Why my Roomba is cleaning the same area? How to Fix?

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

Roomba and other cleaning robots are designed to navigate through our living spaces, cleaning the entire area efficiently. But sometimes due to some issues, these robots behave abnormally, and one such issue is that they only clean a particular section of a room. In this article, we will discuss why this happens, and provide you with some solutions, so that your cleaner can go back to work again.

Why your Roomba is cleaning the same area repeatedly?

Why Your Roomba Keep Cleaning the Same Area
Why Your Roomba Keep Cleaning the Same Area

There might be several reasons why your Roomba seems to be focused on a certain area of your house. Let’s look at some of the typical causes;

  • Obstacles blocking the Roomba’s path
  • Dirty or Worn-out Sensors
  • Software or Firmware Glitches
  • Incorrect Settings or Scheduling
  • Low Battery or Charging Issues

Let’s look at these issues and the solutions for each problem.

Obstacles blocking the Roomba’s path

If any household items, wires, carpet, or low-hanging curtains are blocking the path of Roomba, then the bumper sensors or cliff sensor may see them as an obstacle making the system confused and choosing that region to target again.


Before placing a Roomba, make sure to remove any obstructions from the cleaning area like, toys, misplaced objects, etc. This simple trick will not only solve the issue but will make Roomba’s mapping easier, improving the efficiency of Roomba.

Dirty or Worn-out Sensors

Due to dust, dirt, or residue on the sensors, their capacity to sense the surrounding might get reduced, causing the Roomba to identify obstacles when none do, leading to over-cleaning in particular regions.


Clean the Roomba sensors using a soft fabric or melamine foam to keep them clear of debris, dirt, and dust. If the sensors are worn out or otherwise compromised, contact the manufacturer to replace them or any other option.

Note: Make it a habit to clean all the sensors periodically. This will not only affect the cleaning but increase the shelf life of the sensors also.

Incorrect Settings or Scheduling

The next thing you must check is if you have unintentionally set its focus on one region or arranged frequent cleaning intervals. In this case, it will clean a certain zone continually rather than explore other areas of your house.


Make sure Roomba’s settings and scheduling options are set up properly. If you want a proper cleaning of the complete house don’t prioritize any areas or scheduled the Roomba to clean too frequently.

Software or Firmware Glitches

Sometimes due to minor bugs in the software, Roomba’s cleaning algorithm may get affected, resulting in repeating cleaning patterns in particular areas of your house.


Before updating reset the Roomba using factory settings. Usually, the user guide or the manufacturer’s website includes instructions for doing a reset. After that check for the firmware or software upgrades in the iRobot app.

Note: You must check for software updates regularly to fix existing problems and improve the overall performance of Roomba.

Low Battery or Charging Issues

If you are operating the Roomba on low power, it may abruptly end the cleaning cycle. In such cases, the Roomba may pick up cleaning where it left off, which could account for its repeated trips to the same location.


Before using a Roomba, verify that the Roomba’s battery is charged and functioning properly. If the battery has degraded or can no longer retain a charge, make sure to replace them.


If you want your Roomba to work efficiently and avoid problems, keep in mind that routine maintenance and optimization are essential. By removing obstructions, caring for the Roomba’s sensors, monitoring the battery, and updating the software, you can make sure that your Roomba cleans your house properly and efficiently.


Why does Roomba stay in one spot?

This could be due to dirty or defective bumper sensors as well as dirty cliff sensors. To resolve this, clean the Roomba with compressed air and a soft fabric cloth.

How do I stop Roomba from going to certain places?

Using the Keep-Out Zones feature in the iRobot app, you to designate areas in your home where you don’t want your robot to go.

Do robot vacuums work in messy rooms?

Yes, they can work and clean the floors even if the room is messy as they have sensors that prevent them from running into any obstacles but they won’t be able to clean properly if the floor is too cluttered.

Does Roomba hit walls?

Yes, sometimes the Roomba touches the walls or any object in its path. It uses light touch bumper technology to identify walls and other obstacles. With this, the robot slows down and gently touches the obstacle with its bumper and changes its direction.

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