2 Easy Ways to Program a Roomba in 2024

Last updated on January 19th, 2024

When we talk about programming a Roomba, there are two different types. One uses the available vacuum functions to program it to work as and when one wants. The other is to program the vacuum to do something it doesn’t normally do.

This includes complex programming from your end. You need to be well-versed in professional programming skills. In this article, we will entirely focus on the first type of programming.

It is entirely possible to program a Roomba at your convenience. You can program it via the buttons on the robot or via the iRobot Home app for Wi-Fi-enabled vacuums. You can set a schedule, line up cleaning cycles, delete the set schedule, etc., both ways.

Let’s look at these ways in more detail.

Programming the Roomba with buttons

You don’t need Wi-Fi to program a Roomba, as you can do it with the onboard buttons. You can start a fresh cleaning cycle and stop it whenever you want, schedule the vacuum to clean on a specific day and time, and even delete a set schedule. All of this with simply the buttons on the vacuum.

Note: The processes given below are not applicable to all iRobot vacuums. They can only be used for specific models that have those specified buttons.

Starting and stopping a cleaning cycle

To start a cleaning cycle, make sure the vacuum is completely charged. Then press the ‘Clean’ button on the robot. This should set your vacuum off on a cleaning mission. It will come back to charge or when it’s done cleaning.

But if you want to stop a cleaning cycle before it’s done, you can do that. Just press the ‘Clean’ button on the robot. Yes, you press the same button to start and stop a cleaning cycle! And then, press the ‘Home’ button to send it back to its docking station.

Setting a schedule

To set a schedule using the buttons on a non-Wi-Fi connected Roomba, you have to first set the time on the robot. You can do that by pressing the ‘Clock’ button on the robot. Then, with the help of the ‘Day,’ ‘Hour,’ and ‘Minute’ buttons, set the current time on the robot. Now, you can set the actual schedule.

Step 1: Press the ‘Schedule’ button on the robot for the 700 and 800 series. Press and hold the ‘Schedule’ button for the 500 and 600 series.

Step 2: With the ‘Day,’ ‘Hour,’ and ‘Minute’ buttons, set the time and day you want the robot to clean.

Step 3: Press the ‘OK’ button on the 700 and 800 series. And release the ‘Schedule’ button that you are holding in the 500 and 600 series.

Thus, you have got yourself a schedule on the Roomba.

Deleting a schedule

Manually deleting cleaning schedule of a Roomba
Manually deleting the cleaning schedule of a Roomba

To delete a schedule from the Roomba with the buttons on the robot, the following is the way to go forward:

Step 1: Press the Schedule button on your robot. This lets you enter the scheduling menu, where you can see and control when your Roomba cleans.

Step 2: Click the ‘Day’ button to move through the scheduled cleaning times step by step.

Step 3: Keep pressing the ‘Day’ button until you reach the schedule you wish to delete.

Step 4: When you find it, press and hold the ‘Day’ button for five seconds.

Step 5: You’ll hear a beeping sound from your Roomba, confirming the schedule’s removal.

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Programming the Roomba with iRobot Home app

For Wi-Fi-enabled Roombas, all of the above-mentioned processes can be done via the iRobot Home app. These are simpler to follow and don’t require one to be physically near the robot to program it. You can do it remotely from anywhere in the world. Let’s get to it then.

Starting and stopping a cleaning cycle

Once you have set up your Roomba, you can use the iRobot app to start and stop a cleaning cycle. Either click on the ‘New Job +’ button or simply the ‘Clean’ button on the main screen to start a cleaning cycle. Your vacuum should start cleaning immediately. To stop a cycle, click on the ‘Pause’ button. And send the robot back to its docking station by clicking on ‘Send Home.’

Setting a schedule

Scheduling a cleaning cycle using the iRobot app (Program a Roomba)
Scheduling a cleaning cycle

To set a schedule for a Wi-Fi-enabled Roomba vacuum, follow the below procedure.

Step 1: Open the iRobot Home app.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Schedule’ button. You will be shown a list of all the days of the week, and there’s a switch in front of each day.

Step 3: Flip the switch on the day that you want to set a schedule to green.

Step 4: On doing so, a timer will show up where you can select the time of the time you want the vacuum to clean.

Step 5: Repeat the process for each day you want to schedule a cleaning cycle.

Deleting a schedule

Deleting the schedule through app
Deleting the schedule through an app

To delete a scheduled program, you can do the following:

Step 1: Click the ‘Schedule’ button on your Roomba.

Step 2: This will open the scheduling menu, where you can see and control your cleaning times.

Step 3: Find the specific schedule you want to remove from the list.

Step 4: Tap the pencil icon at the upper left of that schedule card. You’ll be taken to the edit page.

Step 5: Scroll to the page’s bottom and select the ‘Delete’ button. This will remove the schedule completely.

Conclusion – Ways to program a Roomba

So these are the ways in which you can program your Roomba. It’s simpler to program using the app than the buttons. We personally prefer Wi-Fi-enabled vacuums as they have so many advanced programming features to offer. You can even view and edit a map in the app for some of these robots. But the choice is up to you. Whatever way you choose, the end result is going to be the same.


How do I put my Roomba in mapping mode?

To put your Roomba into mapping mode, you can ask your robot to create a new map from the iRobot Home app.

Can you reprogram an iRobot?

Yes, you can reprogram an iRobot by changing its settings at any time or performing a factory reset to restore all the original settings.

Can you program a Roomba for different rooms?

Yes, you can program a Roomba for different rooms by selecting different settings for each room.

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