Blink Camera Flashing Green Light? (5 Ways to Fix This)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Blink camera has red, blue, and green light indicators. Each of these indicates a different status of the device. Even solid and blinking patterns indicate different things. A solid green light on the Blink camera means that it is powered on. But just last week, we saw Blink’s camera flashing a green light.

We found it really odd, so we went to the Blink Support website for answers. But there wasn’t any clear solution. So, we contacted the Blink Customer Care team. We are going to share with you the causes and solutions they shared with us. So read ahead to find out.

Our main concern was why is this happening. We even wondered whether our Blink outdoor camera was hacked. So we immediately contacted the Customer Support team. They assured us that it was unlikely. They gave a few possible reasons for the blinking green light on the Blink camera. Let’s see why a blink camera flashes green.

The Blink camera flashing green means there is a connectivity issue with the camera. The possible reasons being

  • Wi-Fi has a poor internet connection.
  • The Wi-Fi router is placed too far away from the camera.
  • The Blink server is facing issues.
Blink camera flashing a green light
Blink camera flashing a green light

As soon as we read this, it clicked to us that our internet has been a little dodgy today. That was the issue with the green flashing light on our camera. But it could be any of the above for you.

While we were discussing possible causes, the Support team also shared solutions to fix these issues and identified the root cause of the green light.

Fixing this issue

To fix the Blink camera’s green flashing light, one of the below-mentioned solutions should work for you.

Solution 1: Check the internet connection

The flashing green light could mean a poor internet connection. You check your Wi-Fi’s upload and download speed by doing a speed test. If it is less than it should be, contact your service provider and get it fixed. This should stop the green light from blinking as it did for us.

Solution 2: Decrease the distance between the router and the camera

In case you have installed the camera in a new location, check that it is close enough to receive the Wi-Fi signal. Stand with your mobile/tablet near the camera and check if your device is receiving the Wi-Fi signal. If not, that is your issue. Moving the cam closer to the router should help. In fact, any Blink device should be placed within a 100-foot radius of the router.

Just like any other servers, Blink servers also face downtime. There’s no indication on the app about server outage, so you might not even realize that it’s down. You can always confirm it through websites like DownDetector. If enough people have reported Blink servers to be down, the issue will pop up on this website. There’s nothing you can do in this case than wait for the server to get up and running.

Solution 4: Do a power cycle

Blink outdoor and indoor cameras

AA batteries used in the camera
AA batteries used in the camera

Blink outdoor and indoor cameras are wireless security cameras. They are powered by two AA lithium batteries. So, to do a power cycle, you must remove and re-insert the batteries.

Blink Mini Camera

Removing the cord
Removing the power cord
Inserting the power cord
Inserting the power cord

Blink Mini camera is a wired camera. It is connected to a 5 Volt power supply to stay connected. All you have to do is remove the power cord. After waiting for 10 seconds, re-insert it. This should complete the power cycle.

Resetting the camera
Resetting the camera

To reset a Blink camera, you have to first locate the reset button. It is present at the base of Blink Mini and in the battery compartment of Blink outdoor and indoor cameras. You have to press and hold this button for 5 seconds to do a soft reset and for 30 seconds to do a hard reset. Learn about more ways to reset your Blink camera through our guide.


A solid green indicator light on the Blink camera is no cause for concern. But a blinking green could be. It could be flashing because of a poor internet connection or server issues. Either way, with a few simple steps, you could get it fixed. If any of these solutions don’t work for you, then you should contact the Customer Support team. They will assist you in the best possible way.


Why does my Blink camera not have a solid green light?

Your Blink camera might not have a solid green light because it is not powered on. Check if you have removed the plastic cover placed on the battery for protection. That cover prevents the camera from getting powered on.

Why are there two lights on my Blink camera?

There are two lights on your Blink camera to indicate power and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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