesn’t bump into anything. The camera also has a white LED light illuminating its path.

Bottom view

Bottom view of j7+
Bottom view of j7+

The bottom of the j7+ has the usual edge-sweeping brush to direct the debris away from corners and toward the center of the vacuum. There are two green-colored multi-surface rubber brushes situated between the two rubber wheels. They rotate in opposite directions to one other. Rubber brushes ensure reduced tangling of hair around them and their axles.

There’s also an omnidirectional wheel, which aids in easy change of direction. The significant change is the addition of a self-emptying port on the bottom of the rear-mounted dustbin. It is a rectangular-shaped hole with a green-colored flap. Debris is suctioned out from the dustbin through this port.

Does it use a different docking station?

Unlike the tall docking stations of previous models, this is very short in height but more in width. There’s a faux leather attachment to the lid of the dock to open the lid. Inside, you will find a section holding the dirt disposal bag and an empty space to store an extra dustbin bag. You won’t have to dig around the house looking for that dirtbag every two months or so to replace it.


Dustbin of Roomba j7+
Dustbin of Roomba j7+

There’s an automatic dirt disposal system on the Roomba j7+, because of which the onboard dustbin automatically empties itself in the docking station every time it docks. j7+ gives you two reasons to put vacuuming off your mind:

  1. It has a 0.5 L onboard dustbin, which doesn’t feed frequent emptying. So, instead of making frequent runs to the docking station, j7+ can spend more time cleaning.
  2. The dirt disposal bag has the capacity to hold waste for up to 60 days of cleaning. Once it is full, you will receive a notification on your mobile app.

The best part is that the bag seals itself when you remove it. This bag can capture and trap 99% of pollen and mold. So, no allergies enter the air of your house again. Also, you don’t have to see any waste or smell anything bad because it does a great job of keeping all contents inside. You can simply throw it in your garbage bin.

How much time can the Roomba j7+ run for?

The Roomba j7+ can typically cover an area of 1,000 square feet in about 75 minutes. So, it can most probably cover your entire house in one cleaning cycle. It has a 2210 mAh Lithium Ion battery that gives a runtime of up to 100 minutes. But that varies depending on your floor plan and the amount of debris you have around the house.

Recharging the Roomba

The recharging is quite fast as compared to other models, as it takes a maximum of 2 hours for the complete charging. But you don’t have to worry about charging because of the j7+’s recharge and resume feature.

When low on battery, the vacuum will find its docking station and dock for charging. It will also resume cleaning from the point it left off for charging. This ensures it doesn’t miss any spots on your floor.

How is the navigation of Roomba j7+?

Roomba navigating the floor
Roomba navigating the floor

It is equipped with a full suite of advanced sensors for navigation and mapping. The most important is the cliff sensors that prevent your vacuum from falling down the stairs or climbing surfaces it cannot reach.

The front-mounted camera makes a significant contribution to the navigation capabilities of the j7+. With PrecisionVision Navigation, the j7+ doesn’t bump into walls and furniture like the older models. It slows down before approaching a wall or an obstacle, so the bumping is completely eliminated. It also rarely gets stuck.

Obstacle detection

The vacuum easily recognizes objects like shoes, clothes, pet waste, cords, etc., and cleans around them. If it comes across an obstacle it doesn’t recognize, it sends a picture to your mobile app. You get the option to set it as a temporary obstacle, rule it out as an obstacle, or create a keep-out zone around it. You can even add that particular obstacle to its database.

The one thing that we most liked about the j7+ is its Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P.). If it ever runs over a dried poop, iRobot will replace your vacuum for free.

Note: iRobot uses the highest standards of data encryption for its app, so your personal data is not leaked outside.


This robot continuously learns and adapts to your home. The more it runs around your house, the more it learns. This vacuum is equipped with Imprint Smart Mapping that creates a detailed map of your house using vSLAM (visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping) technology.

iRobot claims that the j7+ can map your home 7 times faster than any of its previous mapping technologies and create the most accurate map. You can create and label different rooms and also assign Keep Out and Clean Zones.

Cleaning Performance

Roomba cleaning the floor
Roomba cleaning the floor

Long gone are the days of clearing the floor before you start vacuuming. With its advanced navigation and superior cleaning capabilities, it can clean around any obstacles. It can easily transition from carpets to floors. In fact, it is a lot quieter on rugs and carpets than on hard floors and tiles.

With its 3-stage Cleaning System and muti-surface brushes, the j7+ can pick up even the trickiest of dirt particles. Not to mention its dirt detection technology that will identify regions with heavy traffic in your home and clean it more efficiently. You can even instruct your robovac to clean specific sections of your home, thus giving you a targeted cleaning experience.

This model is very good at picking up pet hair, even from carpets. Its app even suggests doing an extra cleaning cycle during the pet-shedding season or allergy seasons.

How to operate the Roomba j7+?

There are two simple ways to operate the Roomba j7+. They are:

  1. Using voice commands: If you have an assistant device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can pair it with your j7+. Then, you can easily give voice prompts like ‘Ask (robot name) to clean under the kitchen table.’ And your vacuum will readily go off to work.
  2. Using the mobile app: With the iRobot Home app, you can completely control your vacuum right from its charging to emptying its bin. With just a few clicks, you can have squeaky clean floors.

As you know, the Roomba j7+ cannot mop your floors, but it can be linked with an iRobot mopping robot because of its Imprint Link Technology. If you link a mopping robot, it will start mopping the regions that the vacuum has just cleaned. We recommend getting the Braava jet m6 mopping robot.

App Features

The iRobot Home app uses the iRobot OS software. It learns how you like to clean and suggests personalized cleaning schedules just for you. With the latest iRobot Genius update, you can automate cleaning tasks based on events using IFTTT.

You can start a new cleaning cycle, set up daily or weekly cleanings, see your cleaning history, empty the dustbin, check maintenance schedules, tell your robot to clean when you’re not home with geofencing, set no-go zones and clean zones, change settings, and get help from the Customer Support team whenever you need it.

List of items available with the vacuum

On buying this product, you will get the following items in the box:

  • 1 Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum
  • 1 Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal
  • 2 Dirt Disposal Bags
  • 1 Power Cord
  • 1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
  • 1 Extra Corner Brush (black)

Where to buy the Roomba j7+?

This is currently one of the best-selling iRobot vacuums. At the time of writing this article, it was sold at $649.99 on iRobot’s official website. But its original cost is $799.99. The Roomba j7+ prices keep on changing from time to time, so make sure to get the latest updates before you make a decision.

Also, compare prices from different websites and choose the best deal. We found the j7+ on Best Buy and Target websites for $649.00. However, Home Depot was still selling it for almost the original cost of $799.00. So make sure you check the prices on different websites.

If you don’t want to spend much but still want the j7+, then you can buy refurbished models at much lower costs. On Amazon, there are several options starting from $415.16. While on eBay, renewed models are sold for $440.00.


Brush rolls

Check the brushes for tangles or hair accumulation after each cleaning cycle. Use a cleaning tool to remove any debris or hair wrapped around the brushes. Replace the brushes and rollers when they become worn or damaged.

Battery Care

If you won’t be using the robot vacuum for an extended period, then remove it from the charging dock. Avoid exposing the battery to extreme temperatures or direct sunlight for long periods of time.


Clean all the sensors located on the bottom of the vacuum regularly. Keep the top-facing and front-facing sensors clean to ensure accurate navigation. Use a soft microfibre cloth to remove any dust or debris that may hinder their performance.


It has a high-efficiency filter that should be cleaned on a weekly basis. Or twice a week if you use your vacuum often. It is recommended to replace the filter every few months.

Charging contacts

Regularly clean the charging contacts on both the robot and the charging dock. Use a microfiber cloth to eliminate any dust, dirt, or debris that could negatively affect the charging process. Always ensure that the charging contacts are bright and free from any impurities.

Pro and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of getting the Roomba j7+:

Self-emptying binExpensive
PrecisionVision NavigationVery loud while emptying
Excellent Obstacle AvoidanceAverage battery life
Keep-out zones
P.O.O.P. guarantee
Pros and cons of Roomba j7+


The Roomba j7+ makes your life easier with its automated vacuuming experience. With its advanced navigation and obstacle detection features, you can leave your Roomba to clean when you are not home without any worry. It is the best choice for pet parents as it not only picks up pet hair but also avoids pet poop.

It is on the higher side of the price spectrum, but it is worth the price. We suggest you also look into the Roomba j7+ Combo if you want a dual mopping and vacuuming experience.


Is Roomba j7+ or s9+ better?

The Roomba s9+ is the better vacuum as it has significantly more suction power and is able to clean corners more precisely due to its D shape.

When did Roomba j7+ come out?

The Roomba j7+ came out in September 2021.

Can Roomba j7+ work in the dark?

No, Roomba j7+ has a hard time working in the dark. It performs well in regions with sufficient lighting. As it uses a camera-based navigation system, the area must be well-lit.

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