Can You Leave the Roomba Virtual Wall Barrier Turned On?

Last updated on January 4th, 2024

Sometimes, you don’t require our Roomba to clean certain areas. Newer models have an in-app option to set up no-go zones where the vacuum will not go. But the same feature is not available in older Roombas.

They need the virtual wall barrier device to set up boundaries for the smart vacuum. You need them to be on while your robot is cleaning, but can you leave them on? Let’s find out.

Can you leave the Roomba virtual wall barrier turned on?

Yes, you can always leave the Roomba virtual wall barrier turned on. It simply emits a few rays of light, which doesn’t consume much power. They operate on batteries that you can change once a year or so. It indicates when it’s out of battery, so you know it’s time to insert new ones.

Can I set up the Roomba virtual wall barrier permanently?

A virtual wall device placed at door's enterance
A virtual wall device placed at the door’s entrance

Yes, you can set a virtual wall barrier for Roomba and forget about it unless it’s time to change the batteries. They have a very long battery life, so you don’t have to check them often. You can set a reminder to check their battery every 6 months or so.

By setting up a reminder, you can make sure that the device always keeps running. Otherwise, it can happen that it has entered a no-go zone or a pet water bowl turned over because the wall barrier’s battery was drained.

Virtual wall barrier battery life

AA batteries used in the virtual wall device
AA batteries used in the virtual wall device

Roomba virtual walls use two AA batteries. The power requirement of the device is minimal, as the only power drawn is for emitting an IR pulse.

According to iRobot, the batteries last up to 12 months if they are placed inside the device and used daily.

If you are not going to use the barrier device for an extended period, you can turn it off and back on again when needed. If you use your vacuum only once or twice a week, turning the virtual wall on and off is a great idea to save power.

How to check whether the virtual wall device is out of battery?

A blinking notification LED
A blinking notification LED

When the virtual wall barrier is out of battery, a light at the top of the device starts blinking. If you notice that your device is blinking continuously, then it’s time to change the batteries.

The only other time the device blinks is when you first step it up or change the barrier mode. Then, the device will blink five times and stop. But otherwise, the device shows no sign of blinking.

So if you haven’t reset your virtual barrier but you still notice it blinking more than 5 times, then understand that it is low on power and you need to replace its battery.

How do you replace the Roomba virtual wall barrier battery?

Follow the below steps to replace the batteries on your Roomba virtual wall barrier device:

Step 1: Press and hold the iRobot logos on the bottom of the device firmly.

Step 2: Now, gently press the sides of the virtual wall device to release the cover.

Step 3: Lift the device cover-up, and you will see the battery compartment.

Step 4: Replace the AA batteries inside with new ones.

Step 5: Ensure you have checked the correct polarity of the battery (+ and -).

Step 6: Once the batteries are replaced, close the cover by firmly pressing it back until you hear a clicking sound.

Step 7: Ensure the device is functioning correctly by testing it with your Roomba.


In fact, you are supposed to leave the virtual wall barrier turned on. They hardly use any power from the AA batteries so there’s no issue of them running out of power quickly. It is possible that you turn it off and forget to turn it back on when you use the vacuum. To avoid such instances, it is better that you leave them turned on.


How long can the Roomba virtual wall barrier battery last?

The Roomba virtual wall barrier battery can last for up to 12 months on regular use.

Which batteries are used in the Roomba virtual wall barrier?

The Roomba virtual wall barrier uses two AA batteries.

Which Roomba models are compatible with a virtual wall barrier?

The virtual barrier is compatible with the Roomba 900, 800, 700, 600, and 500 series.

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