Blink Camera Subscription Plan (Is it Worth it?)

Last updated on April 13th, 2024

Blink cameras are an excellent way of keeping a lookout around your house. With affordable prices and good app options, it has become the talk of many people. But there’s always confusion about whether you need to buy the Blink camera subscription plan to use these cameras.

No, Blink cameras do not require a subscription plan. You can use all of the basic features, like motion alerts, live view, and two-way audio, without a paid plan. But you won’t be able to save your recordings to the cloud. You’ll need to buy a Sync Module to store the videos if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

Let’s compare the available features with and without the subscription.

Yes, the Blink Camera Subscription Plan is totally worth it because of the additional benefits. You wouldn’t get such benefits even with the Sync Module. Even though it is the cheaper option, the paid plan gives you a discount on your future purchases along with an extended warranty. Considering all this, we think you should definitely buy the Plus Plan.

Comparing the subscription plans

The table below compares the features of the Blink camera monthly subscription.

FeaturesWithout planBasic Plan Plus
Price$0$3/month or $30/year per device$10/month or $100/year per device
Number of devices supportedNA110
Motion-activated notifications
Live view streamingUp to 5 minsUp to 90 minsUp to 90 mins
Motion detection video recording
Auto local storage backupAvailable with Sync Module 2 and USBAvailable with Sync Module 2 and USB
60-day unlimited video history
Watch videos as soon as they are recorded
Video sharing
Photo capture
Person detection
Temporarily pause motion alerts for up to 24 hours
10% off on Blink devices on
Extended warranty coverage
Comparing Blink Subscription Plans

From this comparison, it is clear that though buying a Blink camera system subscription is not essential, it comes with excellent benefits.

Benefits of subscription plans

Comparing the benefits: subscription vs. without subscription
Comparing the benefits: subscription vs. without subscription
  • You get up to 90 minutes of continuous live streaming access, but only 5 minutes without a plan.
  • Motion-trigged videos are only stored with paid plans, but you get an app notification without a plan.
  • All your recorded videos can be viewed anytime from 60 days of their capture.
  • Subscription options also capture hourly photos for added security.
  • With the Plus Plan, you also get an extended warranty, a 10% discount on all Blink products on Amazon, and the ability to temporarily pause motion alerts for 24 hours.

To use a Blink camera without a subscription, you’ll need to buy a Sync Module. This module can store the recorded videos locally on a pen drive as soon as they are recorded. So you won’t need the cloud space.

This module comes cheap at around $30 and is a one-time investment. You can connect up to 10 devices to this module, just like the Plus Plan. Many prefer this over the plans, but the biggest drawback is that you only get 5 minutes of live video streaming.


Even though Blink outdoor camera subscription plans come with excellent benefits, you don’t need to have one to use a cam. You can just buy a Sync Module, which is cheaper and requires no renewal fees ever.

But you might want to consider the Blink camera monthly subscription for its additional benefits like longer live streaming, photo capture, extended warranty, and more.


Do I need a Blink Doorbell Camera Subscription if I have a Sync Module?

No, you do not need a subscription if you have a Sync Module.

How long does Blink save video without a subscription?

Videos can be saved indefinitely in a pen drive attached to the Sync Module, even if you don’t have a subscription. They will not be deleted unless you do it manually.

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