Ring Camera Not Connecting to Wi-Fi? (12 Simple Fixes)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

A smart home security system safeguards your house from threats of trespassers and burglars. Ring cameras prove to be an excellent option. They give you 24×7 access to live view and immediately record and save videos when they detect motion.

However, these security cameras require Wi-Fi to upload these videos to the cloud. They are basically useless without a proper Wi-Fi network.

So, if your Ring camera gets disconnected from Wi-Fi, you should restore the connection immediately. For that, you must first understand why the Ring camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi and then move on to solutions to solve this issue. We are going to cover all of these points in this article.

Reasons why Ring camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi

Ring camera not connecting to Wi-Fi is one of the most common issues faced by users. Most of the time, the reason is very straightforward and has simple solutions.

One of the major reasons is the lack of power for the camera. Maybe the battery died out, or the wire of a wired cam is unplugged. This will cause the camera to go offline and, hence, disconnect from the Wi-Fi network.

Another possible reason is poor connection from the Wi-Fi itself.

  • Maybe there’s no internet connection.
  • Or you changed the Wi-Fi frequency band.
  • Moving the router and cam away from each other could also lead to poor connection.
  • New firewall settings could block the signal from the security cams.
  • Old security protocols that haven’t been updated for a while could restrict the usage.
  • Using a VPN or Ad Blocker will prevent updates from reaching your mobile. So you might be tricked into thinking that your camera is disconnected from Wi-Fi when your mobile is blocking the signal from the cams.

These could also be the reason why your Ring camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi during setup. For detailed knowledge, check out our article on bringing Ring cameras back online.

What happens if this issue is not solved?

When a camera is not connected to Wi-Fi, it goes offline. It will not send live feeds to your mobile phone. So you won’t know what’s going on in the area. That leaves a large blind spot in your security system. Intruders can take this opportunity to enter your house.

The cam also won’t be able to upload recorded videos to the cloud. The motion sensor in the camera will detect motion and start recording. But without a proper Wi-Fi connection, these videos won’t be saved. You won’t even get the motion alert on your Ring app since the warning won’t go through due to a lack of internet connection.

To prevent all of this, it is necessary to immediately fix your Ring camera not connecting to Wi-Fi.

Reconnecting the Ring camera to Wi-Fi

Here are all the possible solutions to fix the Ring camera not connecting to Wi-Fi.

1. Check the power connection

Check the power connection
Check the power connection

Wired cameras require a constant power supply. If you unplug their wire, they will go offline and disconnect from the network. If the wire is plugged in, check whether the port is giving the desired output. Connect another electronic gadget to this power outlet and check if it’s working.

In the case of wireless cameras, see if the battery has not run out of power. You can check the battery status from the Ring app. If the battery is running low, remove and charge it completely. Reinsert the charged battery and reconnect the device to the Wi-Fi network. This is called power cycling the camera.

2. Check internet connection

Sometimes, we have poor internet speed or no internet connection at all. So, even though the camera is connected to Wi-Fi, it won’t receive the required signal.

You can check the internet speed using a speed testing website on any browser. If the speed is not between 100 to 400 Mbps for downloading and 10 to 100 Mbps for uploading, then the camera will face issues. Report this to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and ask them to restore proper internet connection.

3. Bring router and cam closer

The camera and router must be within the connecting range

Did you recently change the location of your Ring camera or Wi-Fi router? If you did and are now facing connectivity issues, it’s possible that you moved the two too far apart. Due to the lack of proximity between the two, the network can become weak.

Move the two close to each other to restore the connection. If possible, move the cam to the original location. If not, try to move the router closer to the cam. This will re-establish the disconnected network.

4. Install Wi-Fi extender

Ring wifi extender
Ring wifi extender

If it’s not possible to move either of the devices from their location, you should consider buying a Wi-Fi extender. A Wi-Fi extender does exactly what the name suggests. It expands the area covered under your Wi-Fi network so you can connect more devices.

The ring has its own Wi-Fi extender called Chime Pro, specially designed for these cameras. If you have a large property with cameras at multiple locations, you should definitely get a Chime Pro.

5. Update firmware and app

We often neglect updating our phone apps, let alone the firmware on the devices. But that’s a huge mistake. Because these updates often have renewed security protocols that our devices need to comply with to stay relevant.

The first thing is you should check whether you have the latest version of the Ring app on your mobile. Go to the Play Store or App Store and check for the update. If there’s a button called update near the app, then you need to update and install the latest version.

Next, check whether there are any in-app firmware updates for the camera. Download those so your security cameras have the latest system updates.

And finally, check the updates on your Wi-Fi router. You can log in to your Wi-Fi network to check whether it is up-to-date. If you are not sure how to install firmware updates for the Wi-Fi router, call your ISP for assistance.

6. Change Wi-Fi frequency

A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router
A 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router

Can Ring camera connect to 5G Wi-Fi? No, All Ring devices operate on a single Wi-Fi band – 2.4 GHz. Most modern-day Wi-Fi networks have two frequency bands of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz each. Since the 5 GHz band gives better speed, people prefer it over the other. But the devices aren’t compatible with the second band.

So, if you believe your Wi-Fi is set to 5 GHz, you need to change it to 2.4 GHz. You can do that by logging in to your Wi-Fi network from any web browser. Change the settings from the ‘Wireless Settings’ and apply the changes. Restart the router to apply the changes. And then reconnect the camera to the network.

7. Change network settings

Your ISP or even you set up firewalls for your network to prevent unwanted devices from connecting. These firewalls can even block out your camera’s signal, and they will get disconnected.

The same goes for MAC address filtering. If you haven’t already added your Ring devices’ MAC address to the list of approved devices, they will automatically get disconnected from the network. You cannot reconnect the camera to Wi-Fi unless you add it to the approved list.

8. Remove VPN and Ad Blocker

VPN emoticon
VPN emoticon

The above settings were for the network, but these are for your mobile phone. We often use VPN to connect to restricted websites in your region and Ad Blocker to prevent unwanted ads while you are browsing. Both of these tools create a different environment than your regular signal.

This could block the signal coming to your phone from your camera. In this case, it is connected to the Wi-Fi, but you are not receiving the indication that it is. Once you turn off the VPN and Ad Blocker, you should be able to receive regular alerts on the Ring app.

9. Restart router

If moving the position of the router and changing the filtering settings didn’t work, there’s not much you can do. You are left with a final option to restart the router. You can unplug it from the power supply and wait for a few minutes before you plug it back in.

The router will reconfigure while it turns on. Once it is on, try connecting the camera to the Wi-Fi by using the correct Wi-Fi password. This should establish the connection.

10. Reboot the Ring camera

Reboot button present on the camera
Reboot button present on the camera

If that didn’t work, maybe the problem isn’t with the network or router. The problem is with your camera. You can do a power cycle to reboot the Ring camera. This is just turning it off and back on again.

You can do this by unplugging the power cord for wired Ring cameras and removing the batteries for wireless Ring cameras. This will simply do a soft reset on the device. All your data will be safe in the app, and the cam will automatically reconnect to the Wi-Fi and the app.

11. Reset the Ring camera

Reset Ring camera
Resetting the Ring camera

In case rebooting doesn’t work, you need to perform a hard reset on the Ring camera that keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi. It’s important to understand that this will erase all the data related to the cam from the app. All the customized settings will be reset to default.

You can use the on-board reset button to do this or remove the camera from your Ring account via the app. Both are effective ways to factory reset the Ring camera.

12. Contact Ring Support

None of this worked? Don’t worry, there’s still hope. Ring Customer Support will be able to help you in the best way possible. You can describe your problem in detail and do exactly what they suggest. You might even get a camera replacement if you are under warranty.


You don’t have to stress a lot if your Ring camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi. There are several actionable solutions mentioned above that you can try with your device. One of them is bound to work. If not, you always have Ring Support to go to.

If you figured out some other way to reconnect the Ring camera to Wi-Fi, then share it with us so we can update our list. You’ll be helping a lot of people who face the same issue.


Why is my Ring setup not showing Wi-Fi networks?

Maybe your mobile is too far from your local Wi-Fi network, or the network is offline. In these cases, your Ring setup will not show Wi-Fi networks.

Why is my Ring device offline, but Wi-Fi is working?

Your Ring device could be offline even with a working Wi-Fi network because it is not receiving the necessary power supply.

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