10 Solutions To Fix Ring Camera Not Recording

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Ring cameras are a great security solution if you don’t want 24×7 recording. They will only record when they detect motion, and at all other times, you can access the live view of the camera. But if the camera is not recording even after detecting motion or the live view is not available, it isn’t a good thing for your security system. Intruders can slip in during this time.

So you need to fix the Ring camera not recording issue ASAP. We will discuss ways to fix this issue and also what are the reasons or causes behind them.

Let’s start with the live view of Ring cameras.

Why your Ring camera live view is unavailable?

Your Ring camera doesn’t record videos 24×7. But the live view is available 24×7. If your Ring camera not working on live view, then it could be unavailable because of:

  • Poor network/internet speed
  • The camera is not connected to Wi-Fi
  • The Wi-Fi router is too far
  • Power outage
  • The camera is offline
  • Outdated firmware
  • The Ring server is down

So, when your Ring camera should give you 24×7 access to the live feed of any camera in your system, the above reasons could cause interruption. You could probably see parts of the feed, in which case the internet speed is shaky. Or you won’t see any video at all. Sometimes, the video is visible, but the audio is lacking. In such cases, you should be troubleshooting the above issues.

Reasons why Ring camera is not recording

If you are still wondering why is your Ring camera is not working, then the following reasons could give you some explanation.

Ring camera is disarmed

When the camera is in disarmed mode, it doesn’t record even after the motion sensor is triggered. You can check the mode from the ‘Device Settings’ or ask Alexa assistant to give you the camera status.

Motion Detection is disabled

These cameras have a feature called motion detection. When this is enabled, you receive a notification on the app every time motion is detected. Also, these cameras start recording only when they are triggered by motion.

But if the motion detection is turned off, they will neither send you a notification nor will they record the video. This could be a reason why your Ring camera is not recording.

Cloud Storage is full

The company provides limited cloud storage space based on what plan you have opted for. If this storage limit gets exhausted, there’s no more space to store the new videos. So, even if everything is in working condition, the recorded videos won’t get stored due to lack of space.

The Ring Subscription has expired

This Amazon-owned company offers monthly and yearly subscriptions if you want to store your recorded videos. Without the subscription, you cannot save recorded data. You get access to the live feed, but that is all. If your subscription isn’t renewed every month, the camera will stop saving videos. There’s no option for offline storage like the Blink cameras.

Privacy zones are set

The Ring app offers you an option to block off certain parts of your camera’s view. You can select the sections on the screen you don’t want to record and mark them off as privacy zones. So when the camera records, these zones will be marked in grey or some other color to indicate privacy zones. This could be a reason for your Ring camera showing partial video or fluctuating video.

The camera is following a set schedule

You can set a schedule on the cam for arming and disarming your camera. The schedule is carried out automatically without any notification unless you change it. Maybe you had set a disarming schedule for your cam and forgot about it. This could be the reason for your Ring camera not working at night. If the device remains disarmed, it is not going to record videos.

VPN or Ad Blocker is running in the background

In this case, your camera is usually recording videos, but they are not getting stored on the app on your phone because you have a VPN or Ad Blocker running in the background. This could prevent the cloud from saving videos to the app. So, even if they are getting recorded, you might think they aren’t due to the blocked signal.

Fixing the issue

You now know all the reasons why your camera is having issues with the video. It’s time to discuss how to tackle these issues. We will see all the ways to fix the Ring camera not working issue one by one.

1. Choose a 2.4 GHz band

Wifi strength
A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router

All Blink cameras support only the 2.4 GHz band. If your Wi-Fi network is set to 5 GHz, you need to change it. You can do this from the ‘Advanced Settings’ of your Wi-Fi. Just select the 2.4 GHz band in the ‘Wireless Settings’ and save the changes. The changes will be reflected as soon as you apply them.

In case you are wondering where to find your Wi-Fi settings – Open a web browser and type the IP address of your router in the search box. You’ll find the IP address on the side or base of your router. You’ll need to log in using your Wi-Fi password, and you can access the settings then.

2. Bring the camera and the Wi-Fi router close

The camera and router must be within connecting range

If the camera is too far from the router, it won’t receive a proper signal. That means even if everything is fine with the cam, videos will have a problem getting uploaded to the cloud and downloaded to the app. In this case, you need to move the cam and the router close to each other. Or alternatively, you can use a Wi-Fi extender to increase the area of your Wi-Fi network.

3. Update firmware

Check whether your cameras and the Wi-Fi router are up-to-date on their firmware updates.

  • For the Ring app: Open the Play Store or App Store and check whether the app has an update. If it does, download and install the update.
  • For the Wi-Fi router: Call your ISP and check whether they have installed the latest updates on your Wi-Fi router.

4. Disable VPN or Ad Blocker

Sometimes, we use a VPN on our device and forget to turn it off. The same goes for the Ad Blocker apps. These apps create an environment that could bounce off local signals, which could mean your app won’t receive the recorded videos, or you might not be able to access the live view.

So go to the respective apps and disable them. And then check whether your Ring camera is working correctly.

5. Turn off Disarmed Mode

If disarmed mode is on in the app settings, then your Ring camera cannot record videos. Once you turn it off, the problem should be resolved. To turn off the disarmed mode, you need to open ‘Settings’ from the ‘Main Menu’. In the ‘Location Settings’, you’ll find the option to turn off the disarmed mode so your camera can record again.

6. Delete Privacy Zones

Steps to delete privacy zones
Steps to delete privacy zones

You can set Privacy Zones in cameras so they won’t record a part of the screen that you select. This could be the reason your Ring camera not working properly or giving you the full video. You need to delete the privacy zones to regain complete video access. Here’s the detailed process:

Step 1: In the Ring app, go to the Main Menu by clicking on the three horizontal lines in the top left corner.

Step 2: Go to ‘Devices’ and select the camera that is causing issues.

Step 3: Open ‘Device Settings’ and then the ‘Privacy Settings’.

Step 4: Select the area with the Privacy Zone and click on ‘Edit Privacy Zones.’

Step 5: Delete the zone by tapping on the trash icon and confirm your action in the dialogue box that pops up.

Now, the zone should be deleted. Open the live view of this camera and check whether the complete video is visible. You can even trigger the camera and record a video to check if it is recording the entire view.

7. Turn off Motion Schedules

Steps to turn off the motion schedule
Steps to turn off the motion schedule

If your camera is scheduled to be Disarmed at a particular time, then it won’t record videos in that time. But the schedule slipped your mind, and you are now wondering why the Ring camera not working then all you need to do is delete the schedule that you created. To delete a motion schedule,

Step 1: Open the ‘Main Menu’ in the Ring app and click on the ‘Devices’ tile.

Step 2: Select the device that is not recording and then open the ‘Motion Settings’ for that device.

Step 3: You need to open ‘Advanced Settings’ where you will find the ‘Motion Schedules’ option.

Step 4: Select the current schedule that is causing the issue and tap on the red dustbin icon. A dialogue box will pop up – confirm your action.

Now try to arm your camera. It should work, and the camera will start recording.

8. Enable Motion Detection

Motion detection emoticon

If motion detection is turned off, your Ring camera will not record. Check whether it is on or off by opening the device settings.

Step 1: Select the camera you want to arm.

Step 2: Turn on the toggle switch beside the ‘Motion Detection’ tab.

Step 3: Click on ‘Enable Motion Detection’ in the dialogue box that appears on the screen.

With this, the camera should start responding to motion triggers and record videos. You can test it by moving in front of the camera and checking if the app sends a notification about motion alerts to your phone.

9. Clear cloud storage space

Cloud storage emoticon
Cloud storage

Ring stores recorded videos on the cloud for 60 days or 180 days, according to what settings you have selected. But if the cloud storage gets full before your older videos get deleted, then new videos will not be saved. To make space for new videos, you need to delete the previous ones.

Step 1: Open the Ring app and click on the ‘Event History’ tile at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Actions’ button.

Step 3: Select the videos you want to delete and click on the dustbin icon at the top of the screen.

If you want to delete all the videos, then click on ‘Delete All.’

10. Reset the Ring camera

Have to tried all the above methods, but there’s no change in your camera status? It’s time to reset the device. Here, we have two options:

  1. Soft reset: This will just turn off and restart your camera. All your data will be safe in the app.
  2. Hard reset: This will delete all the data and remove the device from the app. You’ll need to add back it again.

Both are good options, but the hard reset should only be used in extreme circumstances. There’s no need to go through the entire procedure of the soft reset is going to work.

Procedure for soft reset

A soft reset can be done by doing a power cycle.

  • In the case of wired cameras, unplug the power cord and reinsert it after waiting for 10-15 seconds.
  • In the case of a wireless camera, remove the battery from the device and reinsert it after 30 seconds.

This should soft reset both types of Ring cameras.

Procedure for hard reset

To do a hard reset of the Ring camera, to need the camera in your reach. So, if you have mounted it, you need to reach for it. Remember that the camera should have a power supply during this process.

Step 1: Locate the reset button on the Ring camera.

Step 2: Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds.

Step 3: The front lights will start flashing. Wait for them to turn off.

Step 4: Add the camera to the Ring app.


See, there are so many ways to troubleshoot Ring camera not working that you don’t even have to worry. In extreme cases where none of the above-mentioned methods work for you, you should contact Ring Support.

Discuss your issue and everything you tried to get the camera up and running. They’ll provide alternative solutions. Or if your camera is still under warranty, they might even offer a replacement. So don’t worry about your Ring camera not recording videos, and try these methods out.


Can I record Ring without a subscription?

No, you cannot record and save videos in a Ring camera without a subscription.

Does Ring need Wi-Fi to record?

Yes, the Ring camera requires Wi-Fi to save the recorded videos to the cloud. Without Wi-Fi, the camera will record, but it won’t get uploaded to the cloud.

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