Can You Carry a Roomba On a Plane?

Last updated on January 5th, 2024

If you are shifting to a new location or going on a long vacation or business trip, you might want to take your vacuum cleaner with you. But can you carry a Roomba on a plane? If yes, then what care will you have to take? Let’s discuss all of this in detail in this article.

According to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you are allowed to bring a Roomba on a plane in carry-on bags as well as checked bags. But you should still confirm it with your airlines before the day of boarding to avoid last-minute issues. You might probably have to remove the battery from your vacuum and carry it separately.

In spite of that, there are a few things you’ll have to take care of before taking your robovac to the airport. Let’s delve into that one by one.

Can a Roomba pass airport security clearance?

Yes, a Roomba can pass airport security clearance. Any vacuum cleaner that has been neatly packed and placed securely in a bag will pass airport security clearance. They use an X-ray scanner to look into the contents of your bag. You might be called aside to ask about the vacuum in your bag, but you can assure them that it is secured and won’t move during transit.

Some airports don’t allow vacuums that have batteries inserted in them. To be on the safe side, remove the battery before you pack the robot and carry the battery with you in carry-on luggage.

Carrying robot vacuums on international flights

You are allowed to carry a vacuum cleaner on most international flights. Most international airlines will not object to a Roomba on a plane. But to be sure, once confirm it by emailing the airlines.

Some of the popular international airlines that allow a Roomba on a plane are:

  • American Airlines
  • Virgin Australia
  • Emirates
  • British Airways
  • Malaysia Airline
  • Qatar Airways
  • Air Canada
  • Qantas
  • Asian Airlines

Can you pack a Roomba in your checked luggage?

Yes, you can pack a Roomba in the checked luggage. But you have to place it in such a position that it won’t rattle or move during transit. Also, remove the battery from the vacuum before packing it in the checked luggage. You might not get through security checking as Lithium Ion batteries are not allowed in the checked luggage.

What is checked luggage? It is the big bag you give to the airline before your flight. They store it in the plane’s cargo area. Whereas carry-on luggage is the small bag that you keep with you on the plane. It goes in the overhead cabin or under the seat.

Packing vacuum for the carry-on luggage

The original box of your vacuum cleaner will be too large to carry with you on the plane. The airlines will not allow a huge box on board. So you will have to repack your vacuum into a smaller bag.

  • Wrap the robot in a soft towel to give it some kind of padding.
  • Place all the accessories, like extra brushes, filters, and virtual wall barriers, in a small box that will easily fit your handbag.
  • If possible, wrap the docking station in something and place all of this in a large bag. Make sure it’s not large enough to be rejected off the plane.
  • Keep the battery in a separate section.

Weight limitations

Note that there’s a limit on how many pounds (kilograms) of luggage you can carry on the airplane and in the checked luggage. Different airlines have different limitations on weight. Check your airline’s website to confirm, and don’t pack anything beyond the limit.

Different models weigh differently, so check your vacuum’s weight before packing. The table below displays the weights of some of the popular models.

ModelsRobot weight
Roomba 6946.77 Pounds
Roomba i3+ Evo7.44 Pounds
Roomba j7+7.49 Pounds
Roomba s9+8.15 Pounds
Roomba i7+7.44 Pounds
Roomba Combo j7+7.35 Pounds
Weights of different models

Can you carry Roomba batteries on a plane?

Yes, you can carry Roomba batteries on a plane. Airlines have a limit on the wattage of the battery you can carry. Most of them do not allow batteries above 100 Watts on the plane. Your robot’s battery is typically between 25 Watts to 50 Watts, which is well inside the allowed limit. So you won’t be prohibited from carrying these on the plane.

But some airlines don’t allow you to place a Lithium Ion battery in the checked luggage. A Lithium Ion battery has a possibility of easy explosion and fire, which is a risk some airlines are not willing to take. So, you can put it in the carry-on luggage, but not in the checked luggage.

Final Thoughts

With proper precautions, you can carry your Roomba on a plane with ease. If you don’t want to carry a heavy robot in your carry-on luggage, you can put it in the checked luggage. Just make sure you have removed the battery and carry it with you. Adhere to the weight limits of your airlines to avoid nuisance at the check-in counter. And don’t forget to neatly pack the vacuum to avoid scratches.


Does a Roomba count as a robot?

Yes, it counts as a robot as it is identified as a robot vacuum cleaner.

Does Roomba bought in USA work in India?

A Roomba bought in USA has a US-based charger. If you can find the right adaptor for this charger, there’s no reason for the vacuum bought in USA to not work in India.

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