Roomba 694 vs. 692 Specs: Which One to Pick?

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

The iRobot’s 600 series has created immense hype in the world of smart vacuums. The 694 and 692 models stand to be amongst the most liked models in the series. There’s often a debate going around about Roomba 694 vs. 692. Let’s settle it once and for all by looking at point-to-point comparisons between the two models.

Roomba 694 vs. 692: which is better?

The Roomba 692 is the better choice because you get better features just for a few extra bucks. It has a better battery capacity and longer runtime. Its design is the same as the 694, but it encompasses a dustbin of double the size. The 692 also has a superior filter that can filter particles of 3 microns.

Roomba 694

The 694 is a smart and efficient cleaning companion. It easily navigates your home, tackling dirt, dust, and debris with precision. The 694 was released a bit later than the 692.

Roomba 692

The 692 is a reliable and versatile cleaning assistant designed to keep your floors spotless. It uses advanced technology and a user-friendly app for a smooth cleaning experience.

Roomba 694 vs. 692: Specifications

Roomba 694 vs. 692 Specifications
Roomba 694 vs. 692 Specifications

The table shows a complete comparison of specifications between these two vacuums.

SpecsRoomba 694Roomba 692
Weight6.77 Pounds5 Pounds
ColorBlackCharcoal Grey
Surface RecommendationCarpets, Hard FloorsCarpets
Cleaning Speed5 cm/s7 cm/s
Dustbin Capacity0.3 L0.6 L
Controller TypeApp Control, Voice ControlGoogle Assistant, Vera,
Amazon Alexa
Compatible DevicesAmazon Echo, Google AssistantAmazon Echo, Google Home
Filter TypeDiskCartridge
Battery LifeUp to 90 minsUp to 90 mins
Charging Time3 hours2 hours
Warranty1 year1 year
3-Stage Cleaning SystemPresentPresent
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Dual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Side Sweeping Brushes
Dirt Detection TechnologyPresentPresent
Noise Level62 dB68 dB
Roomba 694 vs. 692 Comparison

Now, let’s discuss some specs in detail so that you can get a clear idea of selecting your model.

Price Comparison

There’s not a gigantic price difference between 694 and 692. But the 692 is on the higher side of the price range. The price keeps varying with market value, so check out the current prices before buying.

As the price difference between them is not much, it should not be considered a comparison point, as with just a couple of extra bucks, you can have a vacuum with excellent features.

Which one works on multiple floors?

The 694 is the better choice when it comes to surfaces. It can clean both Carpets and Hard Floors. But a 692 can only manage to clean carpets. Of course, you can use the latter for cleaning hard surfaces, but the result won’t be as good as one could expect.

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Design Specs

The 694 and 692 have almost similar design features. They are sleek and have modern designs. They have compact dimensions, making them suitable for navigating tight spaces and maneuvering around furniture. The former comes in Black color, and the latter bears a Charcoal Grey color.

The 692 boasts a larger dustbin capacity of 0.15 gal., allowing for less frequent emptying. Meanwhile, the 694 has a dustbin capacity of only 0.08 gal. Despite that, the 692 is much lighter at 5 pounds than the 694, which is 6.77 pounds.

The 692 is a better choice, considering that it has twice the dustbin capacity despite being of the same size and having a similar design.

Which one is easier to use?

Both the robovacs are straightforward to use. You can simply use voice commands to make them clean the way you want. Both of them can navigate your homes with ease. The only difference is in their speed. A 694 cleans at a speed of 5 cm/secs as compared to a 692, which cleans at 7 cm/secs.

Both vacuums are easy to use, but since the 692 cleans at a faster rate, it makes the better option.

What type of filters do these Roomba use?

The 694 features a Disk type filter. These disk-shaped filters are made up of cloth or paper. Disk filters are capable of handling low to moderate levels of dust particles.

The 692 features a Cartridge filter. Cartridge filters are cylindrical filters made up of foam or synthetic products, and they can capture dust particles of 3.0 microns. These are disposable filters and thus need to be replaced from time to time.

If you are okay with replacing the cartridge from time to time, then the 692 will be the better choice; otherwise, go for the 694.

Roomba 694 vs. 692 Battery Capacity

Both the vacuums come with similar battery capacities. Both have a runtime of up to 90 minutes on a full battery. However, the 692 has the upper hand as it takes only 2 hours to charge while the 694 takes 3 hours.

Note: Both the vacuums have auto-charging features, which means they run back to their docking stations when the battery is running low. So you don’t have to worry about charging them.

Comparing the Noise Level

Both the robots have acceptable noise levels. They are not any louder than your average ceiling fan. But if you have to compare, then the 692 is 6 dB louder than the 694, which creates a noise of 62 dB.

Since the difference in noise level is almost negligible, it should not be a factor when choosing your vacuum cleaner.

What’s in the box?

The table below shows all the additional accessories that come with these products.

Roomba 694Roomba 692
1 694 Robot Vacuum1 692 Robot Vacuum
1 Home Base Charging Station1 Home Base Charging Station
1 Extra High-Efficiency Filter
List of items included with the products

You get an extra filter with the 694, which you can use to replace when the old one is worn out.

Advantages of Roomba 692 and 694

The table below shows the individual advantages of each of the products.

Roomba 694 AdvantagesRoomba 692 Advantages
Less noisyBetter battery capacity
Works on all surfacesLonger runtime
CheaperLarger dustbin
Advantages of Roomba 692 and 694


In the comparison of Roomba 694 vs. 692, both models prove to be reliable robot vacuum options. Both have the same 3-stage cleaning system, dirt detection technology, battery capacity, control type, and warranty. But the 692 stands out with its superior filter, less charging time, larger dustbin capacity, lighter weight, and ease of use.


Can Roomba 694 and 692 avoid stairs?

Yes, both Roomba 694 and 692 can avoid falling off the stairs. Both are equipped with Cliff Sensors that can detect variations in height and change their path accordingly.

Can Roomba 694 or 692 do floor mapping?

Unfortunately, both Roomba 692 and 694 do not have the ability to map floors or store that information in any way. Neither model can learn the specific spaces of your home.

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