Roomba 671 Review – Is it an Affordable Vacuum in 2024?

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

The Roomba 671 is an entry-level smart vacuum from iRobot. It is a part of the classic 600 series. It is ideal for you if you have never owned a smart vacuum before or want a low-priced vacuum cleaner.

Also, if you are looking for a second vacuum to cover another floor of your house, this could be a good choice. You will be surprised to know that it closely resembles other vacuums from the 600 series. But let’s find out if it is the one you should get.

Our Roomba 671 review for 2024

If you are looking to take dusting floors off your mind, then the Roomba 671 will be convenient for you. It has a multi-stage cleaning system that works on loosening, lifting, and suctioning debris. Also, the Dirt Detection Technology will identify and focus on spots that need more cleaning.

Roomba 671 Specifications

Specifications of Roomba 671
Specifications of Roomba 671

The table below shows the specs of this vacuum.

SpecsRoomba 671
Dimensions13.4 x 13.4 x 3.5 inches
Weight5 Pounds
Dustbin Capacity0.3 L
Suction Power600 Pa
Battery Capacity1800 mAh
Runtime90 mins
Noise level58 dB
Warranty2 years
Specifications of Roomba 671

How to set up the Roomba 671?

Setting up the vacuum robot is a simple task. The vacuum almost has 50% battery when you unbox it. So, you press the Clean button on the top and let it drain by randomly moving around. You don’t have to do anything.

Once the Roomba 671 battery is drained, it will dock in the charging station and start charging. Don’t forget to plug the charging station into a power source.

Let the robot charge while you download the iRobot Home App. It hardly takes 5 minutes to set up. Just follow the prompts on the app, and you will be ready to go. Unlike other vacuums in this range, the 671 has a stable connection. Once set up, it never gets disconnected unless you reset the Wi-Fi network.

Features of Roomba 671

Let’s discuss the features of this product in detail.


Top Design

This black-colored robot has quite a decent appearance. On the top, you will notice a central button console having 3 buttons.

  • Clean – For starting a cleaning cycle
  • Spot – For cleaning a particular spot
  • Dock – For docking it on the charging station

There’s also a grey-colored carrying handle on the top.

On the front, you get a regular bumper that protects your furniture from getting scratched when the vacuum bumps into it. It has a movable mechanism that absorbs the impact of bumping. On the bottom, there are a few sensors for navigation.


There’s a single Edge-Sweeping brush. Some models with even lower prices have two side brushes. But it has Dual Multi-Surface Brushes.

The big one has bristles that loosen dirt and cut debris into smaller pieces. While the other is a rubber brush roll that picks up the dirt. Both brushes rotate in opposite directions to effectively clean surfaces.


Dustbin used in Roomba 671
Dustbin used in Roomba 671

It has a rear-mounted dustbin with a capacity of 0.3 L. This is quite small as it doesn’t even have a self-emptying feature like Roomba i3+. You will have to empty the dustbin quite frequently.

Note: Some cheaper models, like the Airrobo P20, have twice the dustbin capacity as this one.

How much time can the Roomba 671 run for?

It can run for around 90 mins. It has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1800 mAh. It takes around 2 hours to charge completely. This vacuum has an auto-recharge feature, because of which it will automatically go to the docking station when its charging falls below 10%.

But on charging, it will not resume the cleaning cycle. You must command it to start cleaning again; otherwise, it will just keep sitting on the docking station.

P.S. The Roomba 671 charger comes in the box.

How is the navigation of Roomba 671?

Navigation technology of Roomba 671
Navigation technology of Roomba 671

This robovac has the basic version of the iAdapt navigation system. This system uses sensors to help the vacuum navigate the space around it. It navigates in a random pattern but covers most of the floor. Most cheap vacuums have a problem covering the entire floor, but not this one.

This has the Cliff Detect technology that identifies regions with a significant difference in height and prevents the vacuum from going there. It will not let your vacuum fall down the stairs.

Difficulties during navigation

  • Sometimes, the 671 thinks of high pile carpets as cliffs and avoids going over its edge. It also gets ticked off by dark-colored carpets and confuses them for cliffs, hence avoiding them. This is a major drawback of this vacuum.
  • It sometimes gets stuck in carpets or around tight spots from where you have to rescue it manually.

How to locate your vacuum’s position?

If you don’t know where your vacuum is, then you don’t have to waste time looking below the furniture. Just press the locate My Roomba button on the app, and your vacuum will start beeping. You can follow the voice and pick it up.

Cleaning Performance

A Roomba cleaning a floor
A Roomba cleaning a floor

3-stage cleaning system

The 671 has a 3-stage cleaning system, which most low-priced vacuums lack. This tech-first loosens the dirt off the floors and carpets, lifts it up, and finally suctions it in the dustbin.

The Dirt Detect Technology also does an excellent job of locating heavily spoiled areas in your home. The vacuum then spends more time cleaning that particular region.

Auto-adjust cleaning head

This vacuum has an Auto-Adjust Cleaning Head, which automatically adapts to the height difference when moving from floor to carpet. But one major downside is that it fails to clean the intersection of carpet and floors. If you lift the carpet’s edge, you will still find dust there.

Overall, it delivers a much better cleaning performance than others at this price range.

How to operate the Roomba 671?

You can operate the Roomba 671 in these 3 ways:

  • Physically pressing the buttons on the robot
  • Delivering voice commands through Google Home or Amazon Alexa
  • Remotely with the iRobot Home App

Note: Remove any obstacles, like shoes, clothes, wires, etc., from the floor before beginning a cleaning cycle because the robot will run right over them or even get stuck in them.

Warranty and Updates

iRobot provides a 2-year warranty on the product and a 1-year warranty on the battery, which you won’t get with other brands.

This robot is powered by iRobot OS, which keeps sending frequent updates for the product. The app gives personalized cleaning suggestions like extra cleanings when the pollen count is high or during pet shedding season.

Where to buy the Roomba 671?

iRobot’s 671 model is currently unavailable on the official website, but you can buy it from Amazon.

Roomba 671 Price: iRobot initially sold it for $349.99 but has now reduced its price to $299.99. You can buy it on Amazon at this cost.

Caution: While buying on Amazon, make sure to buy a new model. Some sellers sell refurbished models at the same price as the new ones. So, do your due diligence to avoid getting ripped off.

You can buy refurbished 671s on eBay for as low as $99.99.

How to do maintenance on this robovac?

You will have to conduct daily as well as weekly maintenance of your vacuum.

  • The robot surface and wheels need daily cleaning.
  • You will also have to empty the dustbin after every cleaning cycle.
  • The brushes need weekly cleaning. You will often find hair wrapped around the bristles. You have to carefully cut them out without harming the brush roll.
  • The filter also needs at least weekly cleaning and replacement every 4 to 6 months.
  • Don’t forget the caster wheel. Hair gets wrapped around it, too. Take it out, clean and place it back carefully.

Pro and Cons

These are the pros and cons of owning this particular robot vacuum cleaner.

3-Stage cleaning systemNo physical remote control
Dirt detection technologyOnly one side-sweeping brush
Better cleaning performanceNo virtual wall barriers provided
Longer runtimeSmaller dustbin
Pros and cons of Roomba 671


The Roomba 671 is indeed a good vacuum cleaner. It has the reliability and longevity of a reputed brand. Its cleaning technologies have no match to other brands’ low-priced vacuums.

The navigation system in this robovac prevents it from frequently bumping into obstacles. But it has a small dustbin capacity, which is a problem as you will have to empty it often.

Also, the battery capacity is quite small, but it gives a longer runtime. It doesn’t have an edge-cleaning mode, which is a big drawback.

But if you ask our honest opinion, we would recommend getting a different model as a few others, such as the Roomba i3, are available at a similar price range but with better features.


Does Roomba 671 learn the floor plan?

No, the Roomba 671 does have the ability to map floors. So it cannot learn the floor plan of your home.

Does Roomba 671 have Wi-Fi?

Yes, Roomba 671 is a Wi-Fi-enabled vacuum cleaner.

Can I use Roomba without the Internet?

Yes, you can use Roomba 671 without the Internet. You don’t need a Wi-Fi connection to clean your home with this vacuum.

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