Can a Roomba Hurt Your Pet? (Cat, Dog, Rabbit)

Last updated on January 17th, 2024

Dogs and cats have a history of hating vacuum cleaners. They absolutely detest the cordless vacuums running around in their territory. Not to mention the super loud noise.

All of this fever fits well with pets. Some of them do get accustomed after a while, but others do not so much. But the main question is, “Can a Roomba hurt your pet?” Let’s find out.

A Roomba won’t deliberately hurt your pet. We have heard of instances where a Roomba sucked up a dog’s and a cat’s tail in different homes. But this is as far as it goes. The pets could be scared of the robot vacuum because of its loud noise. But that won’t physically harm your pet.

Can I use a Roomba around pets?

Roomba around pet
Roomba around pet

Yes, you can use a Roomba around your pet if they are large enough. Small pets like newborn kittens, mice, squirrels, hedgehogs, lizards, etc., should not be let loose when a vacuum is cleaning. It can bump into them (pets) or worse try to suction them in.

But large pets like cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, etc., are pretty safe. Even if the robot bumps into them, they won’t be harmed.

How to use a Roomba around pets?

Depending on how small and delicate your pet is, you can decide when and when not to use the robot vacuum.

  • You can always put your pet in their carriage/cage while you let the Roomba clean.
  • Or keep your pet in a room and close its door so that it won’t interfere with the Roomba.
  • Run the Roomba while you take your dog or cat for a walk.
  • Familiarize your pet with your vacuum slowly so they can get accustomed to the noise.

Risks associated

There’s always some amount `of risk associated with using a robot vacuum when you have pets around. Some of the common risks are:

  • Noise sensitivity: Animals have better hearing ability than humans. They are able to pick up small sounds that humans can’t. Imagine what would happen if you brought a 60 dB vacuum cleaner near them. They get highly irritated and even scared by the noise.
  • Accidental collision: Older Roomba models don’t have a very good navigation system. They bump into objects often, and your sleeping pet is no exception.
  • Getting trapped: A dog in Ballwin got its tail stuck into a Roomba. The owner had to call 911 to rescue her dog from the vacuum. Such incidents are not uncommon with hairy pets.
  • Running over poop: Roombas are not able to detect pet poop, with the exception of the Roomba j7. So they can run over pet poop and spread it all around your house. This instance is more common than you would think. Here’s how you can clean a Roomba that has run over dog poop.

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We have established that Roomba vacuums are not that harmful to pets. But with the associated risks, using a vacuum also has a strong benefit. It can suction most pet hair out of your house. Dogs, cats, and rabbits tend to shed a lot, especially during shedding season.

It’s better to have one of these robot helpers around to help you clean. Otherwise, it becomes impossible to keep up with the pet hair.


Animals are more sensitive than humans, so they might not take the presence of a vacuum in good spirits. Some get along really well (we have all seen a cat riding a Roomba), but others don’t ever get used to it. We would suggest you try to show your pet a working Roomba before you decide to buy it.

This way, you will get a rough idea of what to expect of your pet and how to prepare for it.


Do Roombas scare pets?

Roombas can scare your pets if they get too loud.

How do dogs react to Roombas?

Dogs usually just ignore them. Sometimes, a playful puppy could chase it around the house. But that’s about it.

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