Roomba 675 vs. 694 Specs: Which Is Right for You?

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

If you are confused in selecting between Roomba 675 and 694, then we must say that the 675 is a better choice. Even though the 694 is the newer model, it still cannot beat the old 675. In this article, we will compare both products to help you determine the best option for your needs.

Which is better: Roomba 675 vs. 694?

The Roomba 675 is better than the 694 as it has twice the dustbin capacity. The longer runtime and higher battery capacity allow it to clean more area on a single charge. It also cleans faster than the 694. The 675 is equipped with a HEPA filter that can rid your house of any allergens, making it an ideal choice for people with seasonal allergies.

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Roomba 675

Roomba 675 by iRobot is a budget-friendly option for automated cleaning. It is a part of the fourth generation of iRobots and was first launched in August 2012. These vacuums have smart sensors that help them move easily under and around furniture, as well as along edges. These sensors also let the robot know which areas of your home are dirtier and need more cleaning.

Roomba 694

Roomba 694 is another top-notch creation by iRobot. It is a feature-rich robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with advanced technologies. It makes vacuuming effortless by providing personalized cleaning recommendations based on its intelligent technology, freeing you from the hassle of planning your cleaning routine.

Roomba 675 vs. 694: Specs Compared

Roomba 694 vs. 675 Specifications
Roomba 675 vs. 694 Specifications

The table below contains a complete comparison of the specifications of both products.

SpecsRoomba 675Roomba 694
Weight6.77 Pounds6.77 Pounds
ColorBlackCharcoal Grey
Dimensions13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches
Surface RecommendationCarpets, Hard FloorsCarpets, Hard Floors
Dustbin Capacity0.6 L0.3 L
Controller TypeGoogle Assistant, Vera,
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Compatible DevicesAmazon Echo, Google HomeAmazon Echo, Google Assistant
Filter TypeDiskDisk
Battery LifeUp to 90 minsUp to 90 mins
Charging Time2 hours3 hours
Battery Capacity1800 mAh2130 mAh
Warranty1 year1 year
3-Stage Cleaning SystemPresentPresent
BrushesDual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Dual Multi-Surface Brushes,
Edge-Sweeping Brush
Dirt Detection TechnologyPresentPresent
Battery TypeLithium IonLithium Ion
Personalized Cleaning
Roomba 675 vs. 694 Comparison

Now let’s discuss some specs in detail so that you can get a clear idea of selecting your robovac.

Cleaning Performance

If you look at the suction power of both these vacuums, it’s exactly the same (600 Pa). They even have the same Dirt Detection Technology. Both these models have the main Dual Multi-Surface Brushes and an Edge-Sweeping Brush.

The real difference comes in when we look at the speed of both these robots. The 675 cleans an area of 150 m2 at the same time that the 694 cleans an area of 120 m2.

Both vacuums give a similar cleaning performance, but the 675 is faster than the 694, which makes it the better option.

Which one has a better filter?

Both the vacuums feature a disk-type filter. That doesn’t mean both are exactly the same. While the 694 has a standard filter that picks up pet hair quite efficiently, the 675 has a HEPA filter. The HEPA filter manages to remove allergens along with dust and dirt. It is perfect for people with Asthma.

So, if you are a pet owner, you might want to go with 694. But if your focus is ridding your house of allergens, choose the 675.

Comparing the Battery Capacity

With 90 minutes of run time, one might think that both the robots have the same battery life. But the 2130 mAh battery capacity of the 694 gives you an edge over the 1800 mAh battery capacity of the 675.

On the flip side, having a larger battery capacity accounts for having a longer charging time of 3 hours for 694. While the 675 only takes 2 hours to charge.

In spite of the larger battery capacity, the discharging time of the 694 is equivalent to 675. Then why not go for the 675?

Dustbin Capacity

You will be astounded to know that 675 has twice the dustbin capacity as the 694. Yes, you read it right! The 694 has a dustbin capacity of only 0.3 L, while the 675 has twice the capacity, i.e., 0.6 L.

So, if you have a big house or more areas to clean, then go for the 675, as it has a higher dustbin capacity at almost the same price.

Design Specs

The 694 has a more elegant and modern design as compared to the other robots. Its Charcoal Grey color gives a more elegant look as compared to the black color of the other model. The variation is not as great a deal as all the other design specifications are exactly the same. Both models weigh around 6.77 pounds and have dimensions of 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.54 inches.

What’s in the box?

The table below shows all the accessories that you get with these products.

Roomba 694Roomba 675
1 694 Robot Vacuum1 675 Robot Vacuum
1 Home Base Charging Station1 Home Base Charging Station
1 Extra High Efficiency Filter1 Power Cord
Roomba 675 vs. 694 – what’s in the box?

Advantages of Roomba 675 and 694

The following table shows the advantages of both products.

Roomba 694 AdvantagesRoomba 675 Advantages
Larger battery capacityBetter dustbin capacity
More elegant designCleans more area in a single charge
Advantages of both the vacuums


Both 675 and 694 of the 600 series are excellent robot vacuums owing to their 3-stage cleaning system and dirt detection technology. However, in the comparison of Roomba 675 vs. 694, we have successfully established that in spite of being the older model, the 675 is the better option. It has better dustbin capacity, lower charging time, better battery performance, and a HEPA filter, which is absent in 694.


Does Roomba 675 have an auto charging feature like 694?

Yes, just like the Roomba 694, the 675 will head to its docking station when it runs out of battery. It charges automatically and returns back to clean where it left off.

Does Roomba 675 give the same user experience as 694?

Roomba 675 has almost the same specifications as the 694, so it is bound to give the same user experience, if not better than the 694.

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