How to Reset a Roomba- Soft and Factory Reset (6 Tips!)

Last updated on April 15th, 2024

Roomba is a popular robotic cleaner that makes housekeeping easier. However, it may occasionally display strange behavior such as Wi-Fi connectivity troubles, error messages, beeping when charging, or poor cleaning performance. In most cases, doing a reset solves these issues.

This post will discuss the reset procedure and other necessary steps for troubleshooting a Roomba.

When should you think about a reset?

Resetting your Roomba may assist you in resolving problems and restore maximum functionality. However, you should not reset your Hoover without any cause. Here are some situations when you can consider it:

  • Difficulty in charging.
  • Roomba won’t connect to Wi-Fi or mobile app.
  • Getting Continuous error messages in the iRobot app.
  • Restoring default settings.

Note: Always refer to the user manual for instructions and confirm whether resetting is the right solution.

Understanding different types of Resets in Roomba

Soft Reset or Reboot

A soft reset is a quick and simple reset that can resolve minor issues and glitches. It involves restarting the Roomba without affecting its settings or preferences. Performing a soft reset is often the first troubleshooting step recommended for common problems.

How to Perform a Soft Reset or Reboot?

How to perform soft Reset on a Roomba
How to perform a soft Reset on a Roomba
  • Power off your Roomba by pressing and holding the “Clean” button for approximately ten seconds. This action will turn off the Roomba.
  • Release the “Clean” button, and your Roomba will be powered off.
  • After a few seconds, press the “Clean” button again to power on your Roomba

The following table gives the button type and their pressing time for different Roomba models.

Roomba S And I    CLEAN BUTTON20 Seconds
 Roomba 700,800, and 900    CLEAN BUTTON10 Seconds
Roomba 500 and 600 series   SPOT AND DOCK10 Seconds
Soft reset button with holding time for different Roombas

Hard Reset (Factory Reset)

A hard or factory reset is a more comprehensive reset that returns your Roomba to its original factory settings. It erases all user preferences, Wi-Fi connections, scheduled cleaning settings, and other personalized configurations. A factory reset should only be performed when necessary, as it removes all customized settings.

There are two ways to perform a Factory Reset

  1. By using the Roomba.
  2. By using the iRobot home app.

How to perform a Factory reset (Using Roomba):

how to perform factory Reset on a Roomba
How to perform a factory Reset on a Roomba

Power off your Roomba by pressing and holding the “Clean” button for approximately 20 seconds. This action will turn off the Roomba.

  • Press and hold both the “Clean” button and the “Spot Clean” button simultaneously.
  • While holding the buttons, release the “Clean” button first, and then the “Spot Clean” button. This action will initiate the hard reset process.
  • Your Roomba’s indicators will light up and then turn off, indicating a successful factory reset.
  • After performing a hard reset, your Roomba will be restored to its original factory settings.

ROOMBA Series          Press Button              Factory reset signal
Roomba S, I and 900CLEAN, SPOT CLEAN, HOMEWhite light ring around the CLEAN button swirls
Roomba 800 and 600CLEAN, SPOT CLEAN, HOMEUntil the robot makes a beep tone
Factory reset on different Roombas

How to Factory Reset Roomba using the iRobot Home app?

How to factory Reset Roomba via iRobot app
How to Perform Factory Reset Roomba via the iRobot Home app

To factory reset your Roomba using the iRobot Roomba Home app, please follow these steps:

  • Open the iRobot Roomba Home app and make sure your Roomba is connected.
  • Select your Roomba from the list of devices.
  • Find the “Factory Reset” option in the settings or options menu.
  • Confirm the reset and wait for the process to complete.
  • After the reset, set up your Roomba again using the app.
  • Please keep in mind that the exact steps and options may vary slightly depending on the specific version of the iRobot Roomba Home app you are using

Tips for a Successful Factory Reset

To ensure a successful reset, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Avoid interfering with the reset process.
  • Keep the charging contacts on your Roomba and the charging dock should be cleaned regularly
  • Roomba should always need to be fully charged before resetting.
  • For complete guidance and model compatibility, always refer to your Roombas User Manual.
  • If the robot has a dock button, press it to discharge the battery fully. You’ll hear the dead battery song and see a flashing red clean button.
  • If the robot doesn’t have a dock button, run multiple cleaning cycles until the battery is fully discharged and you hear the dead battery song.
  • Monitor the runtime and repeat the battery reset procedure if needed.

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How long does it take to reset Roomba?

To reset your Roomba robot, press the clean button for 20 seconds and release it when the green indicator light flashes.

Why factory reset your robot and how to do it?

A reboot is similar to a normal Restart. however, a factory reset would return your robot to its original settings (while erasing all data).
There are two possible methods to factory reset a robot: 
 iRobot® HOME software (which is highly recommended) 
 Roomba robot manually (By pressing the Clean Button for 20 seconds)

How do I put my Roomba in test mode?

Press and hold the “Clean” button for around 10 seconds, or until you hear a beep sound, to put your Roomba in test mode.

Can Roomba work without the app?v

Yes, Roomba can function independently and does not require the app to function. While the app provides extra capabilities such as remote control scheduling, fundamental cleaning capabilities may be used without the app.

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