Add a Second Roomba to the App (10 Easy Steps)

Last updated on January 9th, 2024

Getting a second Roomba is definitely going to enhance your cleaning experience. Many people think they’ll need a different device to control the second vacuum.

But that’s not true because you can definitely add a second robot to the same app. Want to know how to do that? Let us guide you through the step-by-step process.

To add a second Roomba, tap the lines in the top left corner of the screen and select ‘Add your product’ from the menu. Next, select the Roomba option from the three choices. Then follow the steps prompted by the app to add your second vacuum to the app.

Can you connect two Roombas on the same app?

Yes, you can have two Roombas on the same app. In fact, iRobot allows you to add up to 10 robots to a single user ID. This means that you can easily set up and control two robots through the app without any issues, as it falls within the allowed limit of 10 robots per account.

If you wish to set up more than 10 robots, then you would have to use a second mobile phone. You will have to create a new user ID for the new phone and then add the 11th robot to that user ID.

Procedure to add a second Roomba to the app

Let’s get to the actual process of adding the second Roomba to your app. Follow the below steps carefully, and you should be able to successfully add a second robot to your already existing iRobot app.

Since you are adding a second vacuum, let’s assume you have the app all set up. We will directly move to the part where you start adding your second vacuum.

If you haven’t set up your iRobot app yet, refer to our guide on ‘How to set up a Roomba?‘.

Step 1: Open the iRobot app, and on the main screen, click on the three lines at the top left corner.

Tap the three corner lines
Tap the three corner lines

Step 2: You will be directed to the Main Menu. Here, look for the ‘Add your product ‘ tab and click on it.

Tap on add a Robot
Tap on add a Robot

Step 3: You will be directed to a page where you must choose between a Vacuum robot, a Mopping robot, and a Vacuum and mop combo robot. If you have Combo j7+, then select the Vacuum and mop combo robot option; otherwise, select Vacuum robot.

Step 4: Follow the on-screen instructions for the Combo, and for others, you have to select the series your vacuum belongs to. The four options given are the j series, s series, i series, and e5, e6, 600, 700, 800, and 900. Click on the one that is applicable to your robot.

Select your product
Select your product

Step 5: Next, you will be given specific instructions on how to set up the docking station, etc. Just click on ‘Continue’ to move forward.

Setup checklist
Setup checklist

Step 6: You now have to select the Wi-Fi network for your robot. Make sure the Wi-Fi you are using is 2.4 GHz.

Connect to your Wi-Fi network
Connect to your Wi-Fi network

Step 7: On selecting the network, you have to enter your Wi-Fi password and click on ‘Continue.’

Enter the Wi-Fi password
Enter the Wi-Fi password

Step 8: You will be asked to activate your robovac by pressing the buttons on the robot. The app screen will give you specific instructions on which buttons to press depending on the model you have.

Activate your Roomba by pressing the buttons on the robot
Activate your Roomba

Step 9: After you have pressed the buttons click on the ‘I pressed the buttons’ check box and click ‘Continue.’

Tick the checkbox
Tick the checkbox

Step 10: The app will now start searching for products, and once it identifies your vacuum, just click on next.

Connect to the device
Connect to the device

The app will cross-check a few things like Wi-Fi passwords, account details, etc. You don’t have to interfere here; the app will do all this on its own.

Establishing the connection
Establishing the connection

The last thing left is to name your Roomba. You can enter a custom name, but make sure you don’t name your second vacuum the same as the first because that will cause glitches in the app. And now you are all set to control the second iRobot from the iRobot Home app.

Name your product
Name your product

Do you need to create a new iRobot account for a second Roomba?

No, you don’t have to create a new iRobot account for your second Roomba. Unless, of course, you want to. You can add as many as 10 robots to a single iRobot account, so there’s no need to create a second account.

In fact, it is easier to maintain your vacuums from a single account as you won’t have to log out and log in every time you want to use the other one. By using the same account for both models, you completely eliminate this time-consuming scenario.

Troubleshooting guidelines

Sometimes, the iRobot Home app is not able to locate the Roomba while searching for nearby products. This could happen because of two reasons.

  • Reason 1: Roomba is not activated
  • Reason 2: You have connected to the wrong Wi-Fi network

For the first reason, just try to reactivate your vacuum by pressing the buttons suggested by the app for your specific model. If you are pressing two buttons simultaneously, make sure both buttons are being pressed.

For the second reason, check the frequency of your Wi-Fi network. Several models are not able to connect to a 5 GHz network. You have to connect the app to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. Make sure your Wi-Fi network is on, and your phone is connected to it.

Final thoughts

You must have understood now that adding a second Roomba to the app is not that daunting. If you follow the on-screen instructions, it is pretty easy to set up. It helps if you have your app already installed and logged in to your iRobot account.

If you follow all the above steps, you shouldn’t encounter any problems. If you still do, let us know in the comments below, and we will try to solve it ASAP.


How do I add multiple Roomba accounts?

You can add multiple Roomba accounts by logging out of one account and adding the next.

Can two Roombas share a map?

No, two Roombas cannot share a map. Each has to create a map of their own.

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