Does Roomba Charge Itself? (Solved)

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

Roombas are well-known for their efficient and automated cleaning. For most modern vacuums, you don’t even have to lift a finger once you set them up. One such aspect is the charging of these vacuums.

They have a comparatively smaller battery life which needs frequent charging every couple of hours. But do they automatically charge themselves?

Does Roomba Charge Itself?

Yes, Roombas are self-charging except for the first-generation models. They have an auto-recharge feature that detects when your vacuum’s battery is low. The vacuum then finds its nearest docking station and starts charging on its own. Some latest models even resume cleaning from the point they left off to charge.

Roomba getting charged at its base station
Roomba charging on Home Base

How does Roomba charge itself?

When Roomba senses that its battery power is low, it will find its docking station and automatically start charging. It begins scanning its surroundings for an infrared signal emitted by the docking station.

Once the vacuum detects the infrared signal coming from the station, it follows the signal to locate it precisely. It then aligns itself with the docking station and starts charging. It remains docked until the battery is sufficiently charged to continue cleaning.

Roomba models without self-charging

No, not all iRobot models are self-charging. The first generations of iRobots did not have the auto-recharge feature.

They cannot go back to the docking station when low on battery. You have to press the Dock button on the bot to ask it to charge. If it has run out of power in mid-cycle, then you have no option but to manually pick it up and take it to the dock.

Some of the iRobots that do not have the self-charging feature are:

  • First-generation models
  • Pro
  • Pro Elite
A Roomba model not having a self-charging feature
Vacuum without self-charging dock

How do I know if Roomba is charging?

The charging status of your Roomba can be identified based on the color and nature of the indicator light on your vacuum.

The placement of indicator light is different in different models. On most iRobots, the indicator is around the Clean button. But for s series, the indicator light is around the copper-colored circle.

The nature of indicator light is different in different models:

  • It could be either solid or pulsing.
  • Also, the colors could be different, like white, red, green, and blue, indicating different statuses.

If you are away from home, you can check the battery status from your iRobot Home app. You can even ask your vacuum to dock and start charging from any remote location.

What color should the indicator light be when charging?

Different models show different colors to indicate the battery status. We have compiled a table of a series of iRobots and the colors that their light rings show during different stages of the battery life.

IndicationColor for 500, 600, 700,
800, and 900 series
Color for i and s series
Battery under 15%Solid redPulsing red
ChargingPulsing amberPulsing white
Fully chargedSolid greenSolid white
Light indicators on different Roomba models

Note: For i7, the indicators turn off within a minute of docking. You have to press the Clean button once to know the current battery status.

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Roomba charging time

These vacuums take a while to charge, especially if they have a large battery capacity. To know which battery your model has, you can refer to our article on ‘What type of batteries does Roomba use?

In the table below, we have included an average estimated charging time of different iRobot series. The charging time can vary based on the current battery status and type of your battery.

SeriesEstimated charging time
600 series120 mins
700 series120 mins
800 series120 mins
900 series120 mins
e series120 mins
i series120 mins
j series120 mins
s series120 mins
Charging time of different iRobot series

Caution: If your vacuum is charging slower than usual, there could be a problem with your battery.

Roomba battery runtime

How long a vacuum battery lasts completely depends on the battery’s capacity, room orientation, floor type, amount of dirt and debris, etc.

For example, models having a smaller battery capacity of 1,800 mAh discharge faster than models having 3,300 mAh battery. If your room has a lot of furniture, the vacuum will take longer to clean small areas.

Cleaning carpets consumes more power than hard floors. So your battery drains faster while cleaning carpets. If your vacuum’s dirt detection technology kicks in often, then the vacuum will spend more time cleaning in specific spots and thus cover less area.

600 series60 to 75 mins
700 series75 to 90 mins
800 series60 to 120 mins
900 series60 to 120 mins
e series60 to 90 mins
i series60 to 75 mins
j series75 to 85 mins
s series60 to 80 mins
Runtime of different iRobot series


As discussed in this article, all Roombas besides the first-generation models charge themselves. They come with a Home Base Charging Station which when connected to a constant power supply works without interference. Once you set up your vacuum, you don’t have to worry about charging it.


Is it OK to leave Roomba on the charger?

Yes, it is ok to leave your Roomba on the charger. But if you are not going to use it for an extended period of time, then unplug the vacuum.

Does Roomba use a lot of electricity?

No, Roombas do not use a lot of electricity. They only draw power when they are charging. They consume even less electricity than an upright vacuum cleaner.

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