Complete Roomba Error Code Guide (Error 7, 25 & more)

Last updated on September 20th, 2023

When your Roomba encounters a problem, it uses a combination of lights and sounds to address the issue. A shining red light can be observed on the Roomba’s body that indicates an error, and by pressing the Clean button you can hear the specific problem it is facing.

This is usually followed by an error code. In this article, we will discuss all the error code types that are encountered on various Roomba models. Keep on reading below.

What are the common Roomba error codes?

Error 7, Error 19, and Error 25 are some of the most common error codes faced by Roombas. Error 7 means that the robot’s battery is low, error 19 shows that the bot has lost connection with the docking base, and error 25 signifies an internal circuit error.

How to find which Roomba error code is involved?

Different error messages displayed by Roomba
Different error messages displayed by Roomba

The Roomba contains a tiny speaker through which it tells the error message. To hear the error message, you have to press the Clean button, and the Roomba will tell you the error. By pressing the clean button again you can re-hear the error if you missed the initial letter or need to confirm the error details before taking any action.

Another way to hear the message is by pressing the front bumper that replays the error message, without interrupting the Roomba’s operation.

Whereas, if your Roomba shines blue light it means everything is fine, and no issue is detected. Here we have an error code table, which will help you to know about them and help to fix them.

Error CodeError MessageLikely CausePossible Solution
Error 1Uneven surfaceLeft wheel hanging down or Roomba is stuckPlace the Roomba on a flat surface
Error 2Clear the brushesMulti-Surface rubber brushes are not spinningClean the brushes
Error 3Drop-off detectedThe right wheel hangs down or Roomba is stuckPlace the Roomba on a flat surface
Error 4Clear the wheelsLeft wheel is either stalled or jammedClean the left wheel and check for blockages
Error 5Clear the wheelsThe right wheel is either stalled or jammedClean the right wheel and check for blockages
Error 6Cliff sensors are dirtyConstant cliff detectedClear debris from cliff sensors
Error 7Low battery levelLeft wheel on the ground, the robot cannot senseCheck the left wheel for any issues
Error 8Vacuum problemThe vacuum has poor suctionCheck the vacuum for blockages
Error 9Tap the bumper to unstickThe Bumper is jammed with debris or dislodgedTap the bumper to remove debris or realign
Error 10Drop-off detectedThe Right wheel is on the ground and the robot cannot senseCheck the right wheel for any issues
Error 11Vacuum problem. See the App for helpThe Vacuum motor is not activatingCheck the vacuum motor and its connections
Error 12Drop-off detectedCliff SensorsClear debris from cliff sensors
Error 13Uneven surfaceBoth wheels are on an uneven surfacePlace Roomba on a flat surface
Error 14Reinstall the binBin is not present, check the Filter and bin detect switchReinstall the bin and ensure proper installation
Error 15Internal board errorReboot the robot
Error 16Move to a flat surfaceRobot bumped upon start, possibly dislodged bumperAdjust the bumper position and ensure proper placement
Error 17Navigation problemThe Robot entered an unknown area and got lostReset the mapping and check for obstacles
Error 18Docking problemFailed to undock, the robot may have bumped onto something near the home baseRemove obstacles obstructing the docking area
Error 19Lost communication with the mobility boardThe smart map version on the robot does not match the map on the appRemove obstacles near the home base and ensure proper undocking
Error 21The smart map version on the robot does not match the map on the appReboot the robot
Error 22Move to a new areaThe Robot is surrounded by obstacles Check the surroundings for obstacles or hindrances
Error 23Battery authentication failureUse an authentic and compatible battery
Error 24Place the vacuum on a flat surfaceVacuum motor temperature is high, clogged filter, or bad impellerPlace Roomba on a flat surface
Error 25Internal board errorReboot the robot
Error 26Vacuum problemVacuum stall, possible filter clogClean the vacuum filter and check for blockages
Error 27Vacuum problemThe vacuum failed to startCheck the filter and impeller of the vacuum motor for any issues
Error 29Error while upgrading softwareRestart the software update process
Error 30Vacuum problemThe vacuum failed to startCheck the vacuum motor for blockages and ensure proper activation
Error 32Please see the app for helpThe smart map version on the robot does not match the map on the AppReboot the robot
Error 33Move to a new areaAdjust the environment and ensure safe backup conditionsClear blockages or obstacles from the robot’s path
Error 34Internal communication errorReboot the robot
Error 35The robot detected an incompatible padEnsure compatibility with the detected pad
Error 36Empty the binThe Full bin sensor is not clearedEmpty the bin and ensure proper clearing of the sensor
Error 37Fill the tankThe tank is low and needs to be refilledRefill the tank with the appropriate liquid
Error 38Power communication issueReboot the robot
Error 39Power communication issueReboot the robot
Error 41Mission timed out before completionRestart the mission
Error 42Failed to re-localize when direct cleaningEnsure proper localization and mapping
Error 43The robot started in Keep
Adjust the robot’s location and restart the activity
Error 44The robot detected an issue with the pumpCheck the pump for any issues or malfunctions
Error 46The right wheel is stalled or jammedThe robot ended the mission with low batteryCharge the robot’s battery
Error 47Invalid robot calibrationReboot the robot
Error 48Roomba’s pathInvalid Robot calibrationCheck the pump for any problems or malfunctions
Error 66Memory limit reachedRestart the cleaning process
Error 68The camera failed during a cleaning jobCheck the camera for any issues or malfunctions
Error 74The area limit cleaned reachedAdjust the cleaning area or settings
Error 75Obstacles blocking Roomba’s pathClear any obstacles hindering the robot’s movement
Error 76Internal communication errorReboot the robot
Error 88Back-up refusedRobot determined it can no longer safely back-upCleaning is complete, but the robot was unable to dock onto the Home Base
Error 89Both wheels on an uneven surfaceThe robot has been running a mission for too longAdjust the mission duration or conditions
Error 1003Internal communications errorReboot the robot
Complete Roomba error codes

Note: The above table gives the complete list of error codes that occur in different Roomba models. So some might not occur in your robot.

Preventive measures to minimize these errors

To prevent future error codes and error messages with your Roomba vacuum cleaner, here are some essential tips to keep in mind:

  1. Clear the Floor: Before activating Roomba, take a quick walk around the room and clear any objects or obstacles from the floor. This helps to prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck or encountering surface irregularities during its cleaning process.
  2. Allow Sufficient Setup Time: When setting up your robotic vacuum cleaner, give it enough time and space to familiarize itself with the new environment. This allows the Roomba to create an accurate map of the surroundings, resulting in smoother cleaning sessions.
  3. Regular Cleaning Routine: Keep your Roomba vacuum cleaner clean by following a regular maintenance routine. Empty the dust bin after each cleaning session and clean the brushes, wheels, and sensors to remove any debris or blockages. This ensures optimal performance and reduces the chances of errors caused by clogged components.
  4. Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines: It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for maintenance tasks such as filter replacement and general upkeep. These guidelines are designed to keep your Roomba in optimal condition and minimize the occurrence of errors.

Solving some common errors

Now, let’s address some specific error messages and how to handle them:

  • Battery Disconnected Error: If you frequently encounter this error, make sure you are using an original iRobot Lithium-Ion battery. Check the battery connection for any obstructions or loose connections.
  • The battery is too Warm Error: Avoid placing your Roomba near heat sources such as heating vents or furnaces. Charging the vacuum cleaner at room temperature can help prevent overheating and this specific error message.
  • Charging System Error: To resolve this error, clean the charging connections on both the Roomba robot and the Home Base. Make sure there is no dirt or debris interfering with the battery’s connection.

By incorporating these tips, you can proactively prevent most errors from occurring. However, in the event that you encounter an error during the operation of your Roomba, you can refer to the table above for the specific error code and its corresponding troubleshooting steps.

What do the LED Light and Beep Patterns Mean?

Low battery
Low battery
Full bin error
Full bin error

In older versions of Roomba, such as the 600, 800, and 900 series, you can determine error codes by observing the LED light and beep patterns. Each specific beep or LED blink corresponds to a particular error code, which helps users identify the issues that their Roomba might be experiencing. These indicators serve as a useful troubleshooting tool to diagnose problems with the robot.

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Here’s a completed version of the table for the Roomba error codes, LED light patterns, beep patterns, meanings, and troubleshooting steps:

Error CodeLED Light PatternBeep PatternMeaningTroubleshooting
1Single blinkSingle beepRoomba is starting upNormal operation
ContinuousContinuous blinkContinuous beepThe LED light keeps blinkingCheck the side brush for obstructions
22 blinks/beepsTwo blinks with two beepsThe LED blinks twice along with two beepsCheck and clean the main brushes
3Two blinksTwo beepsA double blink with two beepsCheck wheels for obstructions and debris
4Three blinksThree beepsTroubleshoot a stuck side brushCheck the front wheel for obstructions
5Four blinksFour beepsAn issue with brushesCheck main brushes for obstructions
6Five blinksFive beepsFive-blink pattern with five beepsClean cliff sensors and ensure no obstruction
7Six blinksSix beepsLED blinking six times with six beepsCheck the front wheel for obstructions
9Nine blinksNine beepsResolve side wheel drop sensors Check side wheel drop sensors for obstructions
ChargingPulsing amber lightSequence of tonesRoomba’s LED pulsing amber during chargeNormal charging
Fully chargedSolid green lightSequence of tonesRoomba is fully chargedCharging complete
LED and Beep sound indicator table


Whenever Roomba runs into any error, it notifies you by blinking an LED which is present on its body. By following the pattern of blinking, you can deduce the error the Roomba is facing. You can also view the error on the iRobot app and take action accordingly.

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