What do Different Lights on Roomba Mean? (Pulsing Red/White)

Last updated on December 31st, 2023

You must have noticed the top of your Roomba emitting a light every now and then. For most models, the light is around the clean button, but for Roomba s series, the light is around the copper-colored circle on the top. You will notice not only different colors of light but also different patterns of the same color on the Roomba.

But what do different lights on Roomba mean? You might be surprised to know that each of those patterns and colors indicates other things. Let’s learn what our Roomba is trying to convey through the lights.

There are various colors of lights on Roomba, which mean distinct things for different models. For Roomba 600 to 900 series, red light means low battery and green means fully charged. For the Roomba i, j, and s series, white is for the battery, red is for errors, and blue is for Wi-Fi, virtual wall, and Dirt Detect.

Blinking light in a Roomba
Blinking light in a Roomba

Battery status lights on Roomba

A red color usually means your Roomba is very low on battery, and needs to be charged. Most Roombas automatically head back to the charging station when the red color flashes to recharge. But in rare cases, if the vacuum is not able to make it back to the dock because it ran out of battery, you have to manually place it for charging.

Make sure you know which series your model belongs to because different series show different lights while charging. It is rather easy to identify the battery status of a Roomba from the light it is showing. The table below will make it more clear for you.

IndicationColor for Roomba 500, 600, 700,
800 and 900 series
Color for Roomba i and s series
Battery under 15%Solid redPulsing red
ChargingPulsing amberPulsing white
Fully chargedSolid greenSolid white
Roomba series battery light indicators

Solid White - Fully Charged
Solid White – Fully Charged
Pulsing White – Charging
Low battery
Pulsing Red – Low battery

What do different colors mean on Roomba?

The first thing you should understand is what the color indicates highly depends on which Roomba series model you own. There are green, amber, red, white, and blue colors with various patterns on different Roomba models. We have sorted various colors in tables according to different series to make your interpretation easier. At first, you will find it stressful to interpret your Roomba colors, but with time and practice, you will get those right. Till then, you have these tables to help you.

Roomba 500 and 600 series

Color on RoombaIndication
Solid GreenFully charged battery
Solid AmberPartially drained battery
Pulsing AmberCharging
Solid RedNearly drained battery
Flashing RedDrained battery
Roomba 500 and 600 series light indicators

Here you will notice that:

  • Solid and flashing red colors tell you that your battery is extremely low and your vacuum cannot do any further cleaning before being charged.
  • The pulsing amber color will only be visible when your Roomba is on the dock and charging.
  • Once the indicator light turns green, you can send your vacuum to clean again.

Why is there a red light on my Roomba?

A solid red light on Roomba 600 to 900 series models means that the vacuum is almost drained of all the battery, and it needs immediate charging. You should let the vacuum go to the docking station and charge enough to complete the cleaning cycle.

Roomba i, j, and s series

Color on RoombaIndication
White clockwise swirlStarting up or updating software (please wait)
Solid whiteFully charged
Pulsing white bottom halfThe robot is charged and on the dock
Periodic white sweepThe cleaning job is in progress
Pulsing redCharging is too low to start cleaning
Solid redError (tap ‘Clean’ for details)
Red sweep toward the rearEmpty the bin
Blue clockwise spinnerIn Wi-Fi pairing mode
Blue counterclockwise swirlSpot cleaning
Blue marching forwardDriving back to the dock
Blue pingVirtual Wall detected
Flashing blueDirt Detect activated
Blue sweep forwardEmptying bin into Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal.
Roomba i, j, and s series indicator lights

Blue clockwise spin - Wi-Fi pairing mode
Blue clockwise spin – Wi-Fi pairing mode
Red sweep at the bottom - Full bin
Red sweep at the bottom – Full bin
White clockwise swirl - Starting up or updating software
White clockwise swirl – Starting up or updating software

There are basically 3 colors in this series – white, red, and blue.

  • The white color will tell you everything you need to know about the battery status of your vacuum.
  • The red color indicates some kind of error with the Roomba. You can resolve the error by referring to the error code on the iRobot app. Or you can reboot your vacuum to make the error completely go away.
  • The blue color is more about connectivity. It will indicate the status of Wi-Fi, activation of Dirt Detect technology, detection of virtual wall barrier, etc.

Why is the red color on my Roomba not going away?

The red color on your Roomba won’t go away until you resolve the error. The solid red color on Roomba i, j, and s models usually indicates some kind of error. You have to press the ‘Clean’ button to get the exact details of the error. Roomba will either mention an error code or give a prompt like “Empty the bin.”

Alternatively, you can view the complete details about that particular error on your iRobot Home app. Solve the error, and the solid red light will automatically turn off.

Flashing blue color

One of the users was surprised to see their Roomba flashing a blue color quite often and didn’t know what to make of it. The flashing blue color is no sign of trouble. In fact, it’s good because you know your vacuum is running just fine. But there are several kinds of blue patterns like clockwise spin, counterclockwise spin, sweeping, etc. Make sure which blue pattern your Roomba is showing. Refer to the above table for exact details.

A flashing blue color indicates that the Dirt Detect technology on your Roomba has been activated. This technology identifies areas that have more dust than the others and gives more effort to clean those dirty spots. This technology can sense dirt particles with the help of dirt sensors on the base of the vacuum.


Now you have the complete means to interpret what each type of light on your Roomba indicates. Make sure you check the outline Roomba model number to know which series it belongs to before referring to the above-given tables. If your Roomba light won’t go off or the same type of light is on for an extended period, there might be some issues with the vacuum. In such cases, contact iRobot Customer Care Service for assistance.


Should the light on the Roomba base be on?

No, the Roomba Clean Base light should not be on because it indicates your dustbin bag is full. You have to replace the full bag with a new one to make the light turn off.

Should my Roomba light stay on while charging?

No, not necessarily. Your Roomba light may or may not stay on, depending on the model you are using.

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