Can You Find The Roomba Series from its Serial Number?

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

When you buy electronic gadgets, each has a specific serial number. This number gives a lot of information about the particular product. Each iRobot model also has a such a number of its own. But can you find the Roomba series from its serial number? Let’s find out.

So, can you find the Roomba series from its serial number?

No, Roomba’s serial number cannot tell you which series it belongs to. But the model number can. The first digit of the model number will indicate the series of the vacuum. The model number is located on the base of the vacuum, under the bin or battery, depending on the model.

How do I find the serial number on Roomba?

The serial number is a large number beginning with three alphabets and followed by 18 digits. You can find it on a large sticker somewhere in the vacuum. It’s easier to locate it if you know the series of your vacuum. But if you are here to identify the series from this number, then that won’t work for you.

These stickers are usually placed in one of the 3 spots – the base of the vacuum, under the dustbin, or under the battery. There must be a sticker in one of these places. If not, then probably the sticker is lost or removed by someone.

Serial number placed below a dustbin but can you find the Roomba series from its serial number?
Serial number sticker placed below the dustbin

Tip: Don’t buy a used vacuum without the serial number sticker on it.

Locate serial numbers on different Roombas

In case you know the series of your vacuum, here’s the list of locations where you will find the serial number on the respective series.

SeriesLocation of serial number
400 seriesUnder the battery
500 seriesUnder the bin
600 seriesUnder the bin
700 seriesUnder the bin
800 seriesUnder the bin
900 seriesUnder the bin
e seriesUnder the bin
i seriesUnder the bin
j seriesUnder the bin
s seriesBase of vacuum
Roomba series and location of the serial number

Serial number vs. Model number

Serial and Model number of a Roomba
Serial and Model number of a Roomba

People often get confused that the serial and model numbers are the same. No, that’s not true. There’s a huge difference between the two, which we will find out in this section.

What is the serial number on a Roomba?

We have been discussing the serial number in the entire article. So by now, you must be definite that it’s a large number with 3 alphabets and 18 digits. It’s located on a large black and white sticker on the vacuum. That same sticker also has a barcode specific to your vacuum.

What is the Roomba model number?

The model number is just a three-digit number. It can be used to identify the series of the Roomba in hand. The number’s first digit indicates the series it belongs to, and the last two numbers tell the actual model.

For example, an iRobot has model number 675. The first digit is 6, which denotes the 600 series, and 75 is the actual identification.

You need to know the model number to purchase replacement parts for your vacuum and connect with customer care for any issue with your vacuum.

Why Roomba serial number is important?

The serial number can give you a lot of information about the product in hand. You can tell the manufacturing date of that vacuum. If you are buying a refurbished model or a second-hand model, you can verify the age of the vacuum with this number.

You also need this number to register your vacuum on the iRobot official website. You can also use the iRobot Home app to do this. Registering with iRobot gives an added layer of authenticity to your vacuum.


If you are on the Roomba serial number search to find out what series it belongs to then you are going to be disappointed. Because there’s no way to relate the serial number to the series. You should instead look for the model number. The first digit of the model number indicates which series the vacuum belongs to.


Do Roombas have serial numbers?

Yes, all Roombas have a serial number.

What is the Roomba model number location?

The Roomba model number location is the same as the serial number location.

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