Does a Roomba clean under a bed? (Know How)

Last updated on January 6th, 2024

One of the trickiest spots to clean in the home is under a bed. Even with a broom or a handheld vacuum, you cannot clean that area effectively. However automatic robot vacuums are known for their cleaning in hard-to-reach places. So, does a Roomba clean under a bed effectively? Let’s find out.

So, does a Roomba clean under a bed?

A Roomba vacuum can clean under your bed. The catch is there should be enough distance between the floor and the bed frame for the Roomba to enter. Also, there should be enough light for the Roomba to see under the furnace and a minimum number of obstacles. Otherwise, it will get stuck under there.

Different Roomba models come in different sizes. Your bed frame should be high enough to let the vacuum enter. Let’s look at the height of some popular series.

Roomba size chart

If you want to know whether your Roomba can clean under the bed, you have to first find out if it can go under there. For that, compare your vacuum’s dimensions with your bed’s height. The best option is to go get a measuring tape.

Yes, take that tape measure the height of your furniture frame from the floor. And compare that height with the table given below. For that, you must, of course, know which series your Roomba belongs to.

The table below shows the dimensions of all Roomba series.

Roomba seriesHeightWidth
400 series3.5 in13.3 in
500 series3.6 in13.4 in
600 series3.6 in13.7 in
700 series3.6 in13.9 in
800 series3.6 in13.9 in
900 series3.6 in13.8 in
e series3.6 in13.7 in
i series3.7 in13.4 in
s series3.5 in12.25 in
j series3.23 in14.02 in
Roomba size chart

You might have noticed that the Roomba i series has the most height of all at 3.7 inches. That means if your bed has a bit more than 3.7 inches of space between the ground and itself, any iRobot vacuum can clean under it. As a thumb rule, a vacuum can be cleaned under any furniture that has a 4-inch gap under it.

Know this – having that gap doesn’t mean a vacuum will effectively under it. There are other factors in the play. Let’s see what those are.

Factors determining if Roomba can clean under a bed

Roomba cleaning under the bed
Roomba cleaning under the bed

Roomba’s high suction power will remove dust, pet hair, food crumbs, and those nasty crawling bugs that somehow find hidey holes under furniture. So, besides the height of the Roomba, you also have to check for the following so the vacuum can clean easily.

  • Obstacles
  • Dark spots

These are very important factors for the navigation of your vacuum.


We never seem to have enough storage space. So, all the extra space under the bed turns out to be a great storage location. But we forget that dust gathers around our stuff. And these objects act like obstacles for a robot vacuum.

  • So if there are too many things under the furniture, your vacuum won’t be able to clean.
  • Loose cables and cords that somehow find their way under the mattress can get tangled in the vacuum.

You must clear all these out before letting the robot go under there. Or soon, you’ll receive a notification that it is stuck.

Dark spots

Roombas have a difficult time cleaning in areas with low light. Their vSLAM navigation system doesn’t bode well for dark spots. The vacuum tends to get confused and stuck if it doesn’t get ample light. So make sure there’s enough light under furniture so it can navigate freely. Otherwise, you’ll have to bend down at awkward angles to pull it out from under there.

For some households, the vacuum is not able to clean under the bed and gets stuck most of the time. You would do better to prevent it from going there at all instead of pulling it out every time it is stuck. Here’s how you can stop it from going under there.

How do I keep my iRobot from going under the bed?

If your vacuum is causing trouble by constantly getting stuck under the bed, you should seal off the area for the vacuum. You can do that in 2 ways.

  1. No-go zones
  2. Virtual wall barriers

If your vacuum has Smart Mapping technology, you can edit the map created. Set up a no-go zone around the area of the furniture so that the robot will not enter that area. This option is not available for all models. In such cases, you can seal off the area by placing virtual wall barrier devices at the feet of your bed.

Final thoughts

Your Roomba can clean under the bed if it gets enough space to maneuver through there. If you have a short frame, you should really check out some of those furniture risers on Amazon. They will increase the height of your bed so the vacuum can go in easily.

You don’t have to clean every day under the bed. But twice a month would do you good. You don’t want to inhale the dusty, moldy air coming from under your bed while you are sleeping. To maintain a better health, clean regularly.


Do robot vacuums go under tables?

Yes, the robot vacuums go under the table only if the table legs are apart enough to make space for it.

Should I vacuum under the bed?

Yes, you should vacuum under the bed because a lot of dirt collects under it. But don’t do it just before you go to sleep because vacuuming raises all the collected allergens in the air. Give it a few hours to settle back down and then sleep on that bed.

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