Roomba i7 vs. i6 Specifications – Is There Even a Difference?

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

iRobot constantly comes up with newer models of Roombas. The Roomba i6 and i7 are two such models. People often wonder which is better than the other. Is the price difference making any significant impact on the models? We have answered all these questions in this article and more.

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Which is better: Roomba i7 vs. i6?

There is no significant difference between the Roomba i7 and i6. Both models give you literally the same cleaning experience. The Roomba i6 is available at a cheaper price. Hence it is the better choice. But if you want to purchase an additional HEPA filter beforehand, go for the Roomba i7.

Roomba i7

Roomba i7
Roomba i7

With Roomba i7, you get to experience a Wi-Fi-enabled robotic vacuum cleaner that adapts to your living space. It gains knowledge of your home and provides targeted cleaning. It won’t even leave those hard-to-reach areas near your sofa.

Roomba i6

Roomba i6
Roomba i6

The Roomba i6 was released a year before the Roomba i7. It is a user-friendly robot vacuum that efficiently cleans your home. It uses advanced mapping and smart features to ensure thorough cleaning. Once set, you can relax and let the Roomba i6 do its magic.

Roomba i7 vs. i6 Specifications

Specs of Roomba i7 vs Roomba i6
Specs of Roomba i7 vs. Roomba i6

The table below compares Roomba i7 and i6.

Roomba SpecsRoomba i7Roomba i6
Weight7.44 Pounds7.44 Pounds
Dimensions13.34 x 13.34 x 3.63 inches13.34 x 13.34 x 3.63 inches
Control TypeVoice, AppVoice, App
Compatible DevicesAmazon Alexa,
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa,
Google Assistant
Suction Power10x*10x*
Runtime75 mins75 mins
Battery Capacity1800 mAh1800 mAh
Charging Time3 hours3 hours
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Dual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
3-Stage Cleaning SystemPresentPresent
iAdapt 3.0 Smart MappingPresentPresent
vSLAM Navigation TechnologyPresentPresent
Virtual Wall BarrierPresentPresent
Dirt Detection TechnologyPresentPresent
Warranty1 year1 year
Extra HEPA FilterAbsentPresent
Extra Side Sweeping BrushAbsentPresent
Roomba i7 vs. i6 Comparison

* indicates the reference to the Roomba 600 series.

Now let’s discuss the differences between the two in more depth.

Roomba i7 vs. i6 Differences

These are the only two differences between Roomba i7 and i6.


iRobot has stopped selling both Roomba i6 and i7 on its official website. However, you will find several used and refurbished models on Amazon and other e-commerce websites. Irrespective of where you buy from, the price of the Roomba i6 is always less than the Roomba i7. And the difference in the price is significant. It is hard to say the exact rates because different sellers sell them for different prices.

The refurbished model of the Roomba i6 is cheaper, and hence it is a better choice over the Roomba i7.

Additional Accessories

You will find that the Roomba i6 does not come with any additional accessories. But the Roomba i7 comes with an additional side sweeping brush and a HEPA filter. Because of these extra accessories, the price of the Roomba i7 is more than the Roomba i6.

Similarities between Roomba i7 and i6

Roomba i7 and i6 and similar to each other in every form of design and functionality. Both are of the same shape, size, and color. Both models use iAdapt 3.0 Smart Mapping and vSLAM navigation technology for making a clear cleaning path. The Dirt Detection Technology in both models detects debris with high efficiency.

The 10x suction powers (compared to the Roomba 600 series) are perfect for cleaning carpets. Both Roomba i6 and i7 have a battery of 1800 mAh capacity. On a full charge of 3 hours, both Roombas can clean for 75 minutes.


There is literally no difference between Roomba i7 and i6. But the Roomba i6 is available at a lower price. So no doubt it is the ideal choice. Even though you get an extra filter and side brush with Roomba i7, you can buy it later separately when needed. There’s no point in buying them, just in case you might need them later.


Is Roomba i6 same as Roomba i7?

Yes, the Roomba i6 is essentially the same as the Roomba i7.

Will Roomba i7 work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, Roomba i7 can work without Wi-Fi once you are done finishing the initial settings on the mobile app.

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