Change Blink Camera Batteries (in 4 Easy Steps)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Blink uses two AA cells to power their devices. Just like any other electronic gadget, these run out of power, too. That’s when you need to change Blink camera batteries. But how to replace batteries in Blink cameras? The process is really simple.

We did it just last week with our outdoor cam, and we didn’t face any issues. One thing we realized is that different devices have different processes to open the battery compartment. So, we decided to compile all of them in this article.

Are these batteries replaceable?

Yes, you can replace the Blink camera battery. Once you realize they have run out of power or are giving signs of low battery, you should replace them. But what are these signs that indicate low battery? It could be

  • Interrupted video recording
  • There is no audio in the live view
  • Delay in live view
  • Missing motion triggers
  • Less intensity of floodlights

If your device shows any of these symptoms, you should consider replacing the battery. You’ll, of course, receive a notification on the Home Monitor app when the battery is low so you know exactly when to replace it. Now, let’s see how to change batteries in Blink cameras.

To replace Blink camera batteries, you have to first take it off the mount and then remove the back cover. Each type of model has a different back cover, so you’ll need to follow the respective procedures. Let’s look at them one by one.

Replacing the Blink camera battery
Replacing the battery

Outdoor and indoor cameras

For the outdoor and indoor cams, you’ll need the key tool that comes in the box. For those who don’t know what it looks like – it has a tapering structure with a rounded end.

Step 1: Use this key on the central screw and rotate it anti-clockwise until the back cover comes off.

Step 2: Remove the back cover and take out the old batteries.

Step 3: Insert new batteries with proper alignment.

Step 4: Put the cover back on and use the same key tool to rotate the screw clockwise until the cover is fixed.

XT and XT2

Replacing batteries of XT and XT2 models
Replacing batteries of XT and XT2 models

To change the battery in the Blink camera (XT and XT2), you do not require any key to remove the back cover. But you do have to press a button.

Step 1: With the cam’s back facing you, locate the grey button with a downward arrow.

Step 2: Push that button downwards and hold it in place.

Step 3: You’ll have to apply a little pressure to lift the cover while keeping the button pressed down. The airtight nature of the cover makes it difficult to remove.

Step 4: Remove the old batteries and put in new ones.

Step 5: Place the back cover in its position and press until you hear a loud click.

Video doorbell

Replacing video doorbell battery
Replacing video doorbell battery

The video doorbell has a different structure than the previous two devices. This requires a key for unmounting it from the wall.

Step 1: Insert the key in the slot at the bottom of the doorbell so it comes off the wall.

Step 2: On the video doorbell’s back, lift the grey-colored cover with your fingernail.

Step 3: Replace the old batteries with new ones.

Step 4: Slide the grey cover back on and remount the doorbell.

These cams use two AA Lithium batteries. These last longer than regular alkaline batteries and prove to be a great power source for the constant working of these devices. Besides the Mini cam, which works on a constant power supply of 5 Volts, all cams use these AA lithium batteries.

Can you use alkaline batteries in Blink cameras?

No, you cannot use alkaline batteries in these cameras. The most important reason is that they cannot deliver as much power as the lithium batteries. These cams are constantly drawing power, and if you insert an alkaline battery in such a case, it will run out much faster.

The cams will run even in alkaline batteries for some time, but it’s not profitable in the long run. You don’t want to spend a lot of time unmounting and remounting the cam just to replace the batteries.

Do different cameras use different batteries?

No, different Blink cameras do not use different batteries. All of them use two AA lithium batteries. However, the floodlight attachment needs stronger batteries to sustain the unit’s high power requirements. So, it uses four alkaline D-cell batteries. These are the only variations in the batteries. These batteries are easily available for purchase on Amazon.

Camera battery lifespan

Ideally, the company promises two years of battery life with the AA lithium-ion batteries that are provided in the box. Practically, they last between 1-2 years. After that, you can purchase the same batteries or Blink replacement batteries to swap your old ones.

Make sure you are buying lithium batteries so that you’ll get a longer Blink battery lifespan. Also, don’t buy third-party batteries unless you are absolutely sure about their performance. Those tend to drain quicker than the original batteries, which is not convenient.

Reasons your camera battery is draining quickly

There could be a number of reasons why your camera battery is draining faster than it could. The most prominent being

  • Extreme change in temperature: Extreme hot or cold temperatures affect the battery performance.
  • Constant motion detection: If you have set motion sensitivity too high, the cam will capture even the slightest movements that are insignificant. This will cause more battery usage than necessary and thus drain it faster.
  • Extended use of live view: Whenever you access the live view of your cam, it uses more power than it normally would. So avoid using live view for an extended time to prevent quicker battery drainage.

Reduced battery lifespan will not damage your device, but it is not a good thing either. So, use your smart devices wisely.


You can replace the Blink camera batteries by taking off the back cover. There are different ways to do that, depending on which model you have.

While changing the batteries, make sure you are using Lithium batteries, not alkaline ones, because only lithium ones can handle the cam’s power requirements. So, every couple of years, look out for low batteries and change them as needed.


Are Blink camera batteries rechargeable?

No, the Blink camera does not have rechargeable batteries.

Can I use regular batteries in my Blink camera?

Yes, you can use regular AA batteries in your Blink camera. But make sure they are not alkaline AA batteries. Although they will power the cams, they will run out faster. So, it’s better that you use lithium-ion AA batteries.

What batteries last the longest in Blink camera?

Any AA lithium-ion batteries will last the longest in Blink cameras. You can get the one with the highest battery capacity, so it will last longer.

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