How Do The Blink Cameras Work?

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Are you wondering if Blink cameras are the right security solution for your homes? To decide, you must first understand their working, and how their most prominent features help to give you the safest security experience. One thing’s for sure – they are cheap, and they give exceptional performance for their price.

Let’s start with a little background which you’ll find essential to understand their working.

What are Blink Cameras?

Different types of Blink cameras
Different types of Blink cameras

For newcomers like you – Blink cameras are security cameras that you can mount in and out of your house. They have accessories like solar panel mounts, so no need to worry about it running out of power, unless you have a very rainy day!

The LED module is perfect for brightening the camera view in the dark, so you get a more clear picture. Our favorite accessory is the pan-tilt mount. You can mount a mini Blink camera on it and have it rotate 360°. It’s perfect for indoor uses, like keeping an eye on the naughty fur baby who likes to knock things off.

P.S. These are compact in size, making them perfect for hiding.

Working of Blink cameras
Working of Blink cameras

It’s pretty simple! After you have mounted the camera and turned it on, it starts live streaming video and audio right away. But all videos are not recorded. The camera has a built-in motion sensor that detects options and starts recording at that instant. It records for a set period of time, which you can change from the app. You can set it for any time between 5 to 60 seconds.

It even records in the dark with its night vision lens. You can even add the extra LED attachment for a brighter video. The recorded video is sent to the Sync Module if you have one or to the cloud for storage. Cloud-stored recordings are only available for 60 days. They automatically get deleted later.

But the videos from the Sync Module can be stored permanently on your USB drive. Sync Module is sold separately, and you need to pair it with your camera system. Be assured that these cameras record even when the Wi-Fi is down, and the video is later uploaded when the Wi-Fi is back on.

You instantly get a notification on the app when a new video is recorded. You can quickly take action if anything out of the ordinary is recorded. Of course, first, you have to set up the Blink app and connect your camera to it. The app’s not just a tool for viewing the live stream, but it also has other amazing features that expand the working limits of these cams.

Working of app features

There are two prominent features that contribute to the working of the camera. The first is two-way audio, and the second is privacy and activity zones. Let’s start with the two-way audio.

1. Two-way audio

Two Way audio

So, you not only view the live recording of any camera from the app, but you can also hear the audio. The best part is that you can send an audio message, which will be played out loud on the camera. You can ask the stranger at your door the purpose of their visit without having to face them! How cool is that?

All you have to do is open the live feed on your Blink app and tap on the mute/unmute button for the microphone to send the message. The audio from the camera is automatically played with the video.

Now that we have this under our belt let’s look at the final aspect that plays a major role in the working of these cameras.

2. Privacy and activity zones

Setting privacy and activity zones using the app

Suppose you set up an indoor Blink camera in your bedroom, but you don’t have it to record your bed, which is in the middle of the room. It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Well, not with Blink. It creates small rectangular zones of its entire vision. You can select specific rectangles and set them as privacy zones.

The camera won’t record video of those areas unless you change the settings. The rest of the zones are set as activity zones, which are always recorded. You can ensure complete privacy with these cams.


To sum up, they use motion sensors to detect movement in surroundings and record only the motion-trigged parts. You won’t have to sort through hours of boring, unhappening recordings because you get only the important bits.

You get to set privacy zones for areas you don’t want to be recorded. And the fun is talking through the camera with two-way audio.


Do Blink cameras work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, Blink cameras can work if there’s a momentary lapse in the Wi-Fi network. But they need it to save the recorded videos.

How does the Blink camera detect motion?

The Blink camera detects motion with the help of a motion sensor that’s fixed in the device.

Does a Blink camera work on its own?

Yes, a Blink camera can work on its own if you leave it armed for motion detection. They don’t require any manual meddling to do their job.

How does the Blink camera system work?

All the Blink cameras are connected to a single system and they work in unison. You can program them to work based on responses from any of the smart home devices.

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