Can Two Phones Control The Same Roomba?

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

Roombas have come a long way from being able to operated only via buttons on them to using them from anywhere in the world. With the help of a smartphone, it becomes easier to keep track of scheduled cleaning, errors in Roomba, software updates, and more. Though one phone is sufficient to control a vacuum, can two phones control the same Roomba? Let’s find out.

So can two phones control the same Roomba?

Yes, two phones can control the same Roomba as long as you have the iRobot Home app on both phones. You have to log in with the same user ID on both phones to be able to use the vacuum. Keep in mind that you cannot connect one vacuum to multiple user IDs. But you can connect up to 10 devices on a single user ID.

Can two phones control the same Roomba: Controlling Roomba with multiple phones
Controlling Roomba with multiple phones

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How many devices can be connected to a Roomba?

You can connect unlimited Android and iOS mobiles to a single Roomba by using the same iRobot user ID. But, of course, your robot should have Wi-Fi connectivity. Bots without Wi-Fi cannot be connected to the iRobot Home app. For those having connectivity, iRobot has no restriction on how many phones you can connect with your robot. You can thus share the control of the vacuum with all your family members.

Consider a scenario that you scheduled a cleaning cycle at 4 pm and left for work. But your toddler at home decided to take a nap around that time. Now, the sitter won’t have to call you to cancel the cycle because they can do it from their phone. All they have to do is log in with the same ID and connect the vacuum to their device.

Roomba shares data between two phones

Many users wonder – ‘Does iRobot share data with anyone?’ because they are either concerned about privacy or they want to know if their family member can have access to the vacuum’s entire data.

You can be assured that iRobot doesn’t share your data with any third parties. It is safely stored on their cloud.

No one can view your app data unless you share your login credentials with them. That being said, if you share your account details with your family member, they can have access to your vacuum’s entire data. But for that, they have to first connect the vacuum to their phone by following the simple setup procedure.

Can you control one Roomba from multiple accounts?

No, unfortunately, you cannot control one Roomba with multiple iRobot accounts (i.e., multiple IDs). You can control them via multiple devices, but all need to be logged in to the same user ID.

Till October 2019 it was possible to control iRobot vacuums with multiple accounts. But then the company changed its privacy policy to give enhanced security to the users.

This was a great decision by them because otherwise, anyone was able to create an iRobot account and connect it to a vacuum. They would then have access to the entire data and history of your robot. You, of course, don’t want that to happen unless it is someone your trust. Controlling the same vacuum with different user IDs could lead to a breach of data. And that is why you cannot control one Roomba with multiple accounts.

Using two Roombas on the same app

Yes, you can control two iRobots on the same app. In fact, you can control 10. iRobot Home app is designed to handle the complete iRobot environment. Keep these three important points in mind.

  • You can connect all types of robots (i.e., vacuuming, mopping devices) to the same app.
  • But there’s a limit on how many bots you can control from one user ID. You can connect only up to 10 iRobots to a single ID.
  • If you want to connect more than that, you will have to use a different ID and a different mobile device.

It is important to note that a single vacuum can be controlled by unlimited smartphones, they just need to have the same user IDs. But a single ID (logged in to a phone) can only control 10 different iRobot products.


Multiple phones can control the same Roomba as long as all devices are logged in to the same user ID. You can thus use multiple devices to control your vacuum. You will be able to view all the data on each device provided you are logged in to the account. You need to use the same account for all the mobile because iRobot will not permit you to connect one vacuum with multiple accounts. But you can connect and control up to 10 robots from the same account.


Who do I give someone access to my Roomba?

You can give others access to your Roomba by sharing login credentials like the user ID and password to your iRobot account.

My Roomba is already registered to another iRobot account. Can I change that?

Yes, you can change the account that your Roomba is connected with, but it will reset the robot and wipe out all the already existing data on the app.

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