Roomba i4 vs. j7- Key Differences & Specifications

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

iRobot has manufactured several smart vacuums over the years. Two of the latest-selling vacuums are the Roomba i4 and j7. The i4 is a really good fit for people looking at budget vacuums, whereas the j7 will fit perfectly in households with pets. These two vacuums are so different from each other, yet they have some similarities. Let’s find out how these two perform against each other.

Which is better: Roomba i4 vs. j7?

The Roomba j7 is the better smart vacuum as its PrecisionVision navigation technology recognizes obstacles with better efficiency. Under the P.O.O.P. (Pet Owner Official Promise), you will get a replacement for your Roomba if it runs over pet poop. Its dual multi-surface rubber brushes are designed to adjust to all floor types and avoid getting tangled with hair. You also get a superior cleaning experience as compared to the Roomba i4.

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Roomba i4

Roomba i4
Roomba i4

The Roomba i4 is equipped with a camera-less mapping system that is supported by SLAM technology. By using this tech, it creates Imprint Smart Maps. Together with the floor tracking sensors, it makes navigation efficient. The i4 is very similar to the i3. You can check out our article on Roomba i3 vs. i4 to know the exact difference.

Roomba j7

Roomba j7
Roomba j7

The Roomba j7 is the first-in-class vacuum to have a front-facing camera. Its PrecisionVision navigation technology avoids even the smallest of obstacles. It has a thoughtful intelligence that maps your rooms faster and automatically labels them to get started with targeted cleaning. It’s on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it’s worth the features it offers.

Roomba i4 vs. j7: Specifications

Specs of Roomba i4 vs Roomba j7
Specs of Roomba i4 vs. Roomba j7

The table below compares the Roomba i4 and j7 side by side.

SpecificationsRoomba i4Roomba j7
Dimensions13.3 x 13.3 x 3.6 inches13.3 x 13.3 x 3.4 inches
Weight7.2 Pounds7.49 Pounds
ColorGrey with BlackCharcoal Grey
AvailabilityNew modelsNew models
Surface RecommendationCarpets, Hard FloorsCarpets, Hard Floors
Cleaning OptionsVacuumingVacuuming
Control TypeVoice, AppVoice, App
Compatible DevicesAmazon Alexa,
Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa,
Google Assistant
BrushesDual Multi-Surface
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Dual Multi-Surface
Edge-Sweeping Brush
CameraAbsentPresent (front-facing)
Dustbin Capacity0.5 L0.5 L
Battery Capacity2210 mAh2210 mAh
Runtime100 mins100 mins
Charging Time3 hours3 hours
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Suction Power10x*10x*
Airflow8 CFM8 CFM
Warranty2 years1 year
Imprint Smart Mapping TechnologyPresentPresent
vSLAM TechnologyAbsentPresent
iAdapt 3.0 NavigationAbsentPresent
PrecisionVision NavigationAbsentPresent
Reactive Sensor TechnologyPresentPresent
Virtual Wall BarrierPresentAbsent
No-go zonesAbsentPresent
Clean ZonesAbsentPresent
Cliff SensorPresentPresent
3-Stage Cleaning SystemPresentPresent
Dirt Detection TechnologyPresentPresent
Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P)AbsentPresent
Personalized Cleaning SuggestionsAvailableAvailable
Noise Level65 dB63 dB
Roomba i4 vs. j7 Comparison

* indicates comparison with the Roomba 600 series.

Let’s discuss the above table in more depth.


Both Roomba i4 and j7 are available on iRobot’s official website. There is a price difference of a whopping $300 between the two models. The costlier j7 is available at $599, while the i4 is at just $299 at the time of writing this article. You must know that the price keeps on varying, so make sure you check out the current price before going ahead with the purchase.

We recommend the i4 for those who are looking for mid-range vacuums. But if you are willing to go higher up the price spectrum, then don’t miss the j7, as it has a finer experience to offer.

Design: Roomba i4 vs. j7

These robot vacuums have the same round shape but quite different designs. The j7 is a bit shorter than the i4. The difference is not much, but it makes a strong impact while maneuvering tight spaces. The i4 is lighter in weight than the j7, but that has nothing to do with choosing one of them.

Coming back to the designs. the Roomba i4 has a textured ring on its rim. It has a light grey color, while the entire body is colored Charcoal Grey. It gives a warm, homely look. The j7, on the flip side, has a modern, elegant design. It, too, is Charcoal Grey, besides the large silver circle in the center.

Is there a camera on the Roomba?

The Roomba i4 does not have an onboard camera. It navigates with the help of sensors. But the Roomba j7 does. In fact, it was the first Roomba to have a front-facing camera. You will notice a square-shaped space on the front of the vacuum for the camera. All the previous models have a top-facing camera. The front-facing camera has perks of its own.

Roomba i4 vs. j7: Battery

These Roombas have a recharge and resume feature, so you don’t really need to worry about the battery running out. When they detect that their battery is low, they automatically head to their charging station and charge themselves. Once charged, they will resume cleaning from the spot they left off. They basically keep themselves charged without ever running out of battery.

Both models feature Lithium Ion batteries of 2210 mAh capacity. It usually takes 3 hours for their battery to charge completely. Once fully charged, they give a runtime of 100 minutes.

Which Roomba has a better navigation system?

navigation and mapping technology
navigation and mapping technology

The Roomba j7 has a better navigation system. The i4 only relies on sensors for the Imprint smart mapping. But the j7 has the vSLAM navigation technology, which combines the data collected from sensors and the camera to build a very accurate map of your home.

The j7 is also equipped with PrecisionVision navigation technology that easily detects even tiny obstacles like wires, clothes, etc. This tech spots objects that could potentially get in the way and send you a photograph on the mobile app. You can then instruct the j7 to avoid it or to clean around it.

Cliff sensors

Talking about sensors, both smart vacuums do have cliff sensors that detect the difference in the height of the cleaning surface. Their function is to prevent your Roomba from falling down the stairs. They also have the Reactive Sensor Technology, which identifies spaces that Roomba cannot pass through due to its size. It instructs the vacuum to avoid those regions instead of getting stuck in the furniture.

Is there a Roomba that will avoid dog poop?

Roombas like j7, j7+, and Combo j7+ can effectively avoid dog and cat poop. But the i4 cannot. j7 gives the Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P) that it will not run over pet poop. If it does, iRobot will replace your vacuum with a new piece completely free of cost. The PrecisionVision navigation technology plays a significant role in this.

Do these Roombas use the same cleaning technology?

Roomba cleaning performance
Roomba cleaning performance

Yes, both models have the same cleaning technologies. But practical use cases say otherwise. Even though the Roomba i4 and j7 have the very same 3-stage Cleaning System and Dirt Detection Technology, the j7 gives better performance.

If you put both models in a similarly littered room, you will observe that the j7 picks up debris more efficiently. It is better at picking up dirt on all floor types. The real difference can be observed in the case of high-pile carpets. The Roomba i4 can clean almost very well but cannot match tj7’s performance.

Despite having the same cleaning technologies, the Roomba j7 will give a better performance at cleaning all floor types. So it should be given preference over the Roomba i4.


Typically, you get a 1-year warranty on a Roomba, which is valid for the j7. But for the i4, iRobot is providing a 2-year warranty. You can usually buy an extended warranty of 2 years or 3 years at an extra cost while placing the order. But with i4, you already get it included in your purchase order. If you want an extended warranty for your j7, you simply have to purchase it separately.

Since you get a longer warranty with the Roomba i4, you won’t have to pay extra for the extended warranty. This definitely wins some points for the Roomba i4.

What additional accessories are included with the robots?

Here’s a list of all items that you will get on purchasing each product.

Roomba i4Roomba j7
1 Roomba i4 Robot Vacuum1 Roomba j7 Robot Vacuum
1 Home Base Charging Station1 Home Base Charging Station
1 Virtual Wall and 2 AA batteries1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
2 Extra High-Efficiency Filter1 Extra Corner Brush
List of items included with the products
  • With the Roomba i4, you get an extra virtual wall barrier which you can use to create keep-out zones. You will need it since the i4 mobile app doesn’t support no-go zones. But the j7 mobile app supports them, so you won’t need the virtual wall barrier for it.
  • You also get two extra filters with the i4 but only one extra with the j7. But the j7 also offers an extra corner brush. These additional accessories come in handy for the maintenance of the Roomba.

How often does Roomba need maintenance?

You will need to clean your Roomba brushes at least once per week and replace them once a year. Filters need replacement every 4 to 6 months. The side brush should be cleaned once per month and replaced when damaged.

Advantages of Roomba i4 and j7

Advantages of Roomba i4 vs Roomba i7
Advantages of Roomba i4 vs. Roomba j7

The following table lists the advantages of Roomba i4 and j7 each.

Roomba i4 AdvantagesRoomba j7 Advantages
CheaperFront-facing camera
LightweightPrecise Vision navigation
Longer warrantyNo-go and Clean zones
Extra virtual wall barrierPet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P)
Two extra filtersExtra side sweeping brush
Roomba i4 and j7 Advantages


Roomba i4 is one of the best budget vacuums currently sold by iRobot. It has mapping abilities even with the absence of an onboard camera. If you are on a budget, then the i4 is as good as they come. The Roomba j7, on the other hand, provides more and better features than the i4 can. It has a superior PrecisionVision navigation system that can detect even small obstacles efficiently.

If you are a pet owner, then you shouldn’t miss out on the Pet Owner Official Promise (P.O.O.P) given by j7. We highly recommend getting the j7 over the i4 as the additional features will provide a truly hassle-free cleaning experience.


Does Roomba i4 have an app?

Yes, Roomba i4 has a mobile app called the iRobot Home App. It is compatible with Android and Mac devices.

What is the difference between the iRobot j7 and j7+?

The only difference between the Roomba j7 and j7+ is the presence of an automatic dirt disposal system. The j7+ comes with a Clean Base docking station that automatically empties the vacuum’s dustbin every time it docks. The j7 comes with a Home base charging station that does not have this facility. But the best part is that you can easily upgrade your j7 to j7+ by purchasing the Clean Base docking station separately.

Can Roomba be on two phones?

Yes, you can connect a single Roomba to the iRobot Home app on two different phones. You can even connect up to 10 Roombas to a single phone on the iRobot Home app.

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