Does a Roomba Mop Avoid Rugs? (Explained)

Last updated on January 8th, 2024

Some robotic vacuum cleaners come with a mopping attachment. One such model is the Roomba Combo j7+. But does it mop avoid rugs? Because while working around carpets, the mops tend to get them wet.

To tackle this problem, iRobot launched the Combo j7+ and Combo j9+ with retractable mops. It has dual cleaning modes, which can mop and vacuum simultaneously. Let’s get to know this excellent iRobot a bit better.

So, does a Roomba mop avoid rugs?

The Roomba mop won’t avoid rugs. But it will lift its mop overhead so it won’t come in contact with the carpet ever. And you are left with dry carpets. This lifting technology is not available in any robot mop and vacuum to date. This unique mopping system will give you the best cleaning experience you would expect from a cleaning robot.

Roomba Combo j7+ and j9+ (Only Roombas with a mop)

Roomba combo j7+
Roomba Combo j7+

The Combo j7+ and j9+ can be used in two ways. The second method takes more time but gives better results.

  1. Vacuuming and mopping simultaneously
  2. First vacuuming, then mopping

These vacuums have a 0.21 L in-built water tank for the mop and a 0.4 L self-emptying dustbin. Their ten times more suction power than the 600 series combined with the 4-stage cleaning system gives the ultimate cleaning experience. They have a front-facing camera for advanced obstacle detection and avoidance. Let’s see in depth how they work with carpets.

Detecting carpets and rugs

Roomba detecting the rugs on a carpet
Roomba detecting a rug

The Roomba is able to detect carpets most efficiently. Carpets require more power to clean as they require more thorough cleaning. It realizes the presence of carpets because of the onboard Cliff Sensors. These sensors detect a change in the height of the cleaning surface.

Apart from preventing the vacuum from falling down the stairs, they also sense when it climbs a rug. As they are at a higher position than the usual floor. The cliff sensors note this change in height, and thus, the robot knows it’s cleaning on a carpet. Plus, the j7+’s front-facing camera also sees the carpet and registers its presence.

Lifting the mop

A Roomba retracting its mop
A Roomba retracting its mop

Whenever the robot senses that it is about to climb a mat, the mopping pad automatically retracts. It has two shiny metal arms that hold the mopping pad in place. These arms spread outwards, then lift upwards, and place the mop on top of the vacuum by pulling its arms inwards before climbing a carpet.

This behavior is unique to the Combo j7+. Because of this, the mop never comes in contact with rugs. You can say that it avoids them in a way. This keeps them dry so you can easily mop and vacuum simultaneously.

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Can a Roomba clean rugs while mopping?

Yes, a Combo j7+ and j9+ can clean rugs while on a dual vacuuming and mopping cleaning cycle. They will mop and vacuum the hard floors simultaneously. When they sense a carpet, they will lift their mop before climbing it. On climbing the mat, the mop is safely tucked away at the top of the robot.

It is free to do the usual vacuuming of the carpets. It will use more suction power than hard floors to get dust that has settled at the bottom.

Final thoughts

Even though a Roomba mop won’t avoid rugs, it will not dampen them like other vacuums. Its auto-retractable mop has created quite a buzz among robot users. Everyone is fascinated by the cool design. It’s a delight to watch it at work.

iRobots have come a long way, and this latest addition is a cherry on top. If you have any other questions about robot vacuum mops, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below.


Do Roombas work with rugs?

Yes, they can clean rugs and carpets.

Do Roombas get stuck on rugs?

Roombas can get stuck only on shag carpets or high-pile rugs.

Do robot vacuums damage rugs?

No, robot vacuums do not damage rugs unless their mop comes in contact with them.

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