Blink Camera Flashing Red Light? (Here’s How to Fix)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Blink outdoor camera has LED indicator lights that show the current status of the camera. There are blue, green, and red colored lights, each indicating a different thing. When the camera is in regular use, it should show a solid green light. The blue light blinks when the camera is ready for the setup. But what about the red light?

A blink camera flashing red light is seen when there’s an issue with the Wi-Fi or the camera setup is incomplete. There are multiple solutions to resolve the problem. Most of the time it gets solved by completing the setup or resetting the camera.

Reasons for a glowing red light

Blink camera flashing red light
Blink camera flashing red light

What does the red light on the Blink camera mean? The table below states the different reasons for the red light on your Blink outdoor camera, along with a detailed explanation for each reason.

Incomplete setupThe camera setup with the app or Wi-Fi is in progress or incomplete.
Wi-Fi connection issueThe camera is not properly connected to the Wi-Fi network, or there is no internet connection on the Wi-Fi.
Low batteryThe camera batteries have run out of power, and they are no longer able to supply the necessary power required for the complete operation of the camera.
Recording in progressWhen the camera is triggered by motion, it starts recording a video. The red light flashes when this recording is in progress.
Hardware problemThe constant blinking red light is usually an indicator of some issue with the cam. If it’s not the incomplete setup or problem with the Wi-Fi, then there’s some hardware issue with the camera that you need to fix.
Common causes Blink camera flashing red

You will either see a solid red light or a blinking red light on the cam. Each means a different thing. Let’s find out what they indicate.

The blink camera flashing red light 6 times is seen when its batteries are low. The red light will flash for 5-6 times, take a break, and then flash again for 6 times. If you notice this pattern on your camera, you need to change the batteries. They use two AA lithium batteries that require replacement every two years.

Replacing Blink batteries is pretty simple, and our complete guide on replacing them will help you out. Sometimes, the red light doesn’t blink but stays a solid red.

A solid red light is seen only on the Blink Mini Camera. If your camera is showing this light, then it is not properly connected to the Wi-Fi. If you open the Blink app, you won’t be able to access the live feed as well. To make this solid red light on the Blink Mini camera go away, you need to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi.

There are more ways to fix the red light issue. Let’s see what those are

If you observe that the red light on your Blink camera is flashing more than usual, you can take the following steps to stop or minimize the flashing.

Complete Blink camera setup

One of the reasons why the Blink camera blinks red continuously is that it is in setup mode. If the setup is not complete, you will see the constant blinking red light. Even if you mount the camera, the light will continue to appear until you complete the setup procedure. So, you should complete the setup as soon as possible to stop the red blinking.

Check internet connection

The red light on the Blink Mini camera means it is not properly connected to the Wi-Fi. It will go away only when the Wi-Fi connection is properly restored. Sometimes, the connection is perfect, but your internet is slow. This can also turn on the solid red light. First, check your internet speed. If it’s up to the mark, then ensure that your Mini is properly connected to the Wi-Fi.

You can check this by going to ‘Settings’ in the Blink Home Monitor app. In the ‘General Settings’ tab, you’ll find the connection to the Wi-Fi indicator. This will tell you whether your camera is properly connected to Wi-Fi.

Replace Blink camera batteries

AA batteries used in the Blink camera
AA batteries used in the Blink camera

The camera running out of power also makes the Blink red light flash. You’ll, of course, receive an app notification to replace the batteries, but this is also an indication.

Step 1: Remove the Blink camera from the mount.

Step 2: Remove the camera’s back cover.

Step 3: Replace old Blink batteries with new ones.

Step 4: Put the back cover on and remount the camera.

If you see Blink’s camera flashing red with new batteries, then you need to try one of the other ways to troubleshoot this.

Disarm Blink camera

Disarming the blink camera
Disarming the blink camera

When the Blink outdoor camera is recording a video, the red indicator light flashes. If it is flashing continuously, it could mean the camera is recording continuously. It shouldn’t happen because recording is started only when the motion sensor is triggered.

So, some kind of glitch is making the camera record continuously. You can disarm the camera temporarily so that the recording stops and then arm it again.

Reset Blink camera

Resetting the camera by pressing the button
Resetting the camera by pressing the button

If none of the above solutions worked for you, the last option is to reset the Blink camera. You won’t lose any saved data if you do a soft reset. But that’s not the case with a hard reset. There are several ways in which you can reset your cam. You can check out all of them here. This should stop the Blink camera red light from blinking.

Contact Customer Care

Even after resetting the Blink camera, the red light persists, so there must be some hardware issue. You cannot solve this on your own. Even if you can, we suggest not to if your cam is under the warranty period because that will nullify your warranty.

Just contact Blink Customer Care and elaborate on your issue. Tell them about all the measures you took so your time won’t be wasted. They’ll surely tell you the best way to move forward.


Blink camera blinks red when there’s an issue with the Wi-Fi, camera’s battery, setup procedure, or video recording. All of these issues can be solved with simple solutions. You can always reset the camera to eliminate all issues. If there’s a problem with your camera’s hardware, Blink Support could be able to assist you best.


Why is my Blink outdoor camera flashing red with new batteries?

If your Blink camera is blinking red even after inserting new batteries, it’s a possibility that you used the wrong batteries. These cameras use only AA lithium batteries. Anything else will cause such an error.

Can you turn off the red light on the Blink camera permanently?

No, you cannot turn off the red light on the Blink camera permanently.

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