Airrobo P20 Review – Is it an Efficient Budget Robot in 2024?

Last updated on February 15th, 2024

The Airrobo P20 is an updated version of the P10. It has a bit more power and a slightly larger dustbin. P20 is one of the best-selling budget intelligent vacuums. It is extremely affordable and has the basic features you would expect in a smart vacuum.

If you want a beginner-level vacuum, then this is a great choice. If having advanced features is not a priority, then this will satisfy your basic needs. In our opinion, it’s hard to get a better deal than this.

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Our review of Airrobo P20 in 2024?

The Airrobo P20 is a low-cost vacuum with better navigation capabilities than most robots in this price range. The 2800 Pa suction power on it is remarkable for cleaning needs. It also has a better battery life than some high-priced smart vacuums. P20 can respond to you with its limited list of voice prompts, which is not available in many vacuums.

Considering all this, the product is giving value for money.

Airrobo P20 Specifications

Airrobo P20 specifications
Specifications of Airrobo P20

The table below shows the specifications of this robovac.

SpecsAirrobo P20
Dimensions12.5 x 12.5 x 3 inches
Weight6.26 Pounds
Dustbin Capacity0.6 L
Suction Power2800 Pa
Airflow13.39 CFM
Battery Capacity2800 mAh
Runtime60 – 120 mins
Noise level69 dB
Warranty1 year
Specifications of Airrobo P20

How to set up the Airrobo P20?

Setting up the P20 for the first time is extremely simple. First, you will have to install the two side brushes. Just apply some pressure until you hear a click sound, and that’s it. Next, you will have to connect the power cord to the charging base. Then, align your vacuum with all connectors on the charging station.

The indicator light will turn on when charging is complete. In the meantime, you will have to pair your vacuum with the Airrobo app. It hardly takes a few minutes to do that. Grant the app all the necessary permissions and pair the P20. And you are all set to begin your first cleaning cycle.

Features of Airrobo P20

Let’s take a detailed look at the features of the Airrobo P20.


The P20 comes in a neat cardboard box. It is sturdy enough to protect its contents, but make sure you don’t put much heavy weight on it. Or there’s a possibility that it will cave in.

Inside the box, you will find all the contents neatly enclosed in separate plastic bags. These bags act as protective coverage. You can use these bags to store the extra accessories for future use.


The P20 has a sleek, modern design. The diamond-textured pattern on the top sets it apart from the rest. This texture is not just for aesthetics. It provides a smudge-proof surface for the vacuum. Other vacuums easily get fingerprints and other smudges on them, but not this one.

Front Section

Airrobo-P20 Front section
Airrobo P20 Front section

It has a bumper on its front with a rubber-padded suspension system. Being a cheap vacuum, its navigation capabilities are limited. So, it bumps into objects quite often. That is where the bumper comes into the picture. It protects your furniture from getting scratched.

Bottom Section

Backside of AirRobo P20
The backside of the Airrobo P20

If you turn your robot upside down, you will notice two side brushes. They push the debris toward the center of the vacuum so that the suction hole can suck it up. And the main brush has zig-zag bristles all over it.

Most latest vacuums have rubber brush rolls to avoid the tangling of hair. But as this one has bristles, you will often find short and long hair tangled in it.

Another thing you will notice is the floating scraper. It has a blade-like structure on the suction hole. Its role is to scrape off the dust from your floor. This Scraper Technology is well-suited for hard floors. But the same cannot be said for carpets.


AIRROBO P20 Filter
Airrobo P20 Filter

The dustbin of the P20 is located at its back. It’s effortless to remove and clean. It can hold up to 0.6 L of debris. It doesn’t have an automatic dirt disposal system, so you must manually empty the bin. Considering the cost, you are getting an excellent dustbin capacity.

The dustbin itself has scissor-type hinges. So you have to just open the flap and throw out the waste directly. You also get great room to clean every nook and corner of the bin. If something gets stuck in a corner, you can use the cleaning tool that comes in the box to remove it.

How much time can the Airrobo P20 run for?

The Airrobo P20 battery is a 2,800 mAh Lithium Ion battery. As compared to other vacuums like the Roomba 694, this is much higher. At the lowest setting, the P20 will run for up to 120 minutes, and at the highest setting, it can barely make 60 minutes. This is too much power getting wasted on a single run.

You have no option but to use the highest setting for cleaning carpets. If your home has one too many carpets, then this vacuum is not for you, as you will have to charge it far too many times.

It does have an auto recharge feature that will lead it back to the charging station when it’s low on power. But it will not resume cleaning. You will have to resume it manually.

How is the navigation of Airrobo P20?

Airrobo navigating and cleaning a floor
Airrobo navigating and cleaning a floor

Most robot vacuums in this price range don’t have a defined navigation system. They just randomly move around and bump into objects. But not the P20. It has a gyroscope-based navigation system, so it travels in straight lines. Other vacuums that have a similar navigation system are the Roomba i3 and Roomba e4, but they are much costlier.

Airrobo has used its finest cliff sensors and IR anti-collision sensors in this model. These assist the vacuum in maneuvering with ease. However, several users have reported that it tries to fit into compact spaces owing to its small size and sleek design. It goes out but gets stuck in a small space.

So every time you get a notification that it is stuck, you have to hunt it down in the house and dislodge it. This gets frustrating if you have to do it often.

Cleaning modes of the vacuum

Cleaning modes of Airrobo P20
Cleaning modes of Airrobo P20

The P20 has 5 cleaning modes. They are as follows:

1. Auto Mode

The auto mode sets the vacuum out to clean the entire space on optimal settings. It will move back and forth, covering the entire region of your floor. Users have complained that the P20 misses some spots in the auto mode even after going around it several times. This leaves those spots unclean.

There are two sub-modes in the auto mode – Meticulous and Quick. The quick mode is supposed to complete the cycle faster, and the meticulous mode is supposed to do a thorough clean. But sometimes, because of the P20’s navigation issues, the quick mode is not that quick. It is better to keep it in meticulous mode.

2. Edge Mode

In the edge mode, the P20 focuses on the edges. As soon as you turn it on, it will find the nearest wall and start cleaning along the walls. The side sweeping brush has the maximum contribution to making this happen.

3. Spot Mode

In spot mode, the vacuum cleans a particular spot in a repeated manner. It will move in a square area around the spot in straight lines. One downside here is that you have to pick up the vacuum and keep it on the section you want to clean. It does not have the feature to direct it to a particular area, like in the Deebot X1 Omni.

4. Spiral Mode

The Spiral mode is very similar to the spot mode. The only difference is that the vacuum will move in a spiral fashion around the spot. You have to pick up and place the vacuum on the spot for this mode as well. This is typically used if you have a lot of debris concentrated in one area.

5. Manual Mode

In manual mode, you manually direct the vacuum to different spots using the on-screen remote control. It’s extremely difficult and time-consuming to get your home cleaned in manual mode.

If you look at the overall cleaning performance, it is fair for the price. It has a suction rate of 2800 Pa. Most vacuums in this price range have around 2000 Pa suction power. So, it has an above-average pick-up rate. It is good on hard floors but performs poorly on different carpets. But sometimes, the hair gets tangled around the bristles more than they get suctioned in.

How to operate the Airrobo P20?

There are 3 ways in which you can operate the Airrobo P20.


The first way is to press the buttons on the vacuum manually. It has a side switch for power, which you will need to turn on. The top has two buttons – Clean and Home.

  • On pressing the clean button, the robot will start vacuuming in auto mode.
  • The Home button is for leading the vacuum back to its charging station.

Physical Remote

Remote to operate the cleaner
Remote to operate the cleaner

Every P20 comes with a physical remote control. It has the following buttons: Reset Wi-Fi network, Charging, Start/Stop, Directions (Right, Left, Front), Suction level, Switch languages, Spiral Cleaning, Auto Cleaning, and Spot Cleaning. The buttons are pretty self-explanatory.

Note: The remote needs 2 AAA batteries, which are not provided in the pack. You have to buy them separately.

Mobile App

Operating the vacuum using the app
Operating the vacuum using the app

With the mobile app, you can carry out all the above functions and more from anywhere. Once you set it up, you can use it anytime.

Caution: Before you set out the vacuum to clean, make sure you clear the floor of all items that could hinder the cleaning cycle. There’s no obstacle avoidance on this vacuum, so it will roll over anything it encounters. Small objects like napkins or cables can get tangled up in the vacuum.

App Features

The Airrobo mobile app has 3 indicators on the top, which indicate the area covered by the vacuum in each cleaning cycle, the battery percentage on the vacuum, and the runtime for each cleaning cycle, respectively. You get to select the suction power on your vacuum. You can opt for anything between 800 Pa to 2800 Pa.

Cleaning Modes

The app has different cleaning modes, just like the ones available on the physical remote. You can choose between auto, spot, spiral, and edge cleaning modes. Different modes automatically change the suction power on the vacuum as per the requirement.


Scheduling a cleaning cycle using the mobile app
Scheduling a cleaning cycle using the mobile app

Besides this, you also get to schedule your cleaning cycles. You can select the day and time on which you want it to clean, and it will automatically start cleaning as per the schedule. Some users have reported that despite setting a schedule, the P20 doesn’t begin cleaning until you manually command it. However, these instances are limited to a few users.

Other features

Airrobo has also added the user manual to the app. This avoids the hassle of rummaging through your shelf for the paperwork in case something goes wrong. Another unique feature is the maintenance tabs.

You can see a live update on the health of your main brush, side brush, and filter. They also indicate the remaining hours that you can use them for before needing to replace them.

What’s in the box?

On purchasing the Airrobo P20, you will get the following accessories:

  • 1 Airrobo P20 robot vacuum
  • 1 charging base
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 power adapter
  • 2 side brushes
  • 1 extra filter
  • 1 brush cleaning tool

Where to buy the Airrobo P20? (Airrobo P20 Price)

The P20 is available to purchase on the Airrobo official website. But you can also purchase it from e-commerce websites like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The P20 was originally valued at $199. But the company has brought the cost down to $119.

You can also bundle accessories like the main brush, side brush, HEPA filter, and dustbin with the P20 at an extra cost per item.

eBay is also selling the P20 at the same price of $119. But at Walmart, you get a special discount, valuing it down to $104. But the most astounding rate is on Amazon. You can get this vacuum with a limited-time deal for just $20.

Note: Deals and offers are available only for a specified time. So we advise you to check out the current prices on the respective websites.


Main brush

Main brush used in P20
The main brush used in P20

The main brush often has hair tangled around it, which affects the cleaning performance. You have to remove the main brush and cut off any hair wrapped around it. This can be done with the knife-like structure on the provided cleaning tool. The main brush has a longer life, so it doesn’t need replacement as often as other elements. But you do have to clean it at least once a week.

Side brush

Airrobo P20 side brush
Airrobo P20 side brush

The side brush is also prone to hair tangling around it. This usually doesn’t need cutting, as you can simply pull them off. Remove the side brushes from their sockets before cleaning, and place them back again. You will need to replace them when the app indicates so.


AirRobo P20 Filters
Airrobo P20 Filters

To clean the filter, first, take out the HEPA filter and tap it upside down on a newspaper or paper towel. This will dislodge most dust particles. But if it still looks unclean, use the comb-like structure on the cleaning tool to remove the particles.

The inner filter of the dustbin is washable. Take it out to the sink and wash it under a steady flow of water. Reinstall it only after it is thoroughly air-dried. You don’t need to replace this filter, but the HEPA filter should be replaced every 6 months or so.


The big wheels merely need a simple rub with a cloth. But the caster wheel needs more intensive cleaning. For those who don’t know what a caster wheel is, it is the small wheel between the two side brushes. Take out the caster wheel and check for tangled hair. They often get lodged and restrict the wheel’s movement. Place it back once done cleaning.


Use a simple microfibre cloth and some isopropyl alcohol, if necessary, to wipe the body of the vacuum. Do it every time you set to clean the brushes.

Pro and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of this robovac:

Cheap priceGets stuck in small spaces
Good Navigation SystemNot good on carpets
Large dustbinDifficulty in picking up pet hair
User-friendly appNot reliable
Pros and Cons of Airrobo P20


Airrobo is comparatively a new brand in the market as opposed to established brands like iRobot and Roborock. Considering that, they have developed a pretty good model at such a low price. It has a fantastic design and a better navigation system than others in the price range. We love the huge dustbin on it as it doesn’t need emptying that frequently.

That being said, we can’t be very sure about the longevity of the Airrobo P20. It has shown issues like getting stuck often right from the beginning. Not to mention its not-so-good performance on carpets and picking up pet hair.

If your requirements are very basic and you want to just get started with a robot vacuum, then this is giving great value at a price. But if you can spare a bit more, then invest in some reputed brand having a better model.


Does Airrobo P20 have mapping?

Yes, the Airrobo P20 has a gyroscope-based mapping system. It will create a map of your home. But unlike other vacuums, you cannot ask it to clean specific rooms or even create and label different rooms. You can just view the map of your home on the mobile app.

Is Airrobo a Chinese company?

Yes, Airrobo is a Chinese company. Its main office is based in Hong Kong.

Can you use boundary tape to prevent Airrobo P20 from going in a specific region?

No, the Airrobo P20 cannot recognize boundary tapes, virtual wall barriers, or no-go zones. So you cannot restrict where it can and cannot go.

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