Fix Blink Camera Not Recording (with 10 Easy Solutions)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Recently, we faced one of the worst issues with security systems – Blink camera not recording clips. We thought it was a temporary glitch or some issue with our Wi-Fi. But they didn’t start recording video even after a day.

That’s when we got serious and started to troubleshoot our camera. We had to try a few different things before we finally had it sorted. And you know what worked for us?

What worked for us?

The USB connected to the Sync Module had maxed out on its space. Apparently, the pen drive needs to have at least 375 MB of free space in order to store more videos. And our drive had exceeded that limit. We decided that is why our Blink camera is not recording to USB.

We deleted some of the older videos to create about 2 GB of space and reinserted the drive back into the module. One of us ran in front of each of the cams to trigger them so we could check if they were recording now. And they were!

But this might not work for everyone. Our issue was insufficient storage space. Yours could be something else. But while we were trying to figure out why our Blink cameras were not recording video, we tried several possible solutions. And we are sharing all those with you in this article.

Before we delve into all the solutions, let’s understand what could be the reason behind the Blink camera not recording motion.

There are several reasons why a Blink camera not recording motion. They are difficult to identify unless you try troubleshooting them. But knowing what those reasons are is very important. Some of the common reasons that we found were

  • You forgot to arm your Blink system.
  • You haven’t enabled motion detection.
  • Motion sensitivity is set too low for the camera.
  • Your Blink subscription has expired.
  • Your camera is not up to date on its firmware.
  • Camera batteries have run out of power.
  • You accidentally set privacy zones.
  • Your USB has run out of space.

Ours was the last issue, so we cleared up the USB space. Now, each of these issues can be solved in different ways. Let us tell you the best possible solutions for clearing these issues.

Solutions to resolve blink camera not working
Solutions to resolve blink camera not working

We can’t say exactly which solution will work for you. You have to try them out one by one and see what works best. It might seem like a tedious process, but there’s no alternative. So, let’s see what we discovered.

Hundreds of users have reported that they forgot that they had unarmed their cam and never armed it back. It’s obvious that it won’t record until you arm the system. So before you go ahead doing all sorts of troubleshooting methods, just check whether your cameras are armed.

You can check that from the app or by asking Alexa through voice commands. If it’s off, use the adjacent arm button in the arm or ask Alexa to arm your system. This should do the trick.

If the Blink camera is armed but still not recording, then you need to carry out the below solutions.

2. Enable Motion Detection

Unless you enable motion detection from the app, the camera cannot detect motion. You can do that by going to ‘Devive Settings.’ Here, the top option will be ‘Motion Detection.’ Make sure the toggle key beside it is on.

Note: You can’t enable motion detection unless your system is armed.

But if the Blink camera detects motion but not recording, this solution won’t work for you. You need to carry out one of the other ways.

3. Increase Motion Sensitivity

There’s a rumor going around that if you keep your camera’s motion sensitivity low, it will capture videos in low quality so you can save more videos in your allotted storage space. Let us make it clear – that’s absolutely false.

Decreasing motion sensitivity only means your camera won’t pick up the smallest of motions. Some people like to keep it low so cams won’t capture the rustling of leaves or any such irrelevant movements.

But making it too low can also block relevant motion from being detected. So, check that it isn’t too low from the device settings itself. The option is located right below motion detection.

4. Check Wi-Fi connection and speed

Blink camera not connecting to Wi-Fi is a very common occurrence. Usually, it’s because of low internet speed or interrupted Wi-Fi connection. There are several reasons why Wi-Fi connection could be damaged, including older firmware, wire connectivity, firewall settings, etc. Make sure that the problem is not the Wi-Fi because that’s what helps upload your videos.

5. Update your Subscription

Blink camera cloud storage is only available if you buy a subscription. Sometimes, your plan expires, and you won’t even notice. Suddenly, you will realize you no longer have access to your videos, and no new videos are being recorded. All because you forgot to recharge your subscription.

We always put up reminders on our phones for all recharges or enable auto-recharge so we can stay up-to-date on all our subscriptions.

6. Update firmware

Is your Blink camera offline? One of the reasons could be you haven’t installed the latest firmware updates. There’s not much you can do unless you know how to update firmware. Just contact your security service provider and ask if your camera is up-to-date on its firmware updates. Older versions can slow down or create such obstructions.

Blink outdoor and indoor cameras operate solely on batteries. If they run out, there’s no other power source. Mostly, the app sends you a notification about low battery. Or if you have Alexa connected to your cam system, it also reads aloud that it’s time to change the batteries.

If you think you missed these notifications, you can always cross-check. Replace depleted batteries with new ones, and you shouldn’t have any trouble recording video as before.

8. Remove privacy zones

Is your camera recording only a part of the screen? You must have added privacy zones and forgot to take them off. In this case, you cam will record only a portion of its complete view. Recall if you have set privacy zones. You can always check them through the app.

To reset all these zones, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Motion Settings’ > ‘Motion Zones’ > ‘Privacy Zones.’ On this page, you’ll find a ‘Reset Privacy Zones’ button. Just click on that, and the entire screen will start recording.

9. Reset the camera

If any of the above solutions don’t work for you, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Reset the cam! There’s nothing more you can do to solve this issue. If you don’t know how to reset your Blink camera, we have a very comprehensive guide covering every possible way you can do it.

10. Contact support team

Even after resetting, if your Blink camera is not recording, you should contact the support team. Tell them everything you tried and all that didn’t work for you. They’ll probably suggest an alternative solution or give you a replacement if you are within warranty.


As we discussed earlier, there’s no way to tell what’s the exact issue unless you check all the solutions individually. You can always skip to the reset step, but it won’t work if the problem is with batteries or Wi-Fi. We had to try four of the above solutions until we pinpointed our Blink camera not working error.

So, good luck with your troubleshooting. Do let us know if any other solution works for you, and we’ll add it to our list.


Why is my Blink camera not taking pictures?

If the ‘Photo Capture’ option has been turned off from the app, then the Blink camera will not take pictures.

Can you record live view on Blink camera?

No, the live view cannot be recorded on the Blink camera unless the motion sensor has been triggered.

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