Do All Roombas Have a Camera on Them? (675, i4+, j7+)

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

iRobot is known to roll out new advancements in its products from time to time. An onboard camera is one such tech that will give vacuums better navigation and obstacle-detection capabilities. Let’s find out the answer: Do all Roombas have a camera on them?

So, do all Roombas have cameras on them?

Generally, the Roombas in the upper segment price range come with a camera. Some such popular models are the j7+, j9+, and s9+. The camera was first introduced in the seventh generation of iRobots. But not all new models have them.

Which Roomba has a camera?

Roomba with camera
A Roomba with a camera

A camera was added very late to the array of sensors on the Roomba. It was first introduced in the seventh generation.

The 900 series was the first to have a top-mounted camera onboard.

Below are some popular Roomba models that have an onboard camera.

j7j8Combo j7+s9
Roomba models with a camera

The j series stands out here because its camera placement differs from the traditional top position. It’s currently the only series to have a front-facing camera. The different placement gives it a navigational advantage over the other models. It has an advanced hazard detection feature that can effectively avoid dried pet poop.

Roomba without a camera

There’s a long list of models that, to date, do have an onboard camera. They use IR and optical sensors to navigate. Despite that, some of these models can create a map of your home. Some popular models in this category are the 675, 890, i3, and i3 Evo.

The list below contains most Roombas that do not have a camera.

First-generation modelsProPro Elite400 series
500 series600 series700 series800 series
e seriesi1i2i3
i3 Evoi4i5
Roomba models without a camera

These models use a gyroscope to map your floor and create an accurate map of your house. They can use this map for future cleaning cycles. But, of course, a camera-based vacuum creates a more accurate map than the other models.

Advantages of having a camera on vacuum

Monitoring the live feed from the camera
Monitoring the live feed

A Roomba with a camera has many benefits, some of which are listed below:

Obstacle avoidance

A camera significantly improves a vacuum’s obstacle-avoidance capability. It is able to see for itself and thus can tackle obstacles effectively. Instead of simply relying on data from bump sensors, it will formulate an opinion of its own and thus tackle the obstacle in a better way.

Object recognition

You cannot possibly recognize an object without having a look at it. The same goes for the vacuum. An onboard camera allows it to identify exactly what the object is in front of it. It will know that if it’s a ball, it can bump into it. But if it’s a vase, it should stay away.

Enhanced mapping

A gyroscope-based mapping system can create a map of your home, but it is less accurate and reliable. It will count your cupboard as a wall and will not place its location on the map. But with a camera-based navigation system, every piece of furniture is marked on the map with an appropriately sized rectangle. This way, you get a more enhanced map of your house.

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Does iRobot take photos?

Yes, iRobot can take photos of your home, but only a few models have this capability. The models in the j series have front-facing cameras, making them ideal for this purpose. Only the j7, j7+, Combo j7+, j9, j9+, and Combo j9+ can take photos.

It is an excellent addition to the obstacle-detection capabilities of the vacuum, but it does raise concerns for some people. People are worried about privacy and security around these models. If you are one of them, we support your concerns. Nobody likes to be spied on.

Top concerns around these models


Having a camera running around your house could be daunting for some people. We are in the most relaxed states in our home and wouldn’t want that getting captured. But there’s nothing you can do to turn them off.

You can cover it with a sticker for the i7 or other models, but not for the j series. Those models depend highly on the camera for navigation and docking; they don’t even have an RCON sensor.

Learn more about sensors from our article on ‘11 different sensors on your Roomba‘.


As Roombas with cameras are directly exposed to several parts of your home, you wouldn’t want this data to be out in the world. But there’s a likely possibility that your vacuum could be hacked.

Experts have proven that just like any other device connected to a Wi-Fi network, Roombas are also hackable. There’s not much you can do to the vacuum to protect it from breach, but you can secure your network.


So, all Roombas don’t have a camera; only the latest models do. If you ask us whether you should get one with or without a camera, then we would recommend a model that has one. It gives a better map of your home and cleans more thoroughly. There are a few associated security concerns, but with proper precautions, they can be tackled.


Does the Roomba 675 have a camera?

No, the Roomba 675 does not have a camera.

Can I see through the Roomba camera?

No, you cannot see through the Roomba camera. But on the j series models, you can see the pictures captured by your vacuum on your mobile app.

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