Roomba Charging Time (How Long It Takes?)

Last updated on January 8th, 2024

Roombas are robotic vacuum cleaners that operate on rechargeable batteries. With regular recharge from 0% to 100%, these batteries could last up to 1-2 years. But how much time does it really take to charge a Roomba battery completely?

We will answer this question most accurately in this article. Will the charging time remain the same throughout the lifetime of a Roomba? Let’s find out.

Roomba charging time

A Roomba usually takes 2-3 hours to charge. iRobot advises letting a vacuum charge entirely before using it for the first time. Later, you can charge it partially, just enough to complete the cleaning cycle. The complete charging time differs as several factors, like the battery capacity, maintenance, age of vacuum, etc., come into play.

We will take a look at all these factors one by one. But before that, let’s see how much time some popular iRobot models need to charge.

Charging time of different Roomba series

Charging times for newly purchased vacuums are about the same for most models. But with time, those change and are influenced by factors that we are going to discuss in the next section. For now, let’s look at the charging times of different Roomba series when they are in new condition. The table below highlights the same.

Roomba series Charging timeBattery capacity
600 seriesApproximately 2-3 hours1800 mAh/3300 mAh
800 seriesApproximately 3 hours1800 mAh/3300 mAh
900 seriesApproximately 2-3 hours1800 mAh/3300 mAh
e seriesApproximately 2-3 hours1800 mAh
i seriesApproximately 2-3 hours1800 mAh/2210 mAh
s seriesApproximately 2.5 hours3300 mAh
Charging times of different Roomba series

The s series models seem to be charging faster than the rest of the series. Meanwhile, the 800 series models take the longest time to charge. This could, of course, change with time and conditions. But one thing is sure: there’s not a substantial difference in the charging times of all series.

Now, it’s time to find out what factors influence these charging times and make them deviate from the ideal values.

Factors affecting the charging time

The factors listed below influence the charging times of Roombas in their own ways. You won’t see the difference right away. But if you analyze the charging time of your vacuum, you will see the difference between when you bought it and after 6 months or 12 months.

  • Battery capacity
  • Battery age
  • Vacuum age
  • Maintenance schedule

Let’s discuss these factors one by one.

Battery capacity

Li-ion battery used in a vacuum robot
Li-ion battery used in a vacuum robot

Roombas have different batteries depending on their models. You can check out which battery your model has from here. Some have smaller battery capacities, while others have larger ones. Small capacity Roombas charge faster in around 2 hours. But the large capacity ones take up to 3 hours to charge.

Battery age

The next factor is the age of the battery. Just like any other batteries, these, too, degrade with use. Their efficiency decreases with time. They start taking more time to charge. They also need more frequent charging than before. This can increase the charging time of the Roomba. On regular use, a battery should last about 1-2 years. After that, the charging time is bound to increase.

Roomba age

Aged Roombas don’t have the same zeal that a fresh model has. They become slow and spend more time on the docking station. As a vacuum becomes older, the overall cleaning efficiency decreases. In addition, the charging time also increases. This could be attributed to the power consumed by the robot motor. It picks up slower and requires more power to keep going.

Maintenance schedule

Changing the battery of a Roomba
Changing the battery of a Roomba

Just like any machine, Roomba needs regular maintenance. You can follow our Complete Roomba Maintenance Guide to keep your vacuum in tip-top shape. Failing to regularly clean your Roomba causes hindrances in its performance.

  • The brushes get stuck.
  • Suction power decreases
  • Vacuum consumes more energy to do minimal tasks
  • It has difficulty heading back to the docking station in time

All of this happens because you didn’t maintain your vacuum. Because of these issues, the vacuum needs more power to operate than it usually does. So it spends more time getting charged.

Tips to maintain battery health

These are the best tips to maintain the health of your Roomba’s battery so that it doesn’t call for longer charging times.

  • Run the robot regularly. Don’t keep it unused for a long period of time.
  • Turn on the vacation mode if you are not going to use the robovac for a long time. This will not drain the battery and preserve it from damage because it is not being used.
  • Remove the battery if not in use and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Don’t let the battery or even the vacuum come in contact with direct sunlight. The battery can heat and explode, and the sensors in the vacuum get confused because of the sun’s IR rays.
  • Always use iRobot-authorized batteries. Several third-party options are available at cheaper rates, but they won’t give you the same performance.
  • Keep the charging contacts clean. Check the contacts on the robot as well as the docking station. Don’t let debris collect on it, and prevent them from rusting with regular cleaning.
  • Don’t manually place a vacuum on the docking station. Let it go there by itself. Manually doing it confuses the sensors and affects charging the next time.
  • Remove all the potential hazards from the floor before cleaning so the vacuum doesn’t spend most of its power getting untangled from whatever object it sucked in.


Most vacuums have an auto-recharge feature, so you don’t have to do it manually. But still, you need to check how long your vacuum is taking to charge. Charging time longer than 3 hours could be a concern. If it is taking unusually long, it could be time to replace the battery.

See here how to change the battery on a Roomba. If the battery is still new, there could be some other issue. Always use the above-given tips to ensure you don’t face any issues with your battery.


How do I know when my Roomba is charged?

The indicator light on the Roomba will tell you when your vacuum is charged. Or you can check the battery status in the iRobot Home app.

Is it okay to keep Roomba charging all the time?

Yes, it is okay to leave Roomba on the charging dock all the time because it will automatically stop charging when the battery is full.

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